Jeff Reed trying to come back to NFL

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Kicker Jeff Reed last saw action with an NFL team when he went to training camp with the Seahawks in 2011, but he failed to make the 53-man roster and has only kicked in public at Steelers fantasy camps since then.

Reed’s not ready to put his foot away for good, though. Reed would like to continue his professional kicking career, but is only interested in doing so at the NFL level.

“I looked into the CFL and the Arena League,” Reed said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s just a lot of work for little pay, and it sounds kind of shallow, but when you’ve played for the most elite level of football and you think you can still do it, why wouldn’t you?”

Reed said he’s spoken to Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt, who was on the Steelers staff during some of Reed’s tenure in Pittsburgh, about coming in for a workout although Reed says the coach was honest about the team’s desire to go with a younger option. Reed, who made 82.2 percent of his field goal tries over a 10-year career, could also be a possibility at some point down the road if a team grows dissatisfied with their current kickers.

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  1. If Shayne Graham continues to get on rosters for spot duty I don’t see why Reed couldn’t.

    He never did have a big leg, but with kickoffs moved up that’s not as big of a deal.

  2. In a related story, Roy Gerela is attempting a comeback for the Arizona Cardinals this year. “I’ve still got it,” the 66 year old Steelers great says. “And as long as there are coaches who want Steelers cast-offs, I’m a serious contender.”

  3. He’s still pretty young for a kicker at 35, and was always very capable…but had an odd personality, and did some stupid things.
    If he has straightened out and cleaned up his act a little after a few years out of the league, he would have a chance if a team’s kicker got hurt, or was released due to ineffectiveness.

  4. 35!!! Maybe Gary Anderson should come back too?
    “Looked into the CFL”. They had no interest, hence the scramble. Try Europe. Maybe just move on.

  5. What sealed Reed’s fate in Pittsburgh was Tomlin’s instance on having him attempt 55-yard field goals, even in lousy weather. Reed’s confidence eventually vanished.

  6. Reed got booted form the NFL because instances of public drunkeness and beating up paper towel dispencers became more frequent than him kicking field goals beyond 40 yds.

  7. Reed remained on the team long after his citation for public drunkenness and his bout with a paper towel dispenser.

  8. Love how he says in reference to being a kicker in the CFL that it is little pay for so much work. Lol. Wow. I’d take the league minimum there to kick the ball a few times a game. Dude thinks being a kicker is like being at an actual non- kicking position

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