Steve Young: Colin Kaepernick should run less, learn to make reads

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When Steve Young arrived in San Francisco, he was an athletic quarterback who hadn’t yet developed into a great passer. By the time he retired from the 49ers, Young had a Super Bowl ring and two league MVP awards, and he was the NFL’s all-time record holder in passer rating and destined for the Hall of Fame.

Now Young says it’s time for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to do what Young himself did: Learn to stop relying so much on his running ability, and become a pocket passer. Young said on NFL Live that when Kaepernick’s first option isn’t open, he takes off running. And while Kaepernick often makes great plays with his legs, Young doesn’t believe Kaepernick can be a great player if he’s always quick to rely on his running ability.

According to Young, Kaepernick needs to learn to read through his progressions and become a pocket passer. Young thinks that should be the primary focus of Kaepernick’s offseason.

“That’s going to be a very difficult thing for Colin to master. He’s going to have to tie his legs in training camp. Literally, he should tie his legs, physically, so he can’t do anything but throw from the pocket,” Young said.

Young makes a good case that although Kaepernick is already good, he needs to change the way he plays and get better as a passer if he wants to be great.

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  1. I think Steve (like most analysts) is oversimplifying things a little bit – Kap clearly has gone through more than one read – but the general point is valid. Kap has all the physical talent in the world but he needs to improve in his progressions and seeing the whole field. That takes time though. He’s still a young QB and he has the coach to help him improve in Harbaugh.

  2. Big year for him. Will he grow and set himself up to be a top-level QB for the rest of his career?

    I think he will, but— Surely even Niner fans doubt he will take it to the next level.

  3. Steve Young used to deeply resent the pressure he received in the wake of taking the baton after Joe Montana – and – now here he is inserting himself into a situation and being critical and judgmental of the man currently behind center for the ‘Niners.


  4. Other than Harbaugh, there isn’t anyone else that Kaep would want to hear advice from.

    While I know this post is going to bring out the trolls it positively highlights the great thing about our QB: that he hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. He is only going to get better.

    And now with a proper receiving corp he has all the weapons to improve.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  5. kamthechancellor says:
    Jun 3, 2014 5:43 PM
    Um, that’s pretty much what every Niners fan has been saying for the last season and a half. Brilliant insight there, Steve.


    All Niners fans do is talk about how great he already is and blame any lack of greatness on what they perceive to be mediocre receiving corps.

  6. Young is absolutely right, Niner fans have to face the truth, he’s merely a runner.

  7. Even when Steve Young says it Kaep apologists still defend. Maybe it isn’t one read all the time but two at the most. Even on that 2nd read you could already see the dude getting “happy feet”.

    All 4 NFC West defenses look to be elite top 5-6 in NFL which is going to be tough.

  8. Steve Young may be my all-time favorite player and He has become a good analyst that gives insight at the QB position beyond what you generally hear from the other “experts”. That said, Steve has forgotten his own journey a couple of times in critiquing 49er QBs. When Alex Smith was struggling through the early years of his career with a bad 49er team around him, Steve commented that at some point the QB has to take control of the situation regardless of what else is happening and go win the game and that he didn’t necessarily see that in Alex. At the time, it seemed as if Steve had forgotten his struggles in Tampa with a bad team around him with all of the pressure of being the “franchise QB”.

    The same is true here. Steve left BYU, went to the LA Express, then went to Tampa for 2 years and backed up Montana for 4 years before taking over as the starter at age 30. Even at that point, he still ran a lot and wasn’t the passer he ultimately became.

    Kaerpernick has started for about 1 1/2 years. We all know he can get better at going through progressions but he’s also well ahead of where Steve was at the same point in his career.

  9. I think Young is correct overall. But his point is irrelevant. Young spent a lot of wasted years in Tampa running for his life. Then he went to SF and sat & learned behind the legendary Montana. Kaep does run a lot. But he is extending plays most of the time. And coach Harbaugh encourages it. Because it helps them win ball games. He reads plays right now. But he sometimes don’t trust his reads because he feels his legs can bail him out if a better option doesn’t materialize. More time on the job, along with getting tired of getting pounded by 300 lbs of angry meat will eventually make him trust his early reads better. More familiarity with a stable and trusted receiver crew will also help him.

  10. During the Young vs. Montana days, you were always considered The Man by yours truly. And still are. However, the point of this was what exactly? Because Steve, you DO know that Geep, GRo, CK7, Harbaugh, Baalke, and nearly three quarters of the folks that follow the NFL already knows what you just espoused – right? Right, Steve?!

    Next time, Buddy – come with something that helps. Thanks.

    A Fan

  11. This is true as an article, and pretty much “duh”. Cunningham had his best years when he stopped running and threw more from the pocket. Vick, Young, etc. Runners are only good for FF pts and even then, they run enough chance of getting hurt, that they are a risk…..let alone the more important fact of helping their team win!

  12. Yeah, and they said the same thing about Michael Vick not having no receivers either. All he had was Alge Crumpler and a receiver named Roddy White.

    As soon as Vick left, White became a pro bowl receiver. At the end of the day, it’s not the lack of wide receivers; it’s the lack of having a guy who can really pass. Kapernick can’t really read defenses and doesn’t have the touch of real pocket passers. Just another Michael Vick.

  13. thebirdofprey2 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 6:03 PM
    Even when Steve Young says it Kaep apologists still defend. Maybe it isn’t one read all the time but two at the most. Even on that 2nd read you could already see the dude getting “happy feet”.

    All 4 NFC West defenses look to be elite top 5-6 in NFL which is going to be tough.

    10 4
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    Not Arizona’s anymore…

    It went up in smoke…

    Traded Dansby and Washington Chose to partake of weed even though he’s not any good at going undetected as he was caught and suspended just last season for 4 games.

    So, he lather, rinsed and repeated again this year and he was caught… AGAIN.

    But he’s not just out 4 games but the whole season.

    Losing BOTH Dansby and Washington is a huge blow for their D.

  14. I really like Steve Young but back when he played the lineman were huge, fat, and slow. Now they are huge, ripped, and fast.
    Sometimes Kap is running for his life.

  15. Someone better remind Steve that the football world has decided that one-read and run is OK now. Isn’t that what makes Manziel special?

    Kaepernick is 6 inches taller, much stronger arm and a way faster runner. If those skills make Johnny a prince, then Kaepernick is a king because he does everything bigger and better.

  16. Kaepernick is not a passer. His mechanics are horrible. And reads? Can he actually figure out what a Defense is showing him? Is he capable of understanding how a Defense disguises it’s coverage? If he could do those things, he would.

    Steve Young was a good passer in College, but athletic enough to run. It was easy for Young to change his game because he had the ability. Kaepernick? Not much ability there as far as passing goes. But, hey… It is the future of the NFL, right?

  17. Nope! It’s against league rules to tie your legs together on days ending with Y. But every third Tuesday you Can play with your shoes tied together.


  18. isn’t steve young such a master of the obvious? hasn’t that been said for a while now? it’s clear he doesn’t read through his progressions fast enough, if at all, most of the time, and other teams know it by now. that’s why he’s been sacked, and caught “off balance” in the backfield, for hurries, and scrambles. let’s hope the 49ers have him working on it all offseason, because it’s one of his glaring deficiencies. i hope he’s smart enough to be able to learn how to read through all his progressions on a regular basis! they say the third year tells a lot about a QB, and that this year he should start showing greatness, if he’s got it. go kaepernick, go 49ers!

  19. trollaikman8 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 6:53 PM
    Steve Young was a mediocre passer / system baby. I said it.
    If I could “Thumbs Down” this comment 1000 times it wouldn’t be enough…

    It is ironic though that Steve Young’s career was basically ended from a series of concussions he got while running the ball – Maybe he is trying to help the young fella out not go down the same painful road he did…

  20. ariani1985 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 5:50 PM
    I think green bay is still waiting for him to quit running. Green Bay has the worst d in the world!
    I’m pretty sure the Bear’s had a worst run defense than us.

    By the way, your team is stuck with Cutler – a QB that throws picks against “The worst D in the world” every time he plays against the Packers.

    Goodluck “contending”.

  21. It’s good to hear Young and tell it like it is. Kaep has work to do before he is a truly elite qb. Some of these 9ers fans would not be hearing this if it were coming from outside the organization.

  22. Better get after it. He won’t have a killer defense for his whole career.

  23. If San Francisco had won SuperBowls at Green Bays expense, I’d be upset at the inability of Green Bay to beat them. But they didn’t and I’m not.

    Last season the Packers were one fumble fingered interception away from keeping the 49ers from advancing. And Green Bay did it with a defense that was repaired with duct tape and Popsicle sticks.

    No, Green Bay is not afraid or intimidated of them and they have accomplished the same in the same period of time. Nothing.

    I’m only commenting on this thread because some lightweight made the comment that Green Bay had the worst D. I only know this for certain: The Packers Own The Vikings.

  24. Young is hits the issue dead-on, and he speaks from experience. I still remember the time when Montana was injured or benched and young ran for along stumbling TD against the Vikings. Everyone was ecstatic, but as Young continued to use his legs every opportunity the losses started to pile up. Enter Montana. Joe led the team back to the superbowl, back to back (and almost) to back. It is difficult for a great runner to not trust his legs and instead risk throwing toward tight coverage, but that is what great QBs do. They scan the field like generals on a battleground, think fast, and move the ball decisively.

    If they pay Colin a lot of money, he will believe he has already earned and learned that much, and then he will stop checking through his progressions. Soon, too soon, he will get one or both legs injured. That’s what happens to running QBs. RG3, anyone?

  25. Steve needs to check himself. Throwing 5 yard slants to Jerry Rice who ran for 80 after the catch does not make him an expert on reading defenses. It is a different game today…

  26. After seeing both Alex Smith and CK run the Harbaugh/Roman passing offense, maybe that is to blame here and not Kaepernick.

  27. Young has the best career passer rating of any former NFL quarterback in history, I believe. Despite spending his first two NFL seasons in Tampa Bay, where his stats were worse than Gabbert’s in Jacksonville. His advice is worth heeding.

  28. My favorite comment has to be the one comparing Kap favorably ti Manzel.

    Kap has been to the Super Bowl, and 98% of fans outside Cleveland thinks Manzel is going to be a flop.

    Set the bar a little higher guys.

  29. lesterclan says: Jun 3, 2014 7:33 PM

    Steve needs to check himself. Throwing 5 yard slants to Jerry Rice who ran for 80 after the catch does not make him an expert on reading defenses. It is a different game today…

    You never saw Steve play, did you?

  30. Steve is right. If Kap wants to be great he needs to slow his roll sometimes. I notice that people aren’t giving Cam the credit that he deserves for working much harder at staying in the pocket and making his reads. In fact he took it so seriously last year that he sometimes stayed in the pocket a little too long. But I give him credit for wanting to progress into a great QB and working at his craft.

  31. He had basically the same run/pass ratio as Russell Wilson. It seems that works out fine. The offense (particularly in terms of efficiency) is less of a problem in SF then the vaunted defense.

  32. Anyone who follows the Niners could tell that’s what they were doing last year. He ran a lot less last regular season. Maybe because of the foot injury but I think it was to work on being more of a passer. Then come playoffs, they did whatever they had to do to win, so he ran more.

  33. Ok. Seahawks “bandwagoner” here. What is going on in this world? 18-20 million a year qb? Top ten qb but not Wilson? Sorry, that was a homer statement. Lol . Next year the hawks are going to be in the same position. I feel we have the better qb, but that is a diehard Seahawks fan opinion. You guys feel the same way and you should. Reality is. Neither one is a top ten qb yet. I may be the only person that will have two fan bases turn on me, but it’s the truth. Kaep is the most athletic player on the field but runs out of bigger pass plays, because he’d rather rely on his legs. Wilson only throws twenty times a game. Watch what happens when they let him throw 30. But they aren’t. End of the day. Both of these qbs are going to be one and two in the league, because they are smart, athletic, and driven.

  34. Steve young should mind his own business. Seahawk fans love to watch our Defense drill this loser and intercept his ducks! Keep up the good work bicep boy

  35. Love the Seahawks fans throwing credibility to Steve to hate on Kaep. Steve the 3-time Super Bowl champion. That’s right Hawk fans, he’s got more Super Bowls than your entire franchise. #littlebrotherSeattle

  36. Here’s my two cents on this, well maybe more. These QB’s nowadays are one trick ponies. Most couldn’t read cat in the hat, let a lone a defense. This new breed QB’s fall into 3 categories.
    Their teams win with them, inspite of them or less likely because of them.
    The first group includes Kap, flacco, dalton, tannehill Stafford, ryan, Newton and Wilson. These guys are winning games and Super Bowls not because they are something new and innovating at the QB position.

    Kap wilson flaaco all are winning because they are on a stacked team. Both defenses are loaded, They have great running games and deep loaded O-Lines.
    Ryan and Dalton have better than average teams around them on the offense though the Falcons D sucks. Tannehill has no help what so ever and stafford had megatron.
    These guys are just along for the ride and if the team could get tim tebow they would still win.

    Then you have teams who will inspite of their QB. ala EJ manuel, Jake Locker, culter, palmer, Alex Smith.

    These guys are all on teams who have accomplished a lot more then they should have based on the talent level on the team across the board. Cutler doesn’t know who is on his team and he has 2 real good ones. Locker cant stay healthy, and Alex smith allowed a great defensive play to be for naught.

    The last group is full of true super stars at their position. These are the rock chalk gimmie one of those to win guys. Brady, brees, Manning (peyton not eli) Rodgers and Big Ben. all of these guys have had their problem on their teams yet they still have super bowls wins and big game wins. Peyton is well peyton, Brady is brady, Rodgers has a Super bowl win and he did that with bayling wire at wr. Brees hasn’t had a defense worth a crap and ben has 3 super bowl appearances with 2 wins.

    Once these “new” QB’s get their money and their teams can’t afford star power at every other position watch how badly they look. Hell Geno Smith will probably have better numbers than Kap once Kaps Oline and Defense are gone.

    All of this leads me to this one last point, Give me an Andrew luck over any of these new fragile running QB’s who couldn’t read the top line of an eye chart while protected by the actual great wall of china while be pressured by a stampede of mad cow diseased Nebraska girls.

  37. You know, it was that Tampa Bay defense that wrecked Steve Young’s career. I seem to remember a cover of Sports Illustrated where Warren Sapp ended his season.

  38. I think that after this year, We’ll all see whether he has it or not.

    Do they open the playbook to him? Or keep cutting off half the field?

    It’s a little interesting that he’ll show where he’s headed AFTER getting a likely fat contract extension.

    That’s the thing I’d be worried about with him. I’d load it with incentives. Keep the guarantee low for the first two years.

    He hasn’t shown nearly enough so far to be worth a giant contract. Still needs to earn it, I think.

  39. “Someone better remind Steve that the football world has decided that one-read and run is OK now. Isn’t that what makes Manziel special?”
    (Actually, that’s why some feel he might not make it in the NFL, too little patience, too much improvisation and running.)

    Steve Young is right. He had to learn the lesson, but most never do. And if you play with your mobile toy too much like the Shanahans did, you’ll end their career in a hurry.

    Running backs, due to the pounding they take, are usually done in 7 or 8 years. Tom Brady will be in the HOF, wins, championships, etc, and he’s about as mobile as Peyton Manning, another sure HOF quarterback with wins, Division Championships, and one SB victory. (Note to self: how many championships would he have had if the Colts had had decent defenses?) And the two of them have been playing for 15 years or so? No serious talk about retirement yet.

    Michael Vick sets the bar as a notorious, unabashed one-read and run quarterback. He slid head first because he valued his knees over his head and left shoulder. And he might very well be the best runner the league has seen at the QB position. Back when he was in ATL, a former NFL coach said that if you have a running quarterback like Vick, your team will be exciting and will occasionally have a good season, but will generally finish about 8-8. And that is, in fact, what we’ve seen with Michael Vick.

    No, the football world has NOT ‘decided that one-read and run is OK now.’ It’s a passing league.

  40. I’m a Ram fan. If Wilson can win a SB with Seattle, Kap can win one with SF. Defense will ultimately determine the fortunes of these franchises.

  41. There have been 48 Superbowl champions, in fact more teams have wone the Superbowl than not. However, there is only one defending Super Bowl Champion a d that team is The Seattle Seahawks.

  42. Guys I don’t think Steve is disrespecting Kap he just see an area that he can get better at. If you go back and check out some of the games the Niners played you will see Kap didn’t see a lot of his reads. Which caused the offense to stall a numerous amount of times after getting a turnover from the defense. There is no way you can believe that the receivers were covered all the time.

  43. As a 30 yr Niner fan Young is right. Never really cared for him though. Montana would have won 7 total superbowls with the teams Young had in the 90s. He looked scared half the time with his own happy feet.

  44. Can’t stand the 49ers or Kaepernick, but this criticism of him as a running QB doesn’t make sense. First of all, lots of time Kaepernick is running on designed QB run plays, which he was killing us with a bit last year including in the NFCCG.

    Second of all, Kaepernick makes only one to two reads by design of the offense. Now, whether that’s because Kaepernick still has some reins on or not, that’s up to debate, but he IS a QB that is going into his second full year of starting, so of course he’s still learning to read the offense.

  45. Let’s analyze Young’s statement “Colin Kaepernick should run less, learn to make reads”.

    1. Learn to make reads. I agree of course; no QB can be effective if he can’t read the defense.

    2. Run less. I disagree. A QB can be very effective if he can do more than throw the ball every down. There are “pure” quarterbacks who did very well w/o running the ball. Examples: Favre, Brady, Peyton. A running QB adds a whole new dimension to the game and is a much more dangerous threat. Examples: Vick, Russell Wilson. And how about Doug Flutie? It is interesting that Flutie was criticized for being too small. We’ll see if undersized Manziel (also a scrambler) can do as well.

  46. Dude made a loving on 3 step drops and dump offs to Craig, Waters, Floyd and Rothman. Young is not qualified to talk about reading secondaries since he only threw to the flat.
    I watched this guy play his entire career and was rarely ever impressed.

    Hell, if Chris Miller got to play in his place, you newfound Niner fans would all have Miller fatheads up on your walls.

    To recap, Young was was the master of check downs and the occasional play action. He never threw a long ball and lacked the arm of most Div 1 college QB’s.

    I’m tired of newfound Niner fan (age 19) pretending Young was half of Montana.

  47. Steve Young and his tenure with the 49ers was a great time, pure class and real talent.

    Young also lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory.

    Camel Kaepernick is embarrassing, and has made the 49ers franchise a joke.

    The 49ers lost their first Super Bowl victory under this clown, and is nothing compared to Young.

    Thank You Steve Young for your great play, Camel Kaepernick please go away.

  48. Totally agree, 49ers have more super bowl wins than the seahawks, but that being said it does not change the fact that the Seahawks are the current Super Bowl champs and the 49ers aren’t. So bringing up what the 49ers have did in the past isn’t what we need. We need Kaep to get out on the field and get it figured out and win us a super bowl… The super bowl and the championship game all came down to the last play and Kaep not hitting his receiver.. Kaep needs to be ready and make sure that it doesn’t happen again this year..

  49. Steve Young is right to suggest that Kaepernick should concentrate on pocket passing and use his legs only as a last resort. But it was a little easier for Young when he had Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Brent Jones and Roger Craig to throw to on every play.

  50. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jun 3, 2014 7:14 PM
    Cunningham > Kap

    Vick > Kap

    Heck, Tebow >= Kap


    Pretty much anyone’s > your IQ

  51. trubroncfan07 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 7:16 PM
    It’s good to hear Young and tell it like it is. Kaep has work to do before he is a truly elite qb. Some of these 9ers fans would not be hearing this if it were coming from outside the organization.

    28 1
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    Wake up. Stop parroting the ignorant cheap you read on web blogs and watch the games (all of them…not just the lousy afc west games)…kaepernick faired far better against that same Seattle defense in the playoffs than the Bronco’s “elite” future hall of famer (who was embarrassed) and kaepernick played at quest field w/o the luxury of a quiet neutral field..

    .what’s funny…that was only his first full season as a starter… Truth is, he doesn’t have very much further to go…just needs the refs to stop helping the cheathawks steal the division (ie; Drew breeze blow to the neck call) and the NFC title…and the refs to throw an obvious flag in his first Super Bowl and he has two rings right now..he woulda stomped the broncos just like Seattle did…the Super Bowl wasn’t in New York in February…it was in Seattle In January…

  52. dalcow4 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 5:52 PM
    Big year for him. Will he grow and set himself up to be a top-level QB for the rest of his career?

    I think he will, but— Surely even Niner fans doubt he will take it to the next level.

    29 80
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    The next level? You people are so clueless it’s not even funny. There are 27 other quarterbacks that would have loved to have been at his level the past two seasons; which is playing in the Super Bowl and the conference title game (with a play of flag away from winning both) …that’s the level he’s at in each of his only two seasons starting at web…what is the “next level”…? a flag being thrown in his first Super Bowl? Put the final pass in his second playoff run a little further out? Lol the “next level”…you must get your vast football knowledge from espn?

  53. zack2482 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 7:40 PM
    Duh! The guy doesn’t know how to throw the ball to the left side of the field. And he wants $18 mil/year. Lol!!

    Imagine what he could do if he learns to throw to the left side of the field…lol…

  54. Fact: All these haters would be buying #7 jerseys if lap were their favorite teams quarterback..

  55. uh, he goes through reads. he is not a one-read quarterback.

    but does he need to have more complex routes and go deeper into progressions? yes.

  56. Reminds me of when my Chargers had to choose between keeping Brees, or releasing him (with major throwing arm damage, mind you) and rolling with Rivers.

    In general, I support Rivers and favor our decision, but if both QB’s retire with Brees 1, Rivers 0, I might be singing a different tune.

    Until then, I think the 9ers got rid of Smith too soon after a productive effort, when they finally had a quality HC and complete defense.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m a homer (Alex Smith is from San Diego), but so far it seems that Kaep hasn’t gotten you much further than Smith did, but meanwhile, my division rival chiefs have finally reached lift off toward the moon.

  57. Truth of the matter, statistically, Kaepernick is one of the worst, if not worst, passer in terms of accuracy in the NFL’s list of starting QB’s. Maybe he must run?

    Problem is, that is a time bomb, an injury that is coming. We know, you know it, the Rams, Cards, and Seahawks all know it.

  58. Kaep has issues with being in the pocket, he may have another 3-4 years of being able to burn teams at the edges with his legs if he avoids injury… but overall I think he will struggle to complete passing plays. He cant play my Packers D every game, and Ha Ha / Peppers should help tighten up a few areas.

  59. Dear Niner’s fans:

    What Kaep really needs is a quality back up, might I interest you in a Christian Ponder, for say a 3rd round pick next year??

  60. ariani1985 says:
    Jun 3, 2014 5:50 PM
    I think green bay is still waiting for him to quit running. Green Bay has the worst d in the world!
    ————————————————————————————————————————————————————– the packers defense has been really bad that’s for sure, but randall cobb , and jarred boykin are still celebrating in da bears endzone. the wide open touchdown pass to win the game ? and best dam fumbled touchdown pass for a td that a bears defensive player grabbed and dropped that got picked up by boykin and ran in for a td anyone has ever seen!!!! yes it’s a run on sentence for a reason. bahahahahahaaha

  61. All Kaepernick needs to do is keep doing exactly what he has been doing, WIN! He is a stud and shouldn’t change a thing. He beats teams by himself, watch the games.

  62. Why learn to make reads when he can just look to Twitter for motivation?

  63. Kaep in a interview with Bradshaw last year before the NFC Title game said he wasn’t going to change the way he play based on some guys “opinion”. That guy was Hall of Famer Joe Montana, who unlike Kaep won a superbowl his third year in the league. Kaep has a lot of growing up to do because he is nothing more than a one trick pony after he makes his first read. Richard Sherman knew that after Kaep didn’t bother looking for a wide open Davis and Boldin, then threw into double coverage when trying to get Crabtree. That boy needs a head slap!

  64. As a someone who admires Colin’s great skill, I think realistically it is an unknown whether he can master the multiple receiver offense. Yes he should now have ample targets to throw to but will he be able to go through the necessary progressions while staying cool in the pocket?
    Composure under intense pressure and the capacity to “see” how routes are developing before they develop are very specialized skills and possibly not ones that can be learned as much as you either have it or you don’t. I think there are innate abilities that come into play. It’s not just learning how to do it. I mean you can tell a nervous person their whole life to be calm and they will never be calm. We don’t know yet if Kaepernick has the wiring to be this kind of quarterback.

  65. I’ve never seen a QB that has had so much success early in his career receive so much criticism. Even if you’re a Seahawk fan you have a QB that needs to learn to do the exact same thing that Steve Young is talking about. With the amount of times Russell Wilson runs the ball he’s far from indestructible. And if you’re not a Seahawk fan then ask yourselves a simple question–if he’s not that good then why can’t your team’s defense stop him?

    The talent & the athleticism is clearly there with Kaepernick but Steve Young is absolutely right. At some point–in order to become a great QB–you need to master the position from the pocket. It’s too much of a risk to a QB’s health to run the ball that many times. Same goes for Russell Wilson & RG3. This is why Luck is closer to becoming elite than any other young QB right now.

  66. Colin has a breakout year…. Trolls- “HE WAS ONLY GOOD BE AUSE HE HAS GOOD RECIEVERS”!

    Oh yeah?… Just like Peyton has had good recievers his entire career?

    The public perception from non 49ers fan about Colin Kaepernick as an NFL quarterback is hysterical.

  67. Kaepernick never had to rely on his professions because he never had receiver he can throw to now that he has options that he can throw too he needs to learn how to be more of a pocket passer and read those reads before he takes off with his legs so I agree hundred percent with Steve Young. In order to be a Hall of Famer you need to be a pocket passer first and then a runner second.

  68. I agree, Kaepernick is one dimensional right now. Young isn’t saying he sucks, he needs to grow as a QB.

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