Looking at the Los Angeles issue with Sam Farmer


The NFL has been sending mixed signals for years regarding the question of whether the league will return to Los Angeles.  The latest message came clearly and unequivocally from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who said that the NFL “certainly” will return to L.A. within five years.

The statement came not long after Tim Graham of the Buffalo News painted a bleak picture regarding the status of efforts to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles.

So the best way to clear things up was to talk to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, who has been following the story ever since both the Raiders and Rams bolted for greener pastures that have lost their luster over the last two decades.

For a comprehensive look at the situation, including the question of whether Chargers owner Dean Spanos can and will form a coalition of nine owners to block the move of another team to the market just up the road from San Diego, you need to make only one more click.

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  1. I’m an L.A. transplant from Wisconsin and have been here for the better part of 7 years. Regardless of the size, this city in no way deserves an NFL team. This is the most fair weathered fan base I’ve ever seen. When the Lakers were winning titles with Shaq and Kobe, Laker flags were flying from car windows everywhere. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. Look at the stands at a Clipper game now compared to the Laker attendance. They apparently changed teams and celebrate the winner. I’m guessing when Oakland and St. Louis were here, they didn’t win enough to retain fan interest, which is sad with a population of 4 million.

    By contrast. Green Bay sucked hard through the 70s and 80s and still filled the stands. Population: 105,ooo

  2. Everyone loves to hate on L.A and being from SF I’d be hypocrite to say I don’t have my gripes. But there is no justifiable reason why the NFL isn’t there, yes two franchises have come and gone but the popularity of football has increased since the 90’s and everytime I travel down to SoCal everyone agrees that the only thing lacking from the 2nd largest media market is a football team.

    If the NFL returns to L.A it will succeed.

  3. Even if L.A. did get a team, it can be guaranteed that they wouldn’t stay there very long. After all the usual suspects (Rams, Bills, Jags) suck and therefore wouldn’t get a sustainable following by the fairweather L.A. fans and even the darkhorses (Raiders, Chargers) aren’t on the top of the league.

  4. The Rams will be in LA (Inglewood) by 2016. These LA haters are a joke, go put on your mittens and sprinkle salt on your driveway.

  5. The truth of the matter is…….

    95% + OF US OUT HERE DON’T CARE!!!!

    “L.A. doesn’t deserve a team”…..FINE
    “L.A. lost 2 teams already”……FINE
    “L.A. has fair weather fans”…..FINE

    Quite frankly, L.A. residents barely noticed when the 2 teams left. Looking back, L.A. is brilliant to not have subsidized Georgia Frontierre and Al Davis’ pockets with taxpayer funded new stadiums.

    Other cities and markets can have the NFL for all most of us care out here. We’ll watch Sunday doubleheaders in between enjoying the sunshine out here, thank you!

  6. The Raiders will move back to LA. Magic Johnson is a huge Raider fan and is working behind the scenes to get a team back to LA. My guess is he has deep enough pockets or contacts to make something happen. It’s sad for Oak town but they have no one that can dish out that type of money. I say LA Raiders 2016-17

  7. From what I’ve read here today, here’s a few replies:
    1. No we did not just discover hockey. Maybe 25 years ago when Gretzky arrived, but not just 2 years ago.
    2. Georgia ruined the Rams. And Al was just being Al. It has absolutely nothing to do with fan support. Georgia purposely sabotaged the team to lose fan support and give her an excuse to take the Rams to Missouri which was her home state.
    3. The fruit and nut jab is old. Besides it’s a jab at the state of California so Raider Fan to took the shot is not out of the woods.
    4. It’s true. LA metroplex probably doesn’t care. We enjoy Sunday doubleheaders and NFL Ticket. If we want to see a game, SD isn’t far away either. So yeah, Sam is right. LA isn’t an easy town to do business in so if NFL really wants LA then get it done now.

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