Report: “Not much” interest in Urlacher from Cowboys

Nearly as soon as we passed along the report of Ed Werder of ESPN that the Cowboys were considering Brian Urlacher, the reactions began suggesting that it was extremely unlike to happen.

The latest of those dispatches comes from Werder himself, who said a team source told him they had “not much” interest in the former Bears linebacker.

(As a side note, we’ve documented ESPN-on-ESPN crime here before, but this might be the first time with the plaintiff and the defense are the same person.)

The reality is, names such as Urlacher and Vilma sound good, but are better in theory than reality. There’s a reason no one signed Urlacher a year ago, and the Cowboys are admitting that they’re looking for a two-down platoon player.

As tempting as the name might be, it appears unlikely that it will happen.

Unless Werder comes back later today and says it will.