Report: Despite Sean Lee ACL, NFLPA is OK with Cowboys’ OTAs


Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee suffered a torn ACL in what was supposed to be non-contact work at Organized Team Activities, but the NFL Players Association apparently believes that the Cowboys were following the rules.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the NFLPA is convinced that the Cowboys violated no rules.

The union apparently believes that Lee’s knee injury happened as he planted his foot just before making contact with rookie offensive lineman Zack Martin. Although Martin blocked Lee and landed on top of him, the ACL may have been torn before there was any contact between the two of them.

Lee hasn’t said anything to indicate that he believes the Cowboys put him at risk, but then again players rarely make waves about violations of the practice rules. The union’s job is to ensure that players are collectively being kept safe, even if many injured players individually just view injuries as an unfortunate part of the cost of doing business.

Obviously, the Cowboys didn’t want Lee to get hurt. And other teams are already taking notice of Lee’s injury and reminding players to take care of each other at OTAs. Teams may not need the union to remind them to follow the rules about non-contact practices. Lee’s injury should have been enough.

12 responses to “Report: Despite Sean Lee ACL, NFLPA is OK with Cowboys’ OTAs

  1. Sounds like the path of least resistance to not have a problem with it from a headache counting perspective. They have denser walls to worry about banging their head against.

  2. Well, duh. How else are these guys supposed to get ready to hit each other than, by, you know, hitting each other.

    It stinks that things like this happen, but if you were to let these guys play flag football all through the offseason the body count would be horrific once the games actually started to count.

  3. Won’t be long before Goodell implements flag football as the new, exciting future of the NFL. No linemen either, the QB gets 5 mississippi’s before you can rush him.

  4. I knew it was a non-issue all you had to do was see the actual play. The media made it out to be a vicious block when in reality it was a slip and a big man running into a small man who lost his footing.

  5. Have no fear, The Union is here. What a joke. Private sector Unions will be gone in 10 years. They are down to 6% now.

  6. It’s not clear if Lee tore his ACL before contact or not but I figure having a 300 pound lineman land on top of him couldn’t have helped anything. Just sayin’

    Lee should have been wearing some sort of protective knee brace given his history of injuries.

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