Will Hill goes unclaimed on waivers


No one wants Will Hill.

Hill, the safety who was waived by the Giants after the NFL suspended him six games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, went unclaimed on waivers.

That’s no surprise: Hill is now on his third NFL suspension, with one previous suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy and one for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substances policy. NFL teams probably figure that Hill just isn’t worth the trouble.

Still, Hill is a talented player who is only 24 years old and could be had for the league-minimum salary. It’s possible that some team will decide to give him another chance. If so, Hill would be eligible to participate in offseason work, training camp and the preseason, but he would have to stay away from the team until after Week Six. Hill is now a free agent, so he can get to work on trying to convince some team that he’ll be able to stay out of trouble.

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  1. The Arizona Rattlers of the Arena Football League, who had his AFL rights, activated him from the Other League Exempt List. With a roster of 24, and needing 8 players on either side of the football, and then a kicker (not including two way players, which the Rattlers don’t really have), you don’t waste spots on guys who you don’t believe will be with your team.

  2. So dumb… I hope this guy doesn’t find another job in the NFL. Of course, there are some safety needy teams floating around.

  3. Bears need a safety. I wouldn’t complain if they gave him until the end of camp with the expressed opinion that anything other than a Cris Carter-like turn around and he’ll be cut in 10 seconds.

  4. Let’s review, he is a substance abuser and the Seahawks lead the NFL in trips to the prescription counter, I can take a pretty good guess where he might end up.

  5. How are the Bears not even looking into this? Hill is better than any safety on their roster.

  6. Probably can’t even get a visa to work in Canada. So no CFL opportunity here.

    Next stop — Home Depot.

  7. Anybody who signs him for league minimum and has a safety need is making a decent move. You have summer “tryouts” to evaluate his quality as a teammate and person. Assuming he passes, you don’t pay him for the first 6 weeks, and then he’s on a week-by-week retainer–he messes up, he’s gone and you’re out just a few game paychecks.
    The crux is the roster spot–if you are needy at S (Colts?) it may be worth plugging up a roster spot for a while. If you end up cutting him, you are no worse off. At his tenure, that’s about $40k per game (NFL peanuts)–for him, it’s a huge chance to show he can do it, for the team, a cheap insurance policy at a weak position. Could be win-win, and if he screws up again, he’s the only real loser. The team’s out just a sliver of the salary cap. The team would need some strong vet leadership, though. The Lewis/Reed Ravens a few years ago would have been good candidates, if they had a need.

  8. Who’s going to sign him now with this suspension hanging over his head?What about the future? Teams know he’ll fall again at some point.What a waste of talent.

  9. Lots of disreputable teams would have no problem with this immature druggie. Seattle … the Eagles … Patriots … all come to mind as likely landing spots.

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