Hoyer talks about keeping his job, while Manziel works on taking it


Regardless of whether the Browns mean it when they claim that veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer has a big lead over rookie Johnny Manziel in the “competition” (Jets style or otherwise) to win the starting job, the question of which man deserves to lead the team will be determined on the practice field, based on how the other players perceive their abilities.

So on a day when Hoyer talked about keeping his job, Manziel may have taken a big step toward taking it.

Sure, Manziel threw three interceptions on the day.   But it was a quintessential Johnny Football play that had everyone buzzing after the OTA session.

As explained by Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Manziel rolled to the right, threw left across his body, and hit tight end Jordan Cameron 30 yards down the field.

Pretty sweet, huh?” receiver Nate Burleson said of the play. “It was nice, man.  I like to see Johnny make big plays.  When a quarterback gets into a rhythm and gets a little confidence, his chin pokes up and his chest sticks out a little bit more and they play better and when he gets into a rhythm, he’s a special athlete.

“He’s hard to stop.  He’s doing good, man.  I like what I’m seeing so far out of Johnny Football.”

“He put it exactly where he needed to put it,” Cameron said of the throw.  “It got people going a little.  It was exciting.  I know guys reacted.  That’s what he does.   He makes people react.  It’s an emotional thing when they watch him play.  He brings a lot of energy and that’s his game.”

If enough of their teammates agree with the assessments from Burleson and Cameron, it will be hard for the powers-that-be to open the season with Hoyer at the helm.  Of course, one of their teammate who would vote for Hoyer is, well, Hoyer.

“You never want to see someone else doing your job,” said Hoyer, who is still recovering from a torn ACL suffered last season.  “That’s the biggest thing for me.  I feel I’m ready and I know a lot of people who come back from this injury talk about the mental aspect.  I think I’ve conquered that months ago.  As the competitor in me I want to be out there with my guys, calling the plays and running them.”

Come September, when the Browns start the season in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, there’s a good chance that it will be Manziel calling the plays and running them, especially if he keeps running them like he did on Tuesday.

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  1. AS IT SHOULD BE ! I don’t want either one of these guys to lay down.
    May the best man win.
    It’s about DAMN time someone wanted to fight to get under center here in Cleveland.

  2. A three bad play to one good play ratio….sounds about right for a starting qb in Cleveland

  3. Say what?

    Ask Cameron or Burleson about the 3 picks?

    Cleveland have a defensive head coach and a good defense. They’d be wise to build around an offense that keeps control of the ball and the game.

    If they want a smaller, younger, quicker Weeden then go for Manziel. If they want to win they should go with Hoyer until Manziel realises he can’t scramble away from NFL defenders nor just lob it to his dominant (which he won’t have) receivers.

  4. One of the joys of being a football fan is seeing new young talent coming into the league and making a name for themselves.

  5. Hoyer will be the starting QB. Johnny can learn for a year, just like he red-shirted in college.
    I think Hoyer will make it hard for Johnny to get any playing time.

  6. Hmmm, three intersections and one good play. Let’s see how that will go over in the regular season. Not a Browns fan but Hoyer is an outstanding QB. Gets rid of the ball in under 3 seconds. He doesn’t need to scramble.

  7. Nvm the 3 ints he threw. The raiders will forever thank you for taking Johnny foozball over Carr. I just don’t understand all this hype around this kid. I don’t see him beating out Hoyer either. Hoyer looked solid last season before the unfortunate injury.

  8. So far the Browns have a hotshot rookie QB who has no wide receivers and a superstar WR who appears to be as dumb as the plants he smokes. I wish Pettine & Hoyer luck. I actually do believe MP & BH are better than the likes of Mangini, Shumur, Chud, McCoy, Weeden etc. I am not a Manziel fan.

  9. I’m just going to put it out there…if you think they moved up in the draft to sit Manziel behind HOYER…I have a nice shiny bridge to sell you. Half off too!

  10. Man I am torn.. I was/am really excited about Hoyer being our qb the way he played last year and had it going on. He had the whole team playing very good and us fans were loving it!!
    But now.. they bring in JM and hmm damn.. well what a problem to have I guess and I certainly just want to win for a change so I will support any qb that can get it done for us. I just feel bad for Hoyer guess I shouldn’t though. Go Browns!!

  11. I think the best aspect of Hoyer is that he will make Manziel work for the job, which is great. I personally am a Hoyer fan and the same can be said for him. He is going to have to work to keep the job. It’s a win win as far as I see. Let the best man play.

  12. Pretty sure Hoyer knows it’s just a matter of time, but he’s putting his best face on. Unfortunately, talking about it’s his job, his guys etc. won’t let him keep the starting job. The pressure from media, fans, and possibly Haslam, will push the coaching staff sooner than later to make Mr Football the starter. Personally, I want to see Hoyer start the first 6 games at least only if he is 100%, If he looks like he did and gets 3 or 4 wins in the first 6 he should continue to start. Johnny will start by the 9th game if not sooner. When Johnny gets his first start, the town will once again be buzzing with excitement not seen since you know who was still here. Should be fun to watch it all unfold!

  13. So he threw 3 interceptions and had 1 good play and he’s the starter? Sounds about right for Cleveland. Stop glorifying him until he proves himself in a real game.

  14. Johnny–week 1.

    And I’ll watch Cleveland games this year to see how he does. He just has that unpredictability and ability to make things happen out of nothing that makes him fun to watch. I watched every single Texas A&M game for the same reason.

  15. You have to feel bad for Hoyer on some level. He doesn’t just have to deal with the ACL or another QB, he has to hold off the Johnny Football persona that a lot of people gravitate to.

  16. Let’s all just calm down, Hoyer will start and Johnny Football will get his chance, the media is just the media, that’s it. You guys that “report” for a living want to be taken seriously, but the rest of us don’t take you seriously because we know you lie and fabricate. We’ll play dumb if you continue to play smart!

  17. “especially if he keeps running them like he did on Tuesday.”

    So throwing 3 INTs in a glorified scrimmage is offset by one play?

    This is going to be Manziels big problem in the NFL-those “wow” plays he excelled at in college are going to be few and far between while the routine plays are going to be a problem.

    The great QBs out there (Manning, Brady, Rodgers,etc) do not really have many “wow” plays-they just make routine throws with a frequency much higher than lower grade QBs. If Manziel can master the routine while occasionally pulling a rabbit out of his hat then he may be on to something. I will not hold my breath on that one though.

  18. The NFL is the quintessential regimented and disciplined organization. This ain’t jazz, where improvisation is considered always positive.

    In the NFL, you have plays for a reason. It’s so 11 men can act in unison, knowing where each teammate is and what his job is on a given play.

    “… Manziel rolled to the right, threw left across his body, and hit tight end Jordan Cameron 30 yards down the field.” In what universe is rolling right and throwing back across your body something that can be continually done with good results?

    I’m all for equality, but that lady from the Plain Dealer, may need football lessons before writing about it. What she described will result in a pick, more times than not. The players who had already seen 3 picks, have to know that was not a good sign of things to come.

  19. I would like to see hoyer start at least till the bye week. ( 3 games ) then we can see how the team is playing. Then it might be time to see some johnny football!

  20. This guy is a Brett Favre gunslinger type, all the way down to likelyhood to text pics of his little johnny football.

    The question is if he’ll be any good like Favre….. time will tell.

  21. I think Manziel’s chin pokes up pretty much all the time , whether he’s making big plays or not.

  22. That’s great! Now come week one when he throws 3 pick six and on across the body 30 yard completion I’ll be super happy!

  23. Hoyer will start but the writing is on the wall that JFF will be in the drivers seat by the halfway point of the season (unless the Browns come out 6-2 or better, which will not take place). Until that happens and he can string together multiple wins I’m tired of hearing about this kid.

    When I see him get hit repeatedly by NFL talent, beat down, sacked and endure the week in and week beating an NFL quarterback takes and make it through all of that while running a successful offense, I’d rather read about navel lint as they are as equally enlightening.

  24. I don’t hate hoyer but its funny to me that a guy with a grand total of four career starts playing for four teams is gonna be the starter over a polarizing figure drafted 22nd overall

  25. 5 TDs, 3 ints, 59% comp and suddenly Hoyer’s the answer in Cleveland. I know expectations are low, but come on!

  26. Ok… I’m a Browns fan but really??? If the players are really all a flutter about a day when the supposed QB of the future threw 3 interceptions and made ONE good play, the team and we fans are in for a world of hurt. I remember many a day when Derek Anderson and Tim Couch had the same kind of games… everyone was screaming to hang those guys from the rafters. Johnny boy keeps playing like that and he’ll get the same treatment. I hope the coaches see that 3 steps back and 1 step forward is NOT the answer to the future and told him so rather than patting him on the back and telling him good job…

  27. Sounds like Johnny is taking some big steps. His reward is getting beat down by the Steelers week one when the red jersey comes off.

  28. The last team to win the Super Bowl during OTA’s was the Jets. How did that turn out? When the bullets fly at the pro level when wins are on the line and guys are trying to take your head off, things look different.

  29. Three interceptions, one great throw, those numbers don’t add up in the long run to wins now do they?

  30. Hoyer started played in 2 1/2 games,threw for 590 yards,5 TDs and 3 Ints against the Vikes and Bengals. I’m all for a hometown boy and St.Ignatius alum to do good,but that’s not exactly the body of work that would convince me he’ll perform any better than Manziel.

  31. From a Vikings fan, I hope Johnny Football is under center for week 1. And, I hope that he gives the Steelers’ defense everything they can handle. No offense towards Steeler fans but it will be good to see four competitive teams in the AFC North.

  32. This job is Johnny footballs week 1. If anyone knows how Kyle shanny coaches an offense, a QB coming off a torn ACL is not who fits it. Lots of bootlegs and QB movement in and around the pocket. They should play Hoyer a few games in the pre-season if he can go and try to make sure he does well and trade him before the season starts.

  33. 2 wishes:
    #1 never listen to mary kay about anything browns related; and
    #2 stop talking about manziel starting week 1. Everyone who saw todays practice said manziel looked horrible and like a rookie while hoyer looked polished. Its purely media driven so they can make more money. They know nothing of football

  34. 3 INTs most likely loses a game while one well done pass is not likely to win the same game. Manziel has to get a lot better than that to survive in the nfl

  35. I hope the browns coaching staff thinks he’s ready.

    Manziel is going to be an interception machine. His decision making is horrendous. He may make some special plays on occasion, but those will be far outweighed by all the times he gives the ball to the other team.

    Go Johnny Cleveland.

  36. ‘Sure, Manziel threw three interceptions on the day….there’s a good chance that it will be Manziel calling the plays and running them, especially if he keeps running them like he did on Tuesday.”

    Considering it is the Browns this sounds about right.

  37. just so I get this right, the guy throws three interceptions along with one nice pass in spring training so he should be the starter??

    OK, that’s what I thought it said……………………….

  38. This Johnny Football guy must be something spectacular – Can you imagine any other scenario where this number of people would be talking about Cleveland?

  39. I’m more worried if a rookie QB isn’t throwing INT’s in practice. That means he’s not testing his limits and learning anything. And what’s that say about the defense if they aren’t picking off a rookie QB in week 3 of ota?

  40. When you see the focus on the 3 INTs by the fans, that does give you an insight on the limited football knowledge of Browns fans. Keep in mind, ITS OTAs with a new QB, new receivers, new routes, new timing and new system. QBs do not wait until a receiver is open before passing the ball. That means the QB is ALWAYS expecting the receiver to be in a specific spot and that the spot will be open when the ball gets there. THAT’s why delivering the ball to the right spot to Jordan was a big deal to the players and that’s why the 3 INTs were not.

    BTW, why is there all this silly talk about Brady not being as good as before? Can you find even one NFL defensive coordinator who fears and worries about defensing Brady any less than before? Do you think any of these coordinators worry more about a rookie QB than Brady? This is stupid talk.

  41. Sure, Manziel threw three interceptions on the day…

    But it was a quintessential Johnny Football play that had everyone buzzing…

    especially if he keeps running them like he did on Tuesday…


    A QB that makes no interceptions and no crazy plays and will get you a playoff spot.

    3 interceptions and 1 crazy play? I’m pretty sure that works out to a top 5 draft pick next year.

    But you go ahead and say “keep running them like he did on Tuesday”, lol.

  42. It would not surprise me if, two years from now, Connor Shaw is starting for the Browns. Look at the stats he and Manziel put up in their last year of college, and then tell me who the better QB is.

  43. I get that the Cleveland Browns are now the “it” team in the media due to the whole Johnny Football craze (the other sports network had two Browns stories in one day which is more than they’ve had the previous 5 years) but in the words of one of their commentators COME ON MAN!?

    Sounds like the Browns weren’t lying about Hoyer being better with Manziel right now but if the media has their way Manziel will be starting, the Browns will looose every game but the media will still only show the “Johnny Football” plays and ignore the other teams completely. I can see the articles now “Sure the Browns lost 35 to 7 and Manziel threw 4 pick six’s but that fourth quarter behind the back toss off the uprights and right into Jordan Cameron’s hands is exactly why the Browns drafted Johnny Football!”

  44. Sounds like a pretty standard NFL play to me. Have things gotten so bad in Cleveland that they’re impressed when a play goes off and actually picks up positive yardage?

  45. I admire Hoyer for trying hard, he can only improve because of it. Still its probably only a matter of time that manziel starts, but Hoyer may be there if things don’t go so well.

  46. So – Jonny Foosball has 3 picks and one lucky throw in practice and everybody goes gaga. I don’t care what the Browns say or what Brian Hoyer thinks … Hoyer will start in preseason, Manziel will be the starter in week 1 of the regular season. There is no way Cleveland will not let their over-hyped star attraction not play.

  47. Hey Folks, why all the conjecture? Why don’t you just read what his coaches and playing associates are saying about him.
    Coach Pettine – says I like a QB that tests his limits in practice, that’s what practice is for. He will learn from this.

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