Burleson says his arm isn’t broken


The late, great Rodney Dangerfield once claimed his arm was broken when it wasn’t.  Amid reports that Browns receiver Nate Burleson once again has a broken arm, Burleson says he doesn’t.

It was reported a lot worse than it is,” Burleson said Tuesday, via Pat McManamon of ESPN.com.  “It looks a lot worse than it is.”

Burleson explained that he didn’t re-break the arm that he first fractured last year while trying to keep a pizza box from sliding out of the front passenger seat of his car.  Instead, the hardware used to fix the break moved after he hit the arm during offseason practice.

“I’m kind of rebuilt, like Robocop,” Burleson said   “Sometimes you have to go in and fix a little bit.  It was minor, though. I’ve had much worse. . . .  The good news is the plan is to play 16-plus games, and that’s going to happen.”

That sounds like an indirect guarantee of a playoff appearance for the Browns.  Which perhaps should have been the headline.  But I’m too lazy to re-type the story.

I probably should just claim I have a broken arm.

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  1. Gonna miss Burleson in Detroit. One of the good guys in this league. Browns fans will love this guy for the leadership he brings to the table and the always entertaining media interactions

  2. Underwhelmed/underachieved in Detroit. He would have a few killer games, then he would revert to mediocrity or get injured. This guy is the epitome of unreliable

  3. Earl Bennett is better than Burleson anyway. Although their durability factor is about the same.

  4. Definitely miss this guy in Detroit. Poster earlier said he underwhelmed and underachieved…that simply isn’t true. He just isn’t Calvin Johnson which…if you’re not him, than you “suck” according to most Lions fans.

    He did have some injuries…It’s hard for me to say injuries = unproductive though. It’s part of life and the game of football.

    He was a good leader on and off the field. He was productive for his role. He’ll be missed.

    Lions loss is the Browns gain. I can see him playing a possession type role there for the next year or two. 40 catches, 500 yard, a few TD’s per season type role.

    If he can get that arm healthy, that is.

  5. Burleson will play 16 games or less not 16 plus games.

    With a roster full of 2nd and 3rd tier receivers the Browns simply won’t be able to generate enough offense to qualify for a playoff spot.

    This team, while improved a bit on paper is still a 7 win at best franchise. Any injury to a key player drops them back down to their customary 5-11 record.

    This is what happens when a team has $25 million available in salary cap space and doesn’t use it.

  6. poor logic. saying “i intend on playing 16+ games” doesnt mean “i intend on playing 17+ games.” there is a difference, Florio.. having hope in something doesnt mean you guarantee it will happen.. that is what they call being open-minded..

  7. If the hardware moved around during practice I wonder how likely it will be that be plays 16+ games, provided Manziel doesn’t send him out for pizza of course.

  8. “The good news is the plan is to play 16-plus games, and that’s going to happen.”

    Saying that you intend to be on the field for all of your teams games, up to and including the playoffs, is not a Rex Ryan-esque guarantee.

  9. Definitely NOT miss this guy in Detroit. Sure he was a leader and a talker but I’d much rather see what some of the young WRs can do.

  10. Burleson was a great addition in Detroit, period. he was a reliable slot receiver and the only player besides Cj that could move the chains. if u ask me he brought something to our offense better then even his play. his optimizm and winning mentality. ther was something missing for a long time in Detroit that nate brought back. kind of like vandenbosch did for the defense. if he wouldn’t of got hurt last year then he’d be here this year. i thank you Nate for all you did in Detroit and hope u have a great season.

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