Report: Kaepernick’s agents meeting with 49ers this week

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The 49ers have cleared some cap room recently, and it looks like they’re about to use some of it.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers are planning to meet with representatives for quarterback Colin Kaepernick this week in Santa Clara to talk about a contract extension.

The two sides haven’t negotiated, or at least met face-to-face, since a dinner in Indianapolis during the Scouting Combine. Then there was a hiccup with the investigation into an incident in Miami, but the 49ers have apparently decided that isn’t an issue, and always said getting an extension done with their star quarterback was a priority.

The 49ers cleared $6.6 million with cornerback Carlos Rogers’ cap hit came off the books Sunday, and recently added another $2.6 million worth of space by re-doing linebacker NaVorro Bowman’s deal.

35 responses to “Report: Kaepernick’s agents meeting with 49ers this week

  1. You mentioned how much additional space they cleared.. .how much is available?

  2. I don’t understand why the 49ers would want that tattooed freak as the face of the franchise he can not play QB unless it is against the pathetic Green Bay Defense. His career avg is 175 yrds a game and 1.07 passing TDs.

  3. Big question for the 49ers. How heavily do they financially commit to Kaep? He’s good, but he probably underperformed last season. If they commit too heavily, it could be a mistake that they will regret.

  4. Well, if you want a QB that is going to take you to the Super Bowl, he has to get past the Seahawks first. Here are Kaepernick’s stats against the Seahawks in 2013.
    Completions 49.1%
    Pass TDs 1
    INTs 4
    QB Rating 41.7

    4 times as many interceptions as TDs? Do you really want to pay big bucks for those results?

  5. Anything more than 14-15 mil a year and they’re going to regret it. Some would argue that even that is a bit much for a guy who hasn’t really done any better than his predecessor did under the same regime.

    6 years, 105 million, 40 million guaranteed, with incentives is my best guess here.

  6. The only thing Kaepernick’s showed me so far is that he’s an incredibly gifted athlete who completely chokes in the clutchest moments.

  7. QBs are paid waaaay to much in this league. When they started paying utter failures like Cutler 20mil a season, then other teams have no choice but to follow suit. Kaep deserves no less than 18 a year.

  8. If Kaeperdink couldn’t run, he wouldn’t even be a QB in the NFL. This guy is a very overrated QB, and doesn’t deserve any more than $9 million a year.

    I wouldn’t want him as my QB.

  9. They are going to pay him because after his FIRST full start last season he brought the Niners to their 3rd NFCCG despite underperforming most of the season (part of which is Roman’s to blame). He has incredible athletic ability and only has the ability to get better.

    With our new acquisitions we made this off season and in the draft expect the Niners and Kaep to be in the hunt again for our 6th Lombardi.

  10. Please please please give him $19+ mill a year, $55 mill guaranteed. I’m already giggling thinking about it.

  11. The rest of the NFL eagerly awaits, hoping for a mega contract.

  12. His representative was quoted as saying: “We intend to take the very first offer no matter what it is!!! Oops, I’m being told I may have damaged my client’s bargaining position….”

  13. It’s interesting to see how many people hate on Kaeps numbers from last year while failing to remember that Crabtree was out until week 13; Quinton Patton only played in 6 games; yet still led the niners to a 12-4 season.

    With this years WR corps, we could see a career year from CK. I don’t think it would be wise to wait to sign him for this reason.

  14. Kaepernick is only an average QB and won’t ever reach a true elite level. I don’t question his athletic ability, only his mental acuity. If the 49ers extend him now with his looming character issues it will only further tarnish there “beyond reproach” stance. When will they learn and practice what they actually preach.

  15. I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but getting rid of Alex Smith was the right thing to do. At time Alex Smith was unthroned, he was an 8 year veteran and finally mustered enough talent to be a serviceable game manager. Then the kid comes in, proves that he can lead the team to wins with little to no experience playing ball on the professional and is by far more athletic than Alex. Why not make him the franchise QB. Give him the same 8 years Alex got and comparing the two would be idiotic.

  16. kap and wilson are one in the same, as soon as they get their big contracts and take money away from the real reason why the teams are successfull ( rb’s, o line and defense), they will fail and everone will wonder why. as runners they are good, as qb’s wilson is average, kap is below average.

  17. Just like the Haden and Sherman are barometers for Peterson, Kap’s will be for Wilson. My hope is that it’s not overly excessive because I have trouble seeing how Wilson won’t get equal to or more than Kap.

  18. The minute a QB gets a huge contract, his team’s window of opportunity to win at all starts shrinking. The 49ers have had three great shots at a 6th SB trophy the last three years with two different QBs playing for bargain rates. They fell just short, and now a good chunk of their cap space will be devoted to one QB for the foreseeable future.

    Making the switch from Smith to Kaepernick was the right move, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good long term solution for the 49ers either. He shows maturity issues off the field, he’s about to turn 27 so this contract will see his legs become less of a weapon, he’s got work to do to become an efficient NFL passer yet he spends his offseasons on strength and conditioning – I don’t know, I think he’s a phenomenal talent, but there’s a real risk in betting the future on this guy.

  19. Can’t wait for the seahawks to give a 5-foot-10 quarterback $20 million a year…

  20. NFL Films Guru Greg Cosell says Kap is a top-ten QB – But a lot of the commentators here at PFT says he is a bum and no good…

    Jeez, who to believe…I wonder. The film Guru or the Haters…?

  21. As a 9ers fan I say roll the dice on Kaep like Baltimore did with Flacco a couple years ago. Kaep’s first half-season he took the league by storm and lit up the scoreboard against some very good competition. His first full season he seemed to regress a little, but teams had game tape on him, the receiver position was decimated, and the coaches utilized a run-heavy scheme and a knockout defense.

    This year the team looks to have a pretty stacked receiving squad and the defense has been revamped and suffered some injuries. Again, I hope they roll the dice and let him play out this season before signing a big long-term deal. If they can extend him for 10-14 million a year, go ahead. But I’d gladly have them wait and if he lights it up this year, then give him the 15-20 million he’s looking for but make him earn it

  22. Those that think Kap is average, don’t realize how decimated their wr corps were. After boldin, who was always double teamed, they had Players who would be fortunate to play on a cfl team…aj Jenkins, Kyle Williams chad hall, chuck Jacobs, Marlon Moore…Vernon Davis was sometimes even triple teamed.

    Things have changed this yr..Crabtree,Boldin, Stevie, Patton, Ellington, Lloyd…

    Sign him now before his stock skyrockets..

  23. Pay him $40 mil per year! He is the greatest ever. He looked great against and old and slow GB defense! Wait! Then two-five tipped the duck and five-three caught it and Seahawks went on to destroy the Donkeys! Pay the man a lot for seattles sake!

  24. Kaepernick’s career stat: 40 TD (31 passing + 9 rushing), 11 INT, QB rating 91.8

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