Tim Tebow training every day, still hopes for an NFL return

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Tim Tebow isn’t ready to concede that his NFL career is over.

Tebow, who is currently preparing to work the 2014 college football season as an SEC Network analyst, told the Tennessean that he still hopes an NFL team will sign him. If that happens, he’ll walk away from his TV job.

“I’m training every day and feel like I’m the best that I’ve ever been,” Tebow said. “I still love it, love playing, talking about it, and I’m just excited about whatever the future holds. Who knows what could happen? But I’m excited about it, though.”

Realistically, it’s extremely unlikely that any NFL team will give Tebow a shot. New England was the only team that showed any interest in him at all last year, and he completed just 11 of his 30 passes in the preseason for the Patriots last year.

If Tebow really wants to play football again, he’d have a shot of catching on somewhere in the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League. But Tebow has shown no interest in that. He can probably make more money doing TV work and making speeches than he could in Canada or Arena ball, and so he’ll keep working on TV. It’s highly unlikely that Tebow will ever play another NFL game again.

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  1. Keep training Tim….a team will call you soon

    a team in the Arena football League that is

  2. sad but true. Sucks because he is such a nice classy guy, I wish he could throw the football better because with his legs and size he has a skill that works in today’s NFL. Unfortunately you have to be able to throw the ball as well.

  3. If Tebow really wants to play football again, he’d have a shot of catching on somewhere in the Arena Football League or the Canadian Football League.”

    Thats as a QB. If he really wanted to play in the NFL he could play H-Back or TE, he’s good enough and I’m sure someone would give him a shot.

  4. If he really “loves it, loves playing”, he’d be playing today. Once again, he only wants to play on his terms. Maybe he should ready the Kurt Warner story.

  5. Late last season a number of NFL teams were ravaged by injury at QB, and absolutely no one was willing to sign Tebow. Brady Quinn and Jon Kitna got gigs before he did. I think Tebow gets a bit of a bad rap and is better than people think, but when 32 GMs collectively decide not to sign you, the writing is on the wall.

    Tebow’s only route back to the NFL is to go to Canada for a couple of seasons, play well, and then try again. If he isn’t willing to grind it out in the CFL a la Warren Moon, then that means he really didn’t want it that badly after all…

  6. Go to the CFL. Moon. Flutie. It is the path that you need to open your eyes to. If it doesn’t work out, there will still be many different opportunities back here, other than the NFL.

  7. If Tebow really wants to have a shot in the NFL he needs to go play in another league and show people he can actually play. Hes not going to convince any team that he has improved with the terrible film he has put up.

    If Warren Moon and Kurt Warner weren’t too big to do it then why should Tebow be. Probably because he doesn’t like football as much as he says.

  8. The three-downs-to-make-a-first CFL is more of a passing league than the NFL. Thus, why would anyone believe Tebow would succeed there?

  9. I admire him. I wish I had his determination and positive attitude. He may very well fall short of his dreams, but it won’t be for lack of trying. How many of us can say the same?

  10. There are not 32 quarterbacks better than Tebow at winning games. And that’s just the simple truth.

    Shame the media controls everything.

  11. Due to his versatility I’d still put him ahead of Josh Freeman on the PFT All-Unemployed Team, and maybe ahead of Quinn, it’s reasonable to argue that he is the 2nd most intriguing unemployed QB:

    1) Vince Young
    2) Tim Tebow
    3) Brady Quinn
    4) Josh Freeman

    I don’t understand what Tebow has to do with his time that could be better than fighting his heart out to get back onto the field, that’s what he should be doing so I’m going to root for him to prove everybody wrong and hope somebody gives him a shot to do something! There’s a lot of dead weight taking up roster spots, and I think Tebow could be more useful than a lot of them.

    NEVER GIVE UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!…the cursed attitude of an eternal optimist

  12. this guys so full of it…he was willing to play a different position he would still be on an active roster, his ego is why hes not playing. His skill set will never make him the center piece of an NFL offense, and to be “the man” is what he really loves

  13. Bad footwork, bad arm, inaccurate. Face it Tebowians, if St.Timmy of Gainsville wasn’t a devote Christian, you wouldn’t care what he did. I “pray” you wake up from your Tebow stupor. Hail to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  14. Just keep the faith, Timmy!

    But seriously, people saying he would make a good FB or LB or whatever… he would get destroyed. People would be licking their chops to get a shot on Tebow. It wouldn’t even be fair to him.

  15. Why not just play in another league? He’s going to make more money on endorsements if he stays relevant anyway. Suck it up Timmy.

  16. Tebow is intern level talent unwilling to play for intern level compensation. No experience for you.

    Smartest thing he could do is play arena or CFL and work on his passing motion. Warner played in Arena, and Moon and Flutie played CFL; it’s not THAT horrible.

  17. The sad truth is this dude wont even make the CFL. Kevin Glenn aint even a starter anymore and the dude would literally sh*t on Tebow, his only chance is the Arena league, as a backup

  18. He should hone his skills playing for a minor league team, such as in the Arena League, the CFL, or the Vikings.

  19. Sadly, Tim, the Steelers no longer make the playoffs, so there’s no team for you to knock out any more.

  20. I want to know what makes his story so unique from all of the other character driven players who weren’t good enough to play in the pros either.

  21. If Tebow wants to get better, he needs to be playing football somewhere.

    I’m not sure why he won’t go to the CFL, or at least the Arena league, but he’s not going to get better until he decides to make the move.

    Go to the CFL, Tim. You have nothing to lose.

  22. I’d rather be a CFL Legend than be a NFL has been….Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner all played in other leagues and used it as a springboard to get into the NFL.

    Tim, if you needed to work on your game before, wouldn’t it be better to show everyone how good you are while you’re playing? Nobody is going to think you got better calling college games.

    He’d be a superstar in that league.

  23. The fans that compare Tebow to Manning favorably are the reason why sane football fans hate all things Tebow. Yes Tebow looks good in his underwear commercial and loves Jesus but QB requires one to read a defense and throw a ball. Oh, so close.

  24. can’t throw, FB is a dying position & he’s too slow now to play TE.. sorry Timmy, the dream is dead.. see you on the SEC Network

  25. If Josh Freeman had half of the heart and desire of Tim Tebow, he wouldn’t be the train wreck that he has become.
    Personally, I would like to see Tim Tebow pick up where Bill McCartney left the PromiseKeepers movement. He could be doing this country a huge favor!

  26. Seriously what is he thinking.. He really just needs to change positions, but the ego is too big! If he goes to another league it will only get worse, as they are both passing leagues. The dude is not a QB. Man up and play TE and you got a shot.

  27. Tebow can’t go to the arena league, he isn’t good enough. He has to read a D and make quick decisions and get the ball to the same area code of his receiver. Tebow would be exposed in the arena league. The CFL with the wide-open fields are a possibility for some highlight plays but the arena league would be a disaster. And to the folks suggesting he would be a great TE or FB or any other position other than underwear model I have to ask what gives you that impression?
    There are plenty of college athletes that are on NFL cut lists every season that have Tebow’s height/weight/speed but add the experience at those positions yet can’t crack a NFL roster or bump around the league from camp to camp.

  28. Honestly, with his talent level, he should be happy he got that far…no one else would even get a shot!!!

  29. I don’t know why people say he should go to Canada. In Canada you have to be able to throw the ball. The field is longer and wider. If he wants to play in the NFL or any league for that matter, he needs to change positions.

  30. He has athletesicm. I can see that. But obviously not at quarterback. I think that he could be a fullback, although he will only be used for trick plays and a handoff or two. And, if anyone questions that he is not worth a roster spot, consider this: Tim Tebow is desperate for a contract. He will take a low salary, easily.

  31. I dream everyday of winning the lottery. I practice all the time when I buy tickets. Good luck! I have a better shot at hitting the lotto than he does being a NFL QB

  32. Wow! The competition is heating up. Tim Tebow vs. Josh Freeman. Who’d have thunk two 1st round draft picks in the last five years would be on the scrap heap.

  33. It must be easy for d-bags in their mom’s basement to mock out Tim Tebow, a 2-time NCAA national champion, former Heisman winner and 1st round draft pick in the NFL.

    Doesn’t he have more playoff wins than Tony Romo and plenty of others?

    He never got in trouble, always said the right things…but he preached God and never got a legitimate shot at a job…yet people hate on him worse than Aaron Hernandez? No wonder society is screwed.

    The best human being professional sports has probably ever seen, has basically been blacklisted from his respective sport…while an imprisoned murderer gets support.

    Sure is a crazy and demented world.

  34. I STILL can’t believe he beat the Steelers in the playoffs. 10 men on the line of scrimmage, LeBeau! What were you thinking!?!

  35. this guy says he loves the lord and football when he actually loves money and attention. otherwise, he would be actually playing football, rather than staying in shape to someday resume playing football and cashing in on his religious marketability.

    which is fine, but don’t try to convince me its raining…..

  36. Tebow is a great guy who simply gets so much media attention from ESPN that people hate him.

    That being said, he’s obviously not a quarterback in the NFL. No matter who was coaching him he reverted back to his old ways and never truly took the coaching to heart. Tim will never be a quarterback in the NFL, because he doesn’t take what the coaches give him and run with it. IT’S NOT COLLEGE ANYMORE, YOU CAN’T RELY ON STRICTLY ATHLETICISM!

    And lastly, everyone that still clutches the play-off game against the Steelers as the reason he should be an NFL quarterback, please note that when he beat the Steelers in the play-offs about half of their defense was out.

  37. Who knows? Kurt warner came from nowhere and won the Superbowl. The world is full of quitters. Self confidence is not pride.

  38. Honestly, I’d be curious if Tebowmania would pick up where it left off if a team signed him. Maybe it would. Maybe it needs another year. I mean, apart from the wacky mechanics and such, the main problem teams have with him is the circus atmosphere with the press that would accompany him. That sort of thing makes him not worth it as a backup QB.

    Now in 2015, however… that might be enough time for Tebowmaniacs to mellow out some… could be a decent situational QB or perhaps he needs to play a different hybrid position… special teams, perhaps. Maybe Bellicheck will give him a call next year.

    Just not the Bears. Oh, God. Not my Bears. Keep that train wreck away from my Bears.

  39. I think he could play in the NFL if he converted to safety, tight end, or fullback. He’s a good athlete and he’s got some size.

  40. It breaks my heart that Tim Tebow cannot find a gig. He has so much heart and is, in my opinion, a fine person. You won’t see his name in the headlines for partying like Jonny Foosball, or for getting arrested, or for failing a drug test. Unfortunately these bad qualities don’t seem to matter to teams.

    No team will give him a chance because they want a ‘standard’ QB like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Tebow does not fit this mold. He is good at scrambling and short passes. He cannot throw the long ball. There should be room for this type of QB in the NFL if teams would not insist on playing only the starter. I have never understood this mentality – why not pull the ‘star’ QB when he is having a bad day? For a few plays at least.

    As many have said, his best bet is to go to the CFL. Several QBs have gotten back into the NFL after a good run in the CFL. Flutie, Moon, Theisman.

  41. I hope to see him play again someday. That one season with the Broncos was exciting. Watching Peyton shred defenses only to choke in the big game is booooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiing.

  42. He is a good person but he is not an NFL QB and he isn’t willing to try other positions and that will be his down fall. I am just so tired of hearing how much he loves football and how he wants to be back in the NFL, if he really wants to be back he would be willing to do anything. One more year, if no one signs him this year, this story is over and I for one couldn’t be happier.

  43. “The best human being professional sports has probably ever seen….”

    GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!! He can’t pass accurately. Nice kid. The kind of guy you would want your daughter to date, but “best human being”. Get real! Let’s quit acting as if he is being persecuted.

    BTW, Roger Staubach is a devout Christian, Vietnam veteran who did the work needed to be a championship QB. Ted Williams walked away from baseball for a time to be a fighter pilot. Leave that “best human being” stuff for your deity of choice to figure out.

  44. Tim, if you love football, why not switch positions? No one has ever questioned whether you’re a good football player; you’re just not considered a good enough quarterback.

    As a Raiders fan, we could’ve used you last year as a QB or at any other position.

  45. Too bad he has yet to be humbled enough to be willing to play in the Arena League. Look what a huge transformation it did for Kurt Warner? It gave him timing, reading defenses, and taught him how to attack, attack, attack a defense. When Warner went to NFL Europe, it was to merely keep working on refining his elevated game he got from Arena League. Too bad most NFL fans also look down on Arena League cause lots of NFL guys would not keep up with the pacing and quickness of that game.

  46. Last time Tebow led an NFL team they went to the playoffs. Then he got pushed out of the league.

    That’s happened to about NO other QB EVER.

  47. Someone warn Johnny Football. Your completion percentage in college, even in the top conference, doesn’t mean jack in the NFL. Tebow had a higher college completion percentage than Peyton Manning. Got to put in that work. Even that might not be enough; as Tebow continues to prove. Come on Johnny Football the hype machine is counting on you.

  48. Tebow would be the starting QB on almost half of the current teams. He is better than the bums they currently have on their rosters.

  49. Why does every “pro” athlete consider playing in the CFL such a bad thing? Suck up your pride and go play ball. I would kill to play in any league let alone the 2nd biggest one in the world.. I hope Tebow never gets a shot at any league anymore. Ungreatful, just plain lousy, and worst of all just plain dumb!

  50. I know the popular thing in here is to make fun of him, but… really, humor aside, why is he doing this?

    He hasn’t played in over a full season at any level, was a backup for the year prior to that, he wasn’t particularly great prior to that even (it’s accepted by all, I would hope, that most of those miracle-wins were the result of Denver’s defense)… It’s not that he’s awful, but let’s be honest here. He’s not an elite talent to begin with, hasn’t played a meaningful game in over two years, and that ignores the ESPN obsession-machine that follows him around.

    Why would a team pick him up over someone else at this point? When people like Josh Freeman are on the market for a team to pick up, what use is Tim Tebow?

    Give it up, Tim. Really. No humor or snark intended, the NFL isn’t happening unless you really prove yourself in Canada first. If you keep refusing that avenue, you’re just done as an NFL player.

  51. Definitely worthy of being on an NFL team, beat Roethlisberger in a playoff game in Pittsburgh.

    Jeff Tuel, Thad Lewis, Dennis Dixon, Pat Devlin, Brock Jensen, Matt Simms, Jason Campbell, Brendon Kay, Tom Savage, Chandler Harnish, Seth Lobato, Stephen Morris, Ricky Stanzi, Charlie Whitehurst, Tyler Wilson, Zac Dysert, Bryn Renner, Trent Edwards, Kellen Clemens, Brad Sorensen, Caleb Hanie, Kyle Orton, Brandon Weeden, Curtis Painter, G.J. Kinne, Jordan Palmer, James Franklin, Chase Rettig, Christian Ponder, Jeff Mathews, Matt Blanchard, Joe Webb, Ryan Griffin, Logan Kilgore, Alex Tanney, Kory Faulner, McLeod Bethel-Thompson, Blaine Gabbert, Josh Johnson, B.J. Daniels, Tarvaris Jackson, Keith Price.

    All those names are on an active roster and Tebow not on one? What a joke!!

  52. “Who knows what could happen? But I’m excited about it, though”

    That’s kind of an idiotic statement. Just sounds like a guy staying on-script.

    Keep training, bro. It’ll keep you in shape, at least.

  53. Those suggesting Tebow go to Canada have obviously never watched it. The league is 80% passing and 3 downs. Tebows problem is throwing the ball. He’d be no better as a QB up there as he would be in the NFL. Moon said exactly that when someone asked him how Tebow would fare in the CFL.

    Tebow is not a QB in any league. Period.

  54. Espn and specifically skip bayless ruined his career. Never would have been a starter but had they not obsessed over him he quietly would still be in the league.

  55. Crazy Stat of the Day: Peyton Manning only has ONE more playoff win as a Denver Bronco than Tim Tebow. (I’m not comparing him to Peyton. Just making an observation.)

  56. Canada sent us Bieber and Celine Dion. It’s time we returned the favor and sent them Tebow.

  57. Loved watching him in Florida…loved it even more in Denver, he was exciting. Still think he’s a better option than blane Gabbert, Sanchez, brady Quin, Colt Mcoy, Gino Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer, chad henne, Jake Locker…I know he’s more exciting than any of these guys and they are still in the nfl.

  58. if you want to be completely honest about it, you know he can play and win…he proved it in Denver. You just have been trained to say he’s no good because you don’t like his religion. The jets never gave him a chance, the Patriots didn’t give him much of a shot either. Jacksonville should sign him today and leave their losing ways behind them.

  59. He might not make a CFL roster. Its a different game. Takes accuracy on the run and an arm down the field.

  60. As a Steelers fan, I refuse to make excuses. The only defensive player absent for that postseason game, as far as I can remember, was Ryan Clark.
    What beat the Steelers that day was a horrible defensive game plan. Plus, a Steelers offense that dominated the first quarter statistically (119 yards to 8) but couldn’t score TDs, instead settling for two FGs.
    By halftime, the Broncos had a 20-6 lead. For the game, Roethlisberger’s TQBR was 25, the lowest of any Wild Card Weekend quarterback In 2011, the 12-4 Steelers were every bit as mediocre as the 8-8 Broncos.

  61. Either show what you can do in the CFL as a QB (will a team even give him a shot?) OR change your position in the NFL (if a team would even give him a shot?). In any case stop the charade…

  62. The only thing that’s going to make Tim Tebow a better QB , is getting reps. In today’s NFL, with limited practices, what team can afford to give reps to a guy, that may or may not get better? Tebow is a God fearing, upstanding person and I wish only the best for him. Tebow might not be able to play RB or TE, bc despite his size and him being a good runner at QB, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a good blocker as a RB or TE. Nor does it mean he’ll be able to run routes or shed DBs while running those routes.

  63. Tebow would have won the Super bowl for the donks, he was he what the doctor ordered. So hard to game plan against this kid. He is not the best thrower, but football smarts he has.

    Not sure why anyone has not given him a chance

  64. Tebow was also recommended to change position from QB to something he can be good in. If he “loves the game and is excited about it” then he should play a different position then QB. However, instead of changing or adapting, he is stuck on a college dream. He should recognized he played QB at the NFL and it didn’t work out.

  65. Tim is honing his throwing craft every single day people.

    He’s thrwing 100 times (daily) trying to hit the broad side of a barn. Word is he is approaching a 50% success rate!

  66. tell that to the steelers, he threw for over 300 yards and 2 TD’s, and they got beat by a guy who cant hit the broad side of a barn.

  67. honestly i hope he gets a second chance hes better then most 2nd strings and 3rd strings . But he has to settle for less and go to the cfl , dominate the cfl

  68. Should have made himself into a Chris Cooley-style TE, or RB. Great athleticism, many college qb’s had outstanding careers at NFL Positions that suited their talents-Brian Mitchell, Antwaan Randel-El, Julian Edelman, I could go on and on

  69. He is completely delusional. Reminds me too much of Sean Gilbert, who said he held out from the Redskins because God told him he should hold out for the richest DT contract in history. Tebow apparently thinks God told him to hold out for a QB job instead of accepting another positions. This type of guy gives Christians a bad name.

    If Tebow would just accept he isn’t an NFL QB, he could still have an NFL career. I think he’d make a great H-back type of player. He’s certainly big and tough enough.

  70. I don’t understand why people think he could be an RB, FB, tight end, or H-back.
    He’s too slow to be an RB. Has he ever thrown a block? Does he have an idea of how to block? That’s a skill that takes hour and hours of practice over a period of years.
    Can he catch a football? Can he make catches over the middle with a defender ready to pound him the instant the ball touches his fingers?
    Maybe … barely maybe. But he’s never shown any of these skills and, until he does, I don’t know how you can possibly think that he can play any of these other positions.

  71. Yes, he threw one fairly accurate pass. Luckily for him and the Broncos, it came at the right time. The following week, he completed 9 out of 26.

  72. Just how many more forks must we stick into him to show that he is done once and for all?

  73. Brady Quinn has completed about 54% of his passes. Tebow has completed about 48% of his.

  74. I think we all agree … Tim Tebow is not good enough to play QB in todays NFL… if it was 1960… he would probably be a hall of famer…

    His last start in the NFL was against Tom Brady. The beating the Broncos took in that game was his death knell … John Elway knew it… we all saw it… so please Tim … stay in TV … make millions … get married … have kids … and

    Just forgetaboutit…

  75. The Tebow craze annoys me probably MORE than the Johnny Football craze mainly because Tebow has actually played in the NFL and failed yet people still want to blame everyone BUT Tim for his short comings.

    He had ONE accurate pass at the right time in a playoff game yet somehow people give him the credit for the win despite his awful play the previous 4 quarters. Luckily the Broncos were smart and the real star of that team got paid (Kicker Matt Prater). Also last I heard the Broncos are doing pretty good without him

    Then you always hear from fans what a “great guy” he is but all we hear from team representatives is that they would be more than happy to sign him and try him at different positions and HIM turning them down because he refuses to play any other position than QB. Isn’t there something about “pride” somewhere in the Bible? You can’t play the victim if the reason you’re not in is you’re telling the people in charge of hiring you what you will and won’t do.

    Obviously there are thousands of players that would do anything to be in the NFL. I’m totally with the NFL teams on giving those guys the opportunity over someone who thinks he can call his own shots and then hide behind a persona for support.

  76. I disagree. He is too exciting. He was exciting @ Florida and with Denver. Still think he is better than Sanchez, Colt Mcoy, Blaine Gabbert, Brady Quinn, branden Weeden, Chad Henney Tavaris jackson, Gino Smith, plus, he replaced Kyle orten …all still in the nfl.

  77. Better in what way? They all throw the ball much better than Tebow. He completes less than 50% of his passes and that’s against defenses that aren’t focusing on the pass because he’s so inaccurate. Against a standard base defense, he’d probably complete less than 40%.

  78. The thing that stands out with Tebow for me still is that time early in his career when the Broncos were on the goalline and he screamed at the coaches “no one touches the ball here but me!”

    I can see how a guy like that could easily become a net negative on your team, even if he might really be better than your third string QB.

  79. I haven’t heard him say he is praying for a job in the NFL.

    “With God, all things are possible.”

    Seems like he needs to do more Tebowing.

  80. I know this, that run of games he had with Denver winning in the last few minutes was really fun to watch for a few weeks in a row.

  81. Yes, and it was really fun for non-fans of Denver to see the run of games he had when they lost the last three games of the season, averaging 13.3 points per game.

  82. Tebow “wants it,” just not as anything other than as an NFL starter at QB. He disdains any other level of football and any other position. He wants it all, up front. That’s the issue. He “should” Warren Moon it, Doug Flutie it, to get ahead,

  83. Others have said it, wrote it…thought it…He should leave the ego behind or should have left the ego behind a couple of years ago & moved to TE or…elsewhere. Tim is an excelent athlete who just could just not see beyond QB. It almost appeared that he failed to see the importance of other positions & the awesome opportunity given to him. He could have done it. So it begs the question…Why didn’t he even try?

  84. He has no reason to think he can make it at any other position, nor does anybody else. He’s too slow to be a running back. Playing tight end or fullback requires blocking ability and he has probably never learned to block effectively. For that matter, can he even catch a football? Like blocking, it’s a skill that requires a lot of practice and he’s probably never practiced it.

  85. Respectfully i disagree. If it’s his dream/goal he should stick to it and not give up. There’s no shame in failing, there’s only shame in not trying.
    i saw him @ Florida and he was so exciting to watch. Loved those games. Then in Denver, I couldn’t believe it, it was the same exciting Tebow. All he has to do is up his passing game.But even without that I’d pay to see him over Carson Palmer, Blane Gabbert, Hoyer, Jake Locker, Chad Henne, mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Schab, Sam Bradford.

  86. He spent three off-seasons working with quarterback coaches to improve his passing. Yet all of the guys you mention are more accurate than Tebow, as shown by their completion percentages.

  87. Tebow threw for over 9,000 yards in College. Don’t tell me he can’t throw. Did you see the bullet he threw to Demarius Thomas who went 80 yds and knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs?

    He took a 1-4 team. Put them on his back and got them to the playoffs, where he played his best Pro game ever.

    Tebow is better than 33% of the QB’s starting in the NFL and he’s better than every 2nd string guy in the league.

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