PFT: Is the Gatorade bath getting old?

The PFT crew discusses why or why not the “Gatorade bath” tradition should be phased out. Mike Florio says he’s for keeping it, but only if a coach is genuinely surprised by it.

2 responses to “PFT: Is the Gatorade bath getting old?

  1. I’m surprised a coach has gotten his neck broken by now. Thankful of course, but surprised. For instance, if you see the douse job Bill Cowher got at the end of Super Bowl XL — that was a razor thin margin from his C-5/C-6 vertebrae.

    I used to wonder how long baseball celebrations would go on before people got injured, and sure enough — after a few years, multiple players would blow out knees or come away with fractures.

    Debbie Downer

  2. Just like so many other things, it was amusing at first, then got tired and weak quickly.

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