Broncos down to one unsigned pick


The Broncos started signing picks a bit later than most of the other teams around the league, but they’ve caught up quickly.

With the announcement that third-round tackle Michael Schofield has signed his four-year deal, the Broncos have reached agreement on contracts with five of their six picks in the last two days. First-round cornerback Bradley Roby is the only player yet to sign with the team.

Schofield started at right tackle for Michigan in 2012 and 2013 and could work his way into the mix at that position with a strong offseason. The Broncos have moved last year’s starter Orlando Franklin to guard and Chris Clark is currently manning the position after playing on the left side in place of Ryan Clady in 2013.

Whether he starts or not, Schofield’s arrival shores up the Broncos’ depth at tackle heading into the 2014 season.

13 responses to “Broncos down to one unsigned pick

  1. I look forward to actual games instead of updates of the Bronco’s signed player status.

  2. This guy would be a day 1 starter for the Raiders.


    FYI, Roby is allergic to PEDs, so he wouldn’t be a good fit in Seattle.

  3. I’m guessing that last guy to sign is going to blow all of his money on tattoo removal.

  4. denver1983 has only been following NFL football for a few years. That’s why he can’t remember that the Broncos and Seahawks were both in the AFCW and that the Broncos used to get their arses stomped in Seattle while the 12th Man got just as crazy as we do now. He also forgot how Elway would cry to the refs about the noise, and that Elway once said in an interview after LOSING (in 87) that the crowd noise in Seattle was an unfair advantage. Oh, I remember that. Like it was yesterday. I was the kid screaming “Hey Horse Face, you suck!!” while some reporter was trying to interview him. Which got me a thumbs up from the Boz.

    And it’s super-hilarious to hear Broncos fans talk about cheating. As if the entire NFL universe isn’t well aware of the FACT that the only Superbowls they ever won, they won because they cheated – blatantly. The Broncos are synonymous with cheating. When I think of cheating in pro sports, I actually think of the Broncos getting blown out a handful of times in the Superbowl, in pathetic one-sided losses, then finally winning 2 in 97 and 98. Only to find out a few months later, they had been blatantly cheating the cap – Elway, in fact, had cheated the cap personally.

    It’s funny how Elway was drawn to Peyton Manning, another big-time postseason choker. Only to watch his team lose yet again. And ya know what? I was at the game, ran down to the sidelines while the green and blue confetti rained down on the teams, and saw Elway slumped and pouting by some reporters. So I yelled out, “Hey Horse Face, you STILL suck!! Oh, and the Boz says hi!”

    I think he liked that because he smiled. Oh no, my bad, he was actually crying. Like always.

    Now kiss this ring and get the hell out of my office.



  5. Wow Julius,

    Sounds like all those years hitting the weight room, watching hours of game footage, and breaking down defenses with your position coach really paid off.

    All those hours in the trainers room, icing down your sore muscles, and dealing with the aches and pains of a post-season run – and now you get to hoist the Lombardi with your teamma….. Oh, what?

    You’re not actually one of the players? Just an annoying fanboy who acts like he *personally* whooped the Broncos behinds. Get off it dude. That’s 18 wins to 34 losses to the Broncos over franchise history… Oh but you only seem to remember that one awesome game from ’87.

    Nothing is forever in this sport. You’d do well to enjoy the current Seahawks roster while keeping in mind that success is fleeting.

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