A team-by-team look at cap space available midway through offseason


Now that the calendar has turned to June, we are less than two months away from training camps openings across the league.

For the most part, teams have signed the majority of their draft picks, added and subtracted free agents and given extensions to players already on the roster. It’s largely shaped the financial situations for teams as the season continues to approach.

With that in mind, it’s time to take another look at available cap space for the 32 teams across the league.

While teams can employ up to 90 players during the offseason, the salary cap is currently calculated by using only the top 51 most expensive contracts on a roster. That changes for the regular season as all players on the active roster, practice squad and injured reserve count against the cap.

The NFL Players Association keeps a database of projected salary cap space for each team in the league. While the numbers from the NFLPA and the official numbers from the league routinely differ, it’s still a rough gauge of where teams currently stand.

However, the database may not take into account post-June 1 releases as of yet. The releases of players such as LaMarr Woodley (Pittsburgh), Carlos Rogers (San Francisco), David Baas (NY Giants) and Miles Austin (Dallas) do not appear to be accounted for in the NFLPA records at this time.

Per the report, the Jacksonville Jaguars currently have the most cap space available in the league with over $28 million in available room. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the least amount of cap room with under $200,000 available, though that will be adjusted in regards to Woodley. The current report is from 10:30 p.m. ET.

Without further ado, the list of cap space is below ranked from most cap space to the least.

Team-by-team salary cap space:

Jacksonville Jaguars: $28,451,212
Cleveland Browns: $25,154,765
Cincinnati Bengals: $24,292,641
New York Jets: $21,906,269
Philadelphia Eagles: $19,893,528
Tennessee Titans: $19,257,413
Miami Dolphins: $15,945,487
Green Bay Packers: $13,787,056
Indianapolis Colts: $13,646,624
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $13,152,511
Houston Texans: $12,271,941
Oakland Raiders: $10,419,456
Seattle Seahawks: $8,704,698
Buffalo Bills: $7,578,856
Minnesota Vikings: $7,453,193
New England Patriots: $7,376,450
Arizona Cardinals: $7,359,608
Chicago Bears: $5,761,198
Carolina Panthers: $5,268,987
Atlanta Falcons: $5,231,544
Denver Broncos: $5,180,643
Dallas Cowboys: $5,050,888
St. Louis Rams: $4,896,388
Baltimore Ravens: $4,309,058
Kansas City Chiefs: $2,857,465
San Diego Chargers: $2,133,103
Washington Redskins: $2,064,143
New York Giants: $2,036,009
New Orleans Saints: $1,935,121
San Francisco 49ers: $1,565,780
Detroit Lions: $1,089,774
Pittsburgh Steelers: $144,551

57 responses to “A team-by-team look at cap space available midway through offseason

  1. The Steelers just got $8 million in cap cash for their post-June 1st designated release of Woodley, so that number is old for them. If theirs aren’t included, probably no one else’s likewise transactions are either.

  2. Were I a GM(thank sweet, weeping Mary I am not…though I bet I’d be as good as Matt Millen was), I would be nervous if my remaking cap space was any value south of 10 million. Too much can happen during a season, and to be hamstrung financially? No thanks.

  3. Remember when the Raiders led the league in cap space? What did Reg do? He bought a bunch of tired old men who were never worth a damn. It’s simply amazing how poorly run the Raiders are.

  4. You know, it’s weird, but Vikings fans have been going on and on and on about how the Packers weren’t going to have any cap space after signing one of the top three QBs in the game to such a lucrative contract; and yet… here they sit, with much more cap space than the last place Vikings.

    Perhaps, and I’m going out on a limb here, Vikings fans know less about football than any other fan base?

  5. The SB champs are in such “cap hell” after signing their core and there will be “no money left for Wilson”…….

  6. San Francisco has about $8 millions now that Carlos Rogers’ $6+ millions officially came off the book as of June 1st, 2014.

  7. The Steelers will have about 6 mill available that adjustment on Woodley. It might not be much, but at this point last year they were 8 mill over the cap. The season needs to start NOW

  8. The salary cap is a crock. 2 years after being stripped of space both Dallas and Washington are again pushed to the brink? that’s without major signings. And when missing space they still fielded full rosters. Since it’s conception I have never seen a team not under the cap. Salary mirage is a better choice of words.

  9. Does the Cap equate in value of profit if not used? if Jacksonville does not spend its cap of 28 mil. Is it theirs? I would rather see the profit of these teams rather than the mythical value of un used assets. We spend a lot of time talking about the $ of contracts what does a small market team like Jacksonville turnover on concessions vs San Francisco New England? And how much do the teams profit margin compare to the cap? if a franchise like The Clipper is 2 Billion what does it matter to a team that turns a annual profit when your talking A mere Ten Million?

  10. They don’t take into account June 1 releases.

    Dallas has $10,304,806 under the cap as of June 2 (12th most cap space).

  11. With almost $14 mill in cap space, the Packers should have no problem extended both Nelson and Cobb this season if they decide they want to.

    They’ll probably wait to see how the rookies look first, but this is very likely to be a top 5 offense in the NFL for years to come.

  12. The Miles Austin cut for Dallas would add another 5 million to the 5 there already.

  13. Once again, the Cleveland Browns are near the top in unused cap space.

    The Browns dont care about winning, they just want to make money. They know plenty of “die hard” fans will support the team even if they suck, so why waste $25 million on good players…

  14. Seahawks have more cap space than anyone else in their division with a young, loaded, SuperBowl winning team. You have to tip your hat to John Schneider and Pete Carroll. Impressive.

  15. Pundits said Seattle was going to have cap issues. Look at the 49ers and Kap has yet to sign a new deal. Lets see who gets cut! Seattle is in great financial shape. We will get Dangeruss his money in 2015 easily. We may lose KJ and try to get cliff at a discount. Time will tell

  16. With theo Washington suspension counting eight million dollars for this year there should be considerably more than 7 million dollars in the Arizona Cardinals salary cap figure.

  17. Wasn’t Washington supposed to have tons of cap space once their penalties for actions in the non-capped year passed? Once proud but now loser organization. Great job Dan!

  18. The Bengals with a playoff caliber team and $25m in the bank, scare me.

    Signed, a Chargers fan (the team that whooped you in the playoffs).

    You have the essentials and cap space necessary to become Super Bowl contenders in the next 1-10+ years. Meanwhile, the remainder of your division is crumbling (except maybe the hapless Browns have decided to re-enter the league, but not as a division challenger).

    I see 25 million reasons to celebrate in Cincinnati.

  19. As usual the Steelers are putting on a clinic of how not to build a team or how to structure it’s pay.

    I guess you don’t follow the steelers closely or you wouldn’t have put your foot in your mouth…again. WOODLEY is gone with about 6 million in cap space. Another big in the mouth slow in the brain poster.

  20. As usual the Steelers are putting on a clinic of how not to build a team or how to structure it’s pay.

    Let me help those in need…Woodley is gone . Three SB appearances in last 13teen years is the sign of poor pay structure…..ah jealously posting hate is your game.lol

  21. The one question I always have is if there is a limit on the amount of cap that you can carry over….

    As a fan I would like to see more teams resructure deals and front load them to utiliize the cap space remaining…

    Of course its a double edge sword because players at the end of the deal will feel underpaid (i.e Revis)

  22. “Three SB appearances in last 13teen years…..”

    3 in 9 years nofool. Even better.

  23. Hey are the 49ers and steelers now 8 mil under? Jesus read the other posts first!!!!!!!! and who in the hell is eating up all the Vikings cap space? get your money back.

  24. Nothing puts Steelers fans in denial faster than the stark reality that the team is in financial straits due to an overpaid QB who refuses to take a pay cut for the good of the team…

  25. Are all niners fans retarded or do they just have problems understanding certain words. “However, the database may not take into account post-June 1 releases as of yet. The release of Carlos Rogers (San Francisco).” Read/understand before you speak you fairies!!! So in other words you wouldn’t need to go and correct the cap number if you understood that these aren’t the most up to date numbers!!!!

  26. Nothing puts Steelers fans in denial faster than the stark reality that the team is in financial straits due to an overpaid QB who refuses to take a pay cut for the good of the team…

    I am sure you would be the first at your job to take a cut at work for the corporation. Ben has restructured several times Rambo, but of course you want more. Oh that’s right we should let him go and go shopping at Quaterbacks Are Us

  27. Do people actually read the articles or is it that they just can’t wait to comment to show what knowledgeable fans they are and that the the PFT numbers are wrong cuz they don’t count the June 1 cuts. This actually makes a lot of sense now with some of the comments I see on this site. Most idiots just read the headlines.

  28. Look you blithering stooges, it doesn’t matter what that stupid site says, the Steelers are just fine with their salary cap. If you followed the team, you’d know this. They have more than enough money to resign their entire draft class and still get a few extensions done. They are in better shape than they have been in years.

    On the tiresome overpaid qb salary sniveling, if the cap goes up $10 million every year – and it looks like it will – NOBODY is going to be in salary cap hell for long because of a $20 mil+ a year qb salary. Not Denver, not the Saints, not the ratbirds, nobody. Not the Steelers either. I think they’ll wait until next year to extend or resign Ben just because they can and they’ll have more money to do so next year than this year.

    Math, people. Learn it.

  29. You could also use this list as a meter to tell where players want to play. More cap space available is for teams no one wants to play for, where inversely, less cap space indicates teams players want to play for.

  30. The whiners could have $100 million more in cap and it wouldnt matter they still arent going to win jack. They are like the cowboys poorly run with a big name. They barely made into the playoffs last year and no way in hell are they winning this season.

    The Seahawks will remain the dominate force in the NFC for years to come.


  31. And the cheapest owner in the NFL, even cheaper than the infamous cheapskate himself, Mike Brown, is Shahid Kahn.

    Say it, Jags fans…….KHAN!

  32. 9ers bring the division title back this year no question!
    Lock up Kaep release LMJ.


  33. Some of you people need to seriously try reading an entire (and short) article before posting. The article clearly states it did NOT take into account cuts/signing made after June 1, yet so many of you felt you had to point out the cap number was wrong.

    Rule #1: Read the entire article before you post so you don’t look like a moron fanboy.

  34. Panthers 19th in cap room with $5.2 mill… well, that’s better than the past 2 offseasons. If we can get Charles Johnson to restructure, we’ll be fine. We have big extensions with Cam, Kuechly and Hardy to get done. That being said, Gettleman is doing an admirable job getting us out of the cap jail the newspaper reporter-turned-GM got us in.

  35. I’m an Angeleno who will forever be grateful to Pete Carroll for the TREMENDOUS job he did bringing USC back from obscurity. My homerism for Mr. Carrol notwithstanding, those Seahawks have got it going on! They took care of all the players they needed to this year and still have $8 mil left! You take what they have left, add it to the possible additional $10 mil next year, and there’s Russell Wilson’s salary right there. Between their excellent scouting and equally excellent coaching, those guys know how to get it done!

  36. Listen to all these fools who think they know what the caps are. Like they are part of the organizations.

  37. Khan isn’t a cheap owner. We didn’t really have anyone to resign this year (we had a couple but no one for an outrageous, salary busting number). We are an extremely young team, so many players haven’t reached the new contract state.

    We signed some good, veteran players, mainly from Seattle. We tried to get Mack from the Browns but they matched our offer. In the next two years, we have more guys contracts that will be coming up, so that number will be slashed. However, so look for Khan to overpay for a player.

  38. With San Fran down near the bottom of the list, I’m waiting for the fans to say that Kaepernick is holding the team back from acquiring good players like Joe Flacco did.

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