Bruce Arians says he’s done discussing Daryl Washington


The Arizona Cardinals and head coach Bruce Arians are moving on from Daryl Washington.

While the troubled linebacker remains a part of Arizona’s roster after being suspended for the entire 2014 season, he’s no longer going to be a part of their thoughts.

According to Bob Baum of the Associated Press, Arians expressed disappointment in Washington’s actions and hope that he “gets his life straightened out.”

But Arians also said he’s through discussing the subject and won’t comment on Washington any further.

He made a choice and we’re all living with it,” Arians said.

Washington was suspended for the first four games of the 2013 season due to a failed drug test. The season ban comes from yet another failed test that Washington said was marijuana related.

The decision by Washington has left the Cardinals without their top two linebackers from last season.

Washington racked up 75 tackles and two interceptions in 12 games after serving the suspension to start the year.

Karlos Dansby was even better. Dansby posted 122 tackles and four interceptions for the Cardinals. However, Dansby signed with the Cleveland Browns in free agency. Without Washington and Dansby, there is now a massive hole in the middle of Arizona’s defense.

11 responses to “Bruce Arians says he’s done discussing Daryl Washington

  1. “Massive hole” except the second round pick Kevin Minter from last year who is ready. Arians has always been a next man up coach.

    Why would he want to continue talking about a player who will not be part of the team in ’14/’15? Makes total sense.

  2. These idiots that are willing to throw it all away over a bong-rip….
    I’d move on from him too.

    I’ve got nothing against it personally, but knowing several people who choose it, my observation is that it certainly doesn’t help you be successful at life.

    Or maybe they just all happen to be dummies who smoke.

    Like a coincidence… Maybe.

  3. Have you seen Kevin Minter? He should fill that massive hole in the middle. It’s up to the safeties to cover the tight ends, though, which was the only weakness the defense had last year. 1st round draft pick was brought in to do just that. Cards will be fine.

  4. I don’t blame him. Why keep talking about someone who can’t do anything to help your team? Keep the focus on the guys in camp and how a THEY can help the team!

  5. Coach is right… HE made a CHOICE and now all his teammates are living with it.

    He CHOSE to abandon his teammates.

    He KNEW he had ALREADY served a suspension and he KNEW he’d be out for a year if caught again (hey, he already been caught once so he’s not too swift at going undetected now is he?).

    I’ve never used the stuff but others say that weed is NOT addictive. Well, IF that is the case, then he CHOSE it over his team because he wasn’t addicted, no cravings, no had to have it…

    Players train hard, even in the off season. They all want to win and do what is necessary.

    Then to have a “brother” CHOOSE this over the team…

    I wouldn’t want him back in the locker room with me again…

    I’d have to think WHEN (not if) are they going to say he’s suspended again – life this time isn’t?

  6. Sounds like a great way to deal with the Press on the matter….is Arians still in Grade School?

  7. Agreed. It sucks, it happened, there’s nothing more to discuss so let’s move on.

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