Brandon Weeden says he’s learning from “very smart” Tony Romo


Cowboys backup quarterback Brandon Weeden says Tony Romo isn’t only the guy ahead of him on the depth chart. Romo is also becoming Weeden’s tutor.

“I’m just trying to get a feel for what he thinks, why he does certain things,” Weeden told Todd Archer of “He’s an extremely successful quarterback and a very smart guy. I’d be crazy not to take everything I can from him.”

In two seasons with the Browns, Weeden often looked lost on the field and never came close to being the kind of quarterback Cleveland hoped he would be when he was a first-round pick in 2012. But in Dallas, Weeden says he’s in the right spot as a backup to Romo.

“He’s done it for so long that he’s found what works for him, whether it’s footwork or types of throws or reads or whatever it may be,” Weeden said. “He’s got a feel for what he’s good at. I just pick and choose what I think may work for me. One thing about me, I’m going to be an aggressive thrower. I’m going to stretch the field vertically and I’m going to throw the ball aggressively. Sometimes I may get myself in trouble but I think being smart aggressive vs. being dumb aggressive is two different things.”

For now, Weeden is strictly a backup. Perhaps if some of Romo’s smarts wear off, some day Weeden may be ready for another chance at being a starter.