Moving around the formation suits Mike Wallace


Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace was underwhelmed by his production in his first season in Miami.

Wallace had 73 catches for 930 yards and five touchdowns, numbers that were solid if short of the expectations that came with his five-year, $60 million contract. Wallace wasn’t shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with the offense last season, but Mike Sherman was fired as offensive coordinator and Wallace is finding life with Bill Lazor much more to his liking.

Wallace particularly likes the way Lazor is moving him around the offense rather than just leaving him on the right side of the offense as the Dolphins did quite often last season.

“[Defenses] can’t key on me. Last year they knew where I was every single play. I was there every game, in the same spot,” Wallace said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “When you move around it is harder for the defense to know where you’re at. Harder for them to adjust.”

Wallace said things are “getting better every day” on offense, including his chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. If they can fix their issues on the offensive line, the Dolphins should be well positioned for the kind of improvement that Wallace, Tannehill and coach Joe Philbin all need to see to make for happier times in Miami this year.

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  1. Dolphins may very well be the surprise of the AFC East this season. I think all the non-Pats teams will be interesting to keep an eye on, but my money is on the Dolphins being the ‘best of the rest’.

  2. Does moving you around the formation help keep the ball from bouncing off your hands?

  3. Having a bad season with 73 catches for 900+ yards aint that bad considering how awful the O line was and how many times Tannehill over threw Wallace. I saw a stat where if he just converted 25% of those over throws he would’ve had like 75 catches for 1,100 and 7 touchdowns and that ain’t bad year 1. Its hard for Tannehill to get the ball down field when he’s constantly being pressured and I know this year will be an improvement, however improvement from the worst to middle of the road might not be enough unfortunately.

  4. Wallace played a lot better than I expected… Not 60 million good; but I think everyone knows he never will.

  5. Won’t help if tannehill over throws him on every play, they guys open. Tannenfail choked the last game of the season and the jets kept us out of the playoffs.

  6. Very Smart move by the Dolphins let’s maximize on his skill set not only can he stretch the field as an outside Receiver but can cause match up nightmares while on the inside. This is my bold prediction for 2014 season Mike Wallace will be either in the top 5 for Rec Yards or top 5 for Rec TD’s… Indeed…

  7. It’s not surprising that perhaps a lack of creativity got Sherman fired. Moving Wallace around is actually not a bad idea- it creates mismatches and few defenders have the speed to match up with Wallace. Defensive confusion could allow someone of his speed to get a lot of separation downfield. Then again, Tannehill would still have to complete the pass.

  8. Wallace is like the engine in your dad’s ’72 Vette. At times, he blows away the field and is the sexy choice of a new generation. At other times, he just doesn’t seem to want to turn over and you wonder why anyone would have spent the money.

    That describes Wallace’s time in Pittsburgh perfectly.

  9. Sherman got fired because he would not adjust to 2013 NFL football. The new OC will surprise the league and Miami fans. Bill

  10. Doesnt matter -Tannehill cant throw to him anyways. Tannehill is the worst deep passer in the game. Overthrows him or throws it out of bounds 90% of the time. Tannehill is just terrible. Proof is in that since hes been drafted, look at all the Dolphins troubles… good kid/ bad football QB

  11. New & improved o line & a new offensive scheme will definitly be welcomed in Miami!!! We did beat the patsies 1 time last year I’d love to see a sweep but this team forgets to show up in division games especially against the junk jets & the Jills!!!

  12. While there’s no absolving Tannehill and Wallace of their personal failures last year, neither man was given much to work with in Sherman’s completely uninspiring, and at times infuriating, offense.

    If Tannehill has time to actually throw Wallace the ball, and Wallace has a chance to actually confound the opposing defense…I don’t see how they don’t improve from last year.

    File this under “Cautiously Optimistic” as a Dolphins’ fan. I think they’ve got a chance to make strides in 2014, but I’m not about to start claiming there’s a Division Title in their future.

  13. His career averages are 62 receptions for 994 yards and 7 TDs. Take away his rookie year and his averages are 67 receptions for 1,054 yards and 8 TDs.

    Good, but never “$60 million” good.

    He’s in the prime of his career and he can stretch the field like few others can. Loved him as a Steeler and I wish him well now – but there was almost zero chance he could live up to that contract (and I dint blame him for taking it – who wouldn’t?).

  14. Oooops, Wallace just threw Philbins boy, Sherman, under the bus, big time,,,lol,,,,Several media types also commented last season, on why O why was Sherman not moving Wallace around the offense? No response from the mighty Dolphin “head shed” Philbin. I think Philbin does not know his way around any offense. In GreenBay Philbin was listed as an OC, but the Packer HC called all the plays, and Philbins only job was to advise or suggest plays to the HC. Whats the job title for a person who suggest plays? Water-boy?, Stoog?, And I don’t recall any Packer coach lamenting the leaving of Philbin for the HC position with the Dolphins. Now, look at the turmoil in the Dolphin front office created by Philbin, Dawnho, and Ross. And they signed the 4th best GM candidate on their list cause the first three didn’t want the GM job,,,

  15. Imagine that, moving your best playmaker around so you’re not so predictable. How dumb was Sherman? What does it say about Philbin to allow Sherman to do that?

  16. Yesterday, Tannehill and Wallace connected for 3 TD’s, with Grimes (one of the top CB in the NFL) covering. Yes it’s practice, but that is definitely a sign of improvement. They are both working extra on getting it working, if they succeed, watch out.

    Last year, expectations were not met overall, even after a better than expected start. Except for a couple games, they were actually pretty competitive until it all came about on the O-line. Given the improved O-line (fact), and a more effective scheme, expectations should be for greater things. That said, for Dolphin fans, it’s hard not to be cautiously optimistic.

  17. Tell you what, ‘Fins fans, no matter how smiley face Wallace is right now, all it will take is him having a 1-catch game—or getting over/underthrown a few times—to see his wonderful persona shine through.
    You don’t build offenses around guys like this.
    He’s just a nice compliment to an A-list receiver.

  18. You don’t build offenses around guys like this.

    Tannehill? No kidding. Dude is terrible.

    Once Philbin is gone after they go 5-11 this season, it will be everybody gone since he was drafted. The GM, HC, OC, Scouts, etc. Now, the OLine is bad, the recievers are terrible. Its everybody fault but the golden boy QB.. how long has he played the position?

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