49ers bring back Blake Costanzo

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In 2011, linebacker Blake Costanzo helped give the 49ers some of the best special teams units in the league but he left for the Bears as a free agent the next offseason.

Costanzo remained a core special teams player over two years with the Bears, but he’s making the reverse trip this offseason. Costanzo’s agent David Canter announced that his client has returned to the 49ers.

Costanzo will be reunited with special teams coach Brad Seely, who coached him with the 49ers and during Costanzo’s two years as a member of the Browns. Costanzo plays inside linebacker, so he may work his way into the mix of players trying to fill in for NaVorro Bowman while Bowman continues to recover from a major knee injury but the special teams work is what brought him back to San Francisco and what will be his best route to sticking with the 49ers into the regular season.

The linebacker was undrafted out of Lafayette and spent time on the Jets’ practice squad before making his NFL debut with the Bills in 2007.

20 responses to “49ers bring back Blake Costanzo

  1. He was also a 49ers fan favorite. That their special teams squad took a giant step back in 2012 was not a coincidence (and might have been the difference vs. the Ravens in the Superbowl).

  2. He’s a really good guy but not much of a football player. It may only be a a coincidence that the Bears special teams were the worst they’ve been in years while he was there… but it’s also a fact.

  3. He was a college teammate of my cousin at Lafayette College. Hell of a player and nice guy.

  4. Niners are signing everybody to create competition. Only so many roster spots, it should be interesting to see the final cuts and what teams will swoop in and grab their castoffs.

  5. No one grows better pro-level talent than the Patriot League. Look at our All-Pro team: John Skelton, Will Rackley, Blake Costanzo, umm…CJ McCollum?

  6. @dagon27 – exactly what I was thinking. Very doubtful Jones returns kickoff for TD. Who knows, he probably would of been held like everyone else on that play, with no call.

  7. Barring another injury I think he’s a long-shot to make the 53 man roster . . . but great competition nevertheless.

  8. Niners on a roll. Dahl was in serious jeopardy BEFORE, he’s really got problems now. Fantastic move Trent. Thank you, Sir! (Almost makes up for the stupid move of letting him go in the first place).

  9. I miss him on the Browns. He was an enthusiastic player with a real motor. Lots of good coverage on kick offs. Solid as hell.

  10. Yesssss!!!he was one of my favorite niners in 2011! I was wishing the niners would pick him back up! Big hole left when he was gone! Welcome back Blake. Dream come true

  11. Say goodbye to Kassim Osgood. I think this is a way to reduce the numbers at the WR position, while keeping a few special-teams aces.

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