Matt Stafford not worried about Mike Ditka’s hat preference


Mike Ditka would be happy to know that when he and Matthew Stafford showed up at the same golf tournament together, Stafford’s hat was properly turned forward.

The Lions quarterback was able to laugh about one of the silliest flaps of last season, when Ditka criticized him for wearing his hat backward.

“I’ll bust his [chops] a little bit,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “No point [talking to Ditka about it], I don’t think. I don’t really pay attention to it.”

Ditka made it clear he respected Stafford’s game, but didn’t back off his old school approach to wearing an officially licensed billboard on the top of a highly televised head.

“Great talent,” Ditka said. “Love him. I love the things he does. He’s smart, he knows what he’s doing with the ball, he’s capable of getting it out in a hurry and he does a lot of good things. And he’s a hell of a football player, don’t get me wrong. Somebody asked me my opinion, and my opinion is put the hat on straight, that’s all.”

Ditka then asked a group of neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.

35 responses to “Matt Stafford not worried about Mike Ditka’s hat preference

  1. I personally don’t see the point of wearing a ballcap backward, but that’s because I am light-sensitive and need the bill of the cap to help shade my eyes. Somebody else wants to wear theirs backward, fine for them. I never understood why this upsets so many people. It’s a hat, not a completion percentage…

  2. Ditka is an old fuddy duddy when it comes to things like this. He had no issue when McMahon wore sunglasses everywhere, why would he have an issue with a hat.

    I don’t have an issue with a backwards hat and I think Ditka needs to stick to issues on the field that actually affect the game, and a QB or any player’s hat isn’t one of them.

  3. I respect Stafford’s hat wearing skills more than his quarterbacking skills.

    You have all the talent in the world surrounding you Matthew, time to put up or shut up.

    (Clearly a bitter Lion fan here… I’m sick of him sailing balls over open receiver’s 7 foot tall heads.)

  4. I have no issue with how someone wears a ball cap. I’ve never worn one – they do cause balding. Having said that the backwards cap looks stupid.

  5. QB = Face of franchise , what you’re selling to every fan , corporate sponsor etc.

    Peyton Manning, Cam Newton , Drew Brees – go to press conference’s , events in sharp suits and look like CEO’s.

    Stafford , Kaepernick – Look like frat boys

    It’s a game so it shouldn’t matter but when you get a $100+ million dollar contract you should look the part.

  6. jim mcmahon poked his eye with a fork at the age of six they saved his vision but his eye was extremely sensitive to light thats why he wore sunglasses

  7. Let’s see – Ditka has won the championship, Stafford hasn’t even sniffed it. I’ll go with Iron Mike on this one.

  8. “I’ll bust his [chops] a little bit,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “No point [talking to Ditka about it], I don’t think. I don’t really pay attention to it.”

    Something tells me I don’t think he could bust Ditka’s chops.

  9. Why would he care? Opinions are opinions.

    Ditka is an old school guy, Stafford is a youngblood.

    End of story.

    In case you guys forgot Marshall/Jeffery>Calvin and any scrub on your team.

  10. Ditka was trying to do him a favor; any guy over the age of 14 or so who wears a backwards cap immediately looks like a tool…

  11. Stafford is overrated as a Qb so how he wears his hat has more to do with attention seeking than style. He will never garner the national spotlight with his play on the field so looking like an idiot is the next best thing.

  12. Ditka is right, you’re not a frat boy anymore, you’re the face of an NFL franchise, grow up and act like it.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me when you go to outdoor day games. There are lots of guys wearing caps backwards but use their hands to shield the eyes from the sun glare. Facepalm.

    Ditka made a great point about leadership. You need to look the part. If you look like a slob then people are generally going to treat you like a slob.

  14. Are people really being fascist about how you can wear a hat these days? Are you friggin’ kidding me?! I remember when America used to be a free country. Seriously, Stafford can tell Ditka and anyone else sniveling about how he wears a hat to come kiss MY butt.

  15. What’s hilarious is when you see guys wearing the hat backwards, but then shielding their eyes from the sun with their hand. Always good for a chuckle.

  16. Didn’t wash/fix your hair in the morning + not really sunny out = hat on backwards. That’s an easy one.

    Now someone logically explain wearing your pants around your ankles (please…)

  17. Its funny because old people often yell at the neighborhood kids to get off their lawn.


  18. Ditka must not have known that Stafford was not only a QB, but a catcher in college also. Tell Ditka to put a face mask on sometime with a baseball hat, and maybe he will get my point. I think Ditka took to many hits to the head as a player don’t you?

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