Marcell Dareus will miss the rest of the Bills’ OTAs


Marcell Dareus, the Bills’ talented but troubled defensive tackle, will miss the rest of Buffalo’s Organized Team Activities while he tries to get his personal life together.

Bills coach Doug Marrone told reporters today that Dareus will not attend the remainder of the Bills’ OTAs. Dareus is not suspended and will return for mandatory minicamp.

“Marcell has made some poor decisions lately. He’s dealing with a lot of personal issues too,” Marrone said, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.

Dareus has been arrested twice this offseason. He was already facing felony charges for possession of synthetic marijuana in Alabama when he was arrested last week on charges stemming from an apparent car race.

But while the Bills are obviously not pleased with Dareus, they’re not about to give up on him, either. Marrone said, “I believe in Marcell,” and stressed that the team is committed to helping Dareus get back on the right track. Dareus is a good player who was selected to his first Pro Bowl last season, and the Bills are standing by him. Even if his off-field actions make that difficult.

23 responses to “Marcell Dareus will miss the rest of the Bills’ OTAs

  1. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, considering the Bills brought in three players where they were told they have one strike and they’re out.

  2. So, as a result of criminal misconduct that could very easily have injured or killed somebody, he gets to skip out on part of his job (OTAs), with pay.

    Somehow, something doesn’t feel right about that.

  3. Its ridiculous… how many times are we going to hear a coach say a guy made some bad decisions? It has become cliche and it almost trivializes the screw ups. Arrested twice in one off season, over completely different things, this dude should be fired. I don’t feel bad for him, I don’t think he deserves a second chance, I don’t think he should get to play NFL football anymore. Man these guys are stupid, no more excuses.

  4. His brother was killed in a shooting just a couple of years ago. Now everyone will utter banal nonsense about “professionalism,” but that’s a traumatic event, much like C.J. Spiller’s experience last year. These are young men and they are, contrary to popular convention, very human. This is typical behavior for someone who has endured a traumatic experience.

    Marcell seems like a good guy and I hope he pulls through.

  5. Not to make excuses for his behavior, but he is a genuinely nice kid who’s making terrible decisions in the wake of personal troubles triggered by the unexpected murder of his brother in fall of 2012.

    An idiot, sure, but something is to be said for a 24 year old kid who just makes dumb decisions compared to some of the other guys in the league who beat their wives/gfs, sexually assault women, or are involved/have ties to violent crimes and/or gang activities.

    Not that it’s right, but I’ll take the dumb kid over the violent criminal on my football team any day of the week.

  6. He is 23-24 yrs old, driving around in a Jag with millions of dollars in the bank came across another expensive car and raced it down the street… no but how many of you would have done the same thing………sometimes you do really stupid things at a young age….he should be very happy he didn’t die in that crash…..don’t ruin the kids life because of a stupid mistake…..

  7. So many jealous “fans” out here that would being doing things 1000 times worse if put in the same financial situation.bunch of armchair monday morning qb

  8. It’s en vogue to throw the baby out with the bath water. Hats off to the Bills for taking a level approach. And there are circumstances in this case the rest of us are not privy to, obviously.

  9. He’s lost his mother, brother and grandmother in the span of about 2 years.

    He is still only 22 or 23 years old.

    I’m sure you were all perfect at that age.

    Money doesn’t speed up the progression of a young kid’s brain, either…but you all make it seem like it should in fact do that.

  10. Funny how many people say (i.e. bills fans) have stated that the fins should cut Pouncy for his stupid mistakes, yet here they support Dareus claiming he’s just a young guy who made an immature mistakes. Fact is, they are the same age.

    At least Pouncy wasn’t arrested or put peoples lives in jeopardy. Of course what they do have in common is that they’re both good players, and so they’re going to get support from their coaches and fans.

  11. People want this guy out of a job and on the street. This isn’t some office job where you can just pick someone up off the street to replace him. There’s only a limited number of people who can do well at a highly specialized job like that. Short of him killing someone, you just don’t fire a guy for these kind of transgressions.

  12. How many of us would still have our jobs if we had been arrested twice in less than a month? Much less get additional time off with pay? Just sayin’.

  13. You all realize a lot of these young men are in the age range of 22 to 25, how many of you all made the best decisions at that age?

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