Marcell Dareus arrested again

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Another week, another arrest for Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

Already facing felony charges for possession of synthetic marijuana in Alabama, the Buffalo News reports that the Pro Bowler was arrested last week in Hamburg, New York, on multiple misdemeanor counts.  The charges, per the report, come from an apparent car race.

Among other things, Dareus is accused of reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident.

The incident allegedly occurred on Friday, two days after Dareus addressed the press about his prior arrest.

“They believe in me,” Dareus said at the time of his team. “They know that I’m not a trouble guy. They know I’m not the type of person that’s trying to look for any trouble.”

Dareus also blamed the media, sort of, for twisting and distorting the prior arrest.

“The media put things out there the wrong way,” Darues said.  “You [reporters] put things out there. I’m not really going to say [what is inaccurate].  I didn’t really pay that much attention to it.  I got a lot of text messages and things.”

He’ll likely be getting more text messages and things now.

108 responses to “Marcell Dareus arrested again

  1. This kid is killing me and the Bills. If you allow this nonsense to go on, you send the message that this is ok to the locker room. If you get rid of him, you’re getting rid of a 24 yr old monster who isn’t even in the prime of his career. Marcell STOP dude!

  2. Pissing away millions seems to be the trend for NFL players these days… It’s unreal how absolutely stupid these guys can be..

  3. “They believe in me,” Dareus said at the time of his team. “They know that I’m not a trouble guy. They know I’m not the type of person that’s trying to look for any trouble.”………. “I’m just to stupid to avoid it”

  4. Reminds me of Marshawn Lynch. Lots of trouble off the field, underperforming on the field, only to become a superstar after being traded.

  5. That could be about $25,000 for poster-board text message timeline presentations for a future HLN TV breakdown. Then you gotta pay somebody to read them to the camera too. Way to the stir the economy Marcell.

  6. There were some red flags before the draft about Dareus and some “character issues”. Sooner or later, the best course of action is to make smart decisions. “Sooner” doesn’t appear to be in the cards for Marcell.

  7. This guy is a dummy. This sounds like something a teenager would say after getting in trouble. Time to grow up, Dareus!

  8. “I’m not a trouble guy” is code for “I’m a nothing BUT trouble guy”

  9. Gee Dareus, remember when you said you were going to make the Broncos regret not drafting you? How has that worked out for ya?

  10. Hey Kyle that plant leaf is still illegal in half of America. Players in the league that have tested positive for drugs in the past, but continue to blaze up are dumb. Thus they should be suspended, even if it’s harmless in some peoples eyes. Don’t smoke weed when you know you’re going to get tested.

  11. OK so the guy is a child.

    Not the smartest child at that…….BUT these are nonviolent ‘crimes’.

    The guy simply has to stop doing stupid things in public….better friends might be a start Marcell.

    Admit your failures and Evolve my friend.

  12. I’m guessing he was 99.9% athlete and 0.1% student during his time at college. According to him, the reporters were saying some wrong things about him, but he wasn’t going to say what was inaccurate because he didn’t pay much attention to it. However, he received “text messages and things.” What things? Was he receiving telegraphs and smoke signals?

  13. “They believe in me,” Dareus said at the time of his team. “They know that I’m not a trouble guy. They know I’m not the type of person that’s trying to look for any trouble.”

    Well I hate to see you go look for trouble Marcell Dareus..

  14. hey kyle….what part of ‘against the cba’ are you having trouble understanding…SPECIFICALLY?

    yeah, the slave players were forced by their plantation owners to agree to the….wait for it…..COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT.

    enough with the ‘its stupid to bust a player for weed’ crap. they agreed to it, be a grown up and deal with it.

  15. Bills were smart not to give this guy a long term deal.
    What is up with these upper echelon athletes on the cusp of mega deals peeing it all away on stupidity!
    Gordon, Washington and now Dareus. He just doesn’t get it!

  16. Marcell in this situation how does “the media put things out there the wrong way” ?
    Arrested is arrested last time I checked

  17. Lol, i’m not positive but isn’t this going to be the last year of his rookie deal? could literally be costing himself millions of dollars…

  18. Poor guy – everybody is out to get him, reminds me of a song we should sing for him “Hey Police leave the kid alone”

  19. Be fair…he had the munchies and was racing to get to Kentucky Fried Chicken to order 2 large pails of synthetic chickens before they closed

  20. Just having fun….& got arrested again, does he realize that the laws apply to people having “Fun” ?

  21. Car race? He can get behind the wheel of a sports car for a race? With that stomach?

    Seriously, though, what a waste. I hate seeing these guys sabotage themselves this way.

  22. Aargh!!!! Dareus – you are killing this fanbase! You are the opposite of everything we want you to be right now. What gives?! You have the whole world handed to you on a silver platter… At least, you DID… Grow up!!!!

  23. He must be trying to compete with Aldon Smith in number of off-field incidents! Aldon is still in the lead. More work to be done.

  24. Usually they all wait til OTAs are over to go stupid. Very sad. If the NFL and NFLPA were serious about taking care of people and cleaning up the drugs, they’d have much more severe penalties for drug use (to actually be a deterrent) and more stringent drug testing. None of this advance notice stuff. Right now the NFL drug policy is a joke.

  25. Interesting juxtaposition of stories here. While Bills legend Jim Kelly put every ounce of his being into pursuing excellence and is now fighting for his life, this guy cluelessly gets closer to pissing away opportunities in pursuit of what?

  26. The NFL drug policy is a complete joke for testing and penalties, but half the league is worried about being PC for the name of a football team that’s been around for 70 years. Get you priorities in order!

  27. Add to the ridiculous policy the fact that players can endanger other people and act like hooligans in sponsoring cities and get a slap on the wrist. UNSAT!

  28. For someone not looking for trouble, you sure are a magnet for it, Dareus. Maybe you should take a tip from Florio and become a pro bowler, since when Goodell gets through with you, you’ll probably never be a Pro Bowler again.

  29. IMHO were hearing from a liar and a cheat and its caught up with him. Funny how facts tend to paint wild pictures.
    Hey if he knew someone reported phoney evidence he would be naming names and threatening people.
    Ya like he didn’t leave the scene of an accident. Jerk, you were either there when the cops arrived or you weren’t.

  30. All he needs to do now is order a cup of water at McDonalds, fill it up with Pepsi…and he will complete the hat trick.

  31. Must be the Jim Schwartz affect his dt will get in trouble where ever he coaches

  32. If he gets suspended for a driving infraction before Irsay, you’ll know conclusively that Goodell is a lying hypocrite b

  33. “They know I’m not the kind of person looking for any trouble. I just have a need….a need for speed!”

  34. Idiot. Our defense and team are finally putting some positive momentum together and one of our best players is caught racing through the suburbs. Its dumb that he even did this but dude, drive 15 minutes out and do that on a country road or something if you have to where there’s no suburban cops.

  35. He was just trying to get away from the media who were going ‘put some more stuff’ out there on him.

  36. Jim Schwartz picking up where he left off with the Lions. So glad this clown is out of Detroit where all his players did was get in trouble.

  37. The media do bad things to me. I never get trouble, I am a not a bad guy. My textes friends tell me I aint no bad man, so I dont care about anything others that people say about me. I never kill nobody. ugh. #nottoobrightareyason

  38. For us Bills fans that remember, this is exactly how Marshawn Lynch acted immediately before his departure. Getting in trouble with the law, bad mouthing media…It’s all too familiar. Marcell is my favorite Bill and I hope he cleans his act up.

  39. For a public personality this isn’t a good luck but in reality this is all minor stuff. Potentially reckless but minor. Also War On Drugs is a complete joke.

  40. Stop acting like just because pot is a “plant leaf” that it doesn’t do damage. Studies have shown that increases mental instability, especially in young people who have mental health issues. It also destroys your lungs just like tobacco.

    Anthrax, radiation, and plenty of other things are “natural” too but aren’t good for you.

  41. Classic quotes. I see the Communications department in Tuscaloosa continues to prep their athletes so well for communicating with people.


  42. This idiot will be 400 lbs, broke and homeless before he turns 30. Book it.

  43. They dump Stevie Johnson who’s been a proven player every year but apparanently seemed to butt heads with te coaches, and this guy who’s had one very good season out of 3 is getting passes left and right.

    Love me some Marcell. Love me the Bills but spare me the bologna from the front office.

  44. And this is why as Bills fans, we are not so upset with giving up a first-round pick. Dareus, Maybin, McCargo, Losman, Flowers, Williams…

  45. orivar says:
    Jun 3, 2014 3:26 AM
    For a public personality this isn’t a good luck but in reality this is all minor stuff. Potentially reckless but minor. Also War On Drugs is a complete joke.
    “Minor stuff?” Really? You do realize he could have killed someone with his car, right?

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