Colin Kaepernick extended through 2020 season


It didn’t take the 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick long to work out a deal once they were in the same room.

According to multiple reports, they agreed to a six-year contract extension which will be worth more than $100 million, and tie him to the team through the 2020 season.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, it could be worth up to $126 million, with $60 million guaranteed.

As always, the devil will reside in the financial details of this deal.

But suffice it to say the 49ers believe their quarterback did nothing wrong in Miami, and will do many things right in the future.

177 responses to “Colin Kaepernick extended through 2020 season

  1. “and will do many things right in the future” You mean like turn it over the last three times he touched the ball in the biggest ( NFC championship ) game of his life? Yeah that’s worth 100 million I’d say…

  2. Wow. Talk about overpaid. He has done nothing to show that he is worth that much money. Except underperform in big game scenarios.

  3. Niner fan here and if hes gonna take up that much cap space he better have a breakout year this year. Can’t say I am completely thrilled to hear this. I think he has alot of potential so he better work extra hard to reach it now. I kinda felt like they should have let him play out his last year to see how he did.

  4. Worth every penny! Much higher ceiling than that midget in South Alaska! Go 9ers! 9ers take their division back this year no question.


  5. 6 yr $126M for a QB who never won a SB. makes me wonder what Wilson will get next yr…..

  6. Good signing. He certainly has tremendous athletic talent – the throw he made in Seattle over Thomas’ outstretched fingers was amazing – but still wonder about what’s between the ears. In any case, I guess that’s what quarterbacks who fall just short of the Super Bowl for the next six years are worth…since the Hawks will kick their butt every year.

  7. welcome haters…we dont care…two seasons a starter and has a SB and NFC Title game appearance…and thats before he has even figured out reads and defenses…

  8. That’s a lot of money for someone who can’t read a defense or make it past his first read. The next time he reads a defense will be the first time. The NFC West approves of this.

  9. That is some serious cash. Just the $60 million guaranteed is going to eat up almost every bit of salary cap room that the Niners have in 2014 and 2015.

  10. as a Niner fan I pray this does not bit us in the arse!!! now it is only ten mill a year guaranteed, but he has not proven that he is worth 20+ a year. I pray some of this is back loaded…

  11. 49er fan here-

    Couldn’t be happier. We would’ve been stupid to so anything else. Trent Baalke is the best in the biz at what he does. Kaepernicks going to have a big year now that the contract is out of the way.

  12. The 49ers are going to run into a lot of cap problems 2 or 3 years down the line when this guy doesn’t pan out and some of their defenders need to be signed. How do you give that much to a guy who can’t even read a defense?

  13. Well take one more team off the list of those not having to suffer tremendous salary cap implications by signing their QB to a long term deal.
    No way that a deal like this doesn’t effect what they can do signing other players by the 2015 season.

  14. Alex Smith and The Camel have split the past three seasons under Harbaugh evenly. Smith had better personal stats and a better winning percentage over that time. ?????

  15. Good LAWD that’s a lot of money… oh and you silly little Hawks fans laughing… Guess what that means for Wilson next year…… Yeah OOPS

  16. Typical Kaep–made his first read and took off running for the bank.

    Not even the best QB in his division, and he’s getting paid like that???

  17. Looking at flacco and kaepernicks deals, if im aaron rodgers, i demand 60 million a year right now.

  18. Well, not the SB appearance for Sanchez, but you get my point!! Just goes to show you its a TEAM GAME no matter how badly people want to turn it into a QB battle

    Bottom line…Kap is overpaid!!

  19. You idiots are focusing on the number that includes incentives (like Super Bowls). The real number here is that Kap is locked up ready to torture the NFCW for 7 more years at less than $10M per. And if he happens to take the strides that any real eye for talent thinks he will, then he wins Super Bowls and MVPs and gets…wait for it….Jay Cutler money!!!! Hell of a deal for the Niners and the best GM in the game proves it again!!!

  20. How much would he have gotten had he not gaggggggggggged in the 4th qtr in Seattle. Dude can’t read a defense at all… Horrible deal. At least Flacco won something when they overpaid for him… Crazy.. Is weed legal in California ?

  21. Haters gonna hate, but I’m gonna show this kid love. Steve young can talk, bu tat his age he was running around just like Kaep is. Dangerous as a runner and a QB. They say that you are worth whatever someone is willing to pay you, and SF was willing to pay him. Every contract has to out-do the last, so Russell Wilson’s contract will be huMUNGous.

  22. And who got us to those big games? Lot’s of miraculous plays from Flash #7.

    Kobe has choked a few game-winning 3’s. At least he takes the shot.

    Here’s to hoping he sinks the next few.

    Go niners!

  23. Funny thing happens when guys aren’t hungry anymore. Just another overpaid guy who will (continue to) underperform. 3 years from now he will be bouncing from team to team trying to land a backup spot. He is the single reason that the 9ers will struggle. Not for his play but Bc of his crippling contract. As a panthers fan I have seen this first hand with most of our cap space being exhausted by 2 positions.

  24. Considering how much average QBs with Jay Culter, Joe Flacco and Matt Stafford make, the deal seams spot on. He’s better than the foregoing QBs, and he should be compensated accordingly if that is what the market dictates. It ain’t rocket science.

  25. Oh my god yes!!!! They actually gave him the money!! Sad day for Niners fans everywhere, I really do feel for you guys. Can’t say I’m not happy about this though. Guys like Davis and Boone are piiiiissed now.

  26. Unfortunately for Bengals fans, Andy Dalton thinks he’s as good or better than this guy. Neither is good enough to carry the team, and with a salary like that the rest of the team will crumble eventually.

  27. You would think the NFL would have learned their lesson by now after all the things that have transpired the last few seasons concerning player behavior. A very risky move. I would have rolled the dice with him another season before I offered him anything close to that kind of money.

  28. Niners just paid Hall of Fame money for a spoiled man-child who isn’t willing to do the work. They just shot themselves in the foot.

    Kap won’t be a starter in 2020, might not be in the League.

    -“Nooooooooooooooobod *oh, wait. Seahawks. Seahawks have it better than us.”

    See you in November, 9ers.

  30. If Al Davis did this all the Niner fans would chime in on what a foolish thing it is to give such an unproven commodity so much of the salary cap. These are the kind of deals that hamstring you in a year or two. Seen this act before and it usually ends badly.

  31. wow, so I guess undrafted free agents will be the norm for San Fran for the next decade. How yall going to pay elite players when your qb is taking up 20% of the salary cap?

    Cam Newton on the other hand deserves more than any of the other young qb’s… But Cam has real endorsements so I would be shocked if he ever asked for that much.

    Cam and MJ are friends. He knows that to win championships you have to sacrifice the big pay day. (FYI, Jordan was at times the 5th highest paid player on his Bull’s team).

  32. exactly what i expected for a top 3 qb. im happy we signed kaep.
    top 5 qbs in order…
    1. rodgers
    2. brees
    3. kaepernick
    4. russell wilson
    5. p. manning

  33. As a Seahawks fan I’m frightened by this contract. That means we are gonna have to pay Wilson like 25 mil a year since, you know, he actually wins titles.

  34. Awful decision. The guy has only a year and a half in the starting job position, finishes #20 in ’13, loses the SB on the 5 yard line, throws 2 ints and a fumble in the 4th quarter vs Sea, Montana and Young are giving him tips how to improve and the 49ers give him the biggest QB contract in history? This is merely a marketing decision instead of a football one!

  35. I actually like Kap. Dude is a play here and there from being a 2 time SB champion. Yes, I mean if they beat Seattle, SF trounces Denver too.

    That being said, this is too much money for 1 player. Messes up the salary cap big time.

    If I was a kid, I would refuse to play anything other than QB

  36. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a young talented qb, but he is not worth that yet. I would have gave him Cutler money and he got Rodgers money.

  37. Matt Ryan makes 20 Mil

    Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford also earn at least $17.666 million annually

    There is no “overpaid” in regards to NFL QB…its the cost of doing business…id take CK over those guys all day

  38. Love the “haters gonna hate” quotes from posters. Anotherwards, you don’t want to hear from fans that know how stupid this is?lol

    Not a good day to be a niner fan.

  39. You don’t need an athlete at QB. You need a QB who can read defenses, stand in the pocket, put touch on the ball, run only when it’s the last resort, and be a leader on and off the filed. Something he hasn’t proven at one point in his career. Good luck Niners. It’s a gamble.

  40. The 49ers are known around the NFL circles as the most creative when it comes to contract language (the PFT commentators that lack common sense would not know that). The contract replaces the 2014 season making it an 18mil per year average but I doubt the salary cap hit would approach that number.

    With the Cap rising around 10 mil per year each and every year. I don’t for see this contract effecting how the 49ers approach business with other players they want to keep…

    This contract is on par with a top 10 QB and Kap is a top ten QB! The real experts seem to agree.

  41. Lay off the hate!!

    You know these guys get paid for what they’ve done. Just look at the succes……………………………..

  42. Fans pay for this ridiculous pay for a QB yet to prove himself. Tickets, TV, the stuff you eat are inflated to pay these guys. I think Santa Clara 49s may kick themselves in the ass when it’s all said and done. Kap falls into the good range as a QB like Flacco and soon to be a 100 million $ good QB that throws the ball in Cinncy.

  43. That is a very irresponsible contract by the 49ers. The guy had 21 td passes last year and under 200 yards per game. He has won nothing. This contract is 100 percent based on the HOPE that he continues to progress and becomes an elite quarterback. This could potentially set the 49ers back for years.

    Remember..he may be playing with the best team in football. There are not to many quarterbacks that couldn’t play at a high level with this supporting cast. The question is..can he play at a high level with lesser talent around him. Because he is draining their salary cap we are going to find out soon.

  44. Nice Work Santa Clara. Dude is 1-2 in big games in the playoffs and poops himself everytime he plays against his number 1 rival. The only bad thing about this is now the Seahawks have to give Wilson that much more.

  45. The reason I don’t like this deal? It just sent Cam Newton’s price tag to the upper levels of the atmosphere, because Cam is a better QB. (Yes, he is – Cam would have won a Super Bowl by now if he had the 49ers O-line blocking for him). I’m hoping Cam is too busy with his Madden grudge match with Richard Sherman to notice…

  46. So does that mean a SB winning QB should command 120mil? Kap is a one read and run QB and gets 100mil with 60mil guaranteed. Even if it is back loaded, the dude just cleared 60mil!
    He’s good but not that good.

  47. This tells me that teams are banking on massive increases in the salary cap in the next 5 years.
    Roger appears to have given the owners a wink and a nod that massive increases are coming.

  48. When was the last time a Super Bowl was won by a QB with a huge contract? Never. This kinda seals their fate. Seattle has a chance to repeat this year….then after that their window is closed if they decide to pay Wilson.

  49. Harbaugh has gushed about what he sees in Kap during camp. It’s possible that the front office has seen that as well. That would explain the push to get Kap his extension even before the Florida investigation in concluded. This contract is far more manageable now. If Kap just gets them to the nfc championship again then he would have commanded a bigger contract.

  50. Less than 1/2 of that is guaranteed people, and no one ridiculing this deal has provided a cogent reason why this doesn’t make sense.

    I love that it’s top loaded with incentives, something Flacco’s contract wasn’t. If Kap doesn’t perform he doesn’t earn.

    Seriously, I know you don’t like the 49ers, but if you’re going to talk smack come correct.

  51. “Alex Smith is better. More yards, more touchdowns, less interceptions, better completion percentage”

    I also like Alex Smith, but lets try to at least be honest about the numbers.

    record 17-6,
    rating 93.8,
    td vs int, 31-11
    comp% 59.8

    record 49-40,
    rating 81.0,
    td vs int, 104-70
    comp% 59.5

  52. If you’re a Skins, Colts, or Hawks fan, this is bad news. You wanna keep your future franchise QB get ready to open up that wallet sooner than you thought, and adding big name free agents is going to be harder down the road. At least Seattle signed a couple of the corp players, but you gotta wonder if that’s gonna be at the expense of RW’s future contract.

  53. Wow, the 49ers have hitched their wagon to a one read QB.

    I was hoping they’d pay him big bucks. Now they’re on the hook and will sink or swim with him.

    A career 59.8% completion percentage, and a guy who averaged under 200 yds passing a game last year, and has averaged 172.9 yds per game in 2012 and 2013 combined.

    He can run, no doubt, and at times this can definitely make a difference, but he is a 3rd rate passing QB… and no matter what the buzz is about mobile QB’s, a QB needs to pass well, especially in an ever increasingly passing league.

    I was actually concerned they wouldn’t pay him, given all his flaws, but instead they did, yea! Unless they got some scrub to replace him not worthy of being a starter, I’d much rather face a Kaepernick led 49ers team then a 49ers team with a good defense and a QB that can actually pass.

  54. Dude inherited a loaded defense – running game – offensive line…

    Aside from out running AJ Hawk, the guy has done nothing.

    I’m soooooo glad the niners spent this much on a doofus.

    Let’s see how good this team is when they have to let their all pro veterans leave and replace them with the AJ Jenkins’es of the world.

  55. I will admit i didnt think the sf organization was that dingy to give kap that kinda money.. When they said he is demanding that back in feb/march i actually laughed at it.. I said to myself its not like they couldnt put any serviceable qb back there wit harbaughs coaching and get back to playoffs or maybe even a superbowl.. But they are that dingy.. Kap isnt even a top ten qb in my book yet he got top 3 money.. Goes to show u what they think of the coach. Peyton, brady, brees, rodgers dont need further coaching up.. Thats who u pay 100mil too.. Kap.. 6yr 70mil with 40 guaranteed tops.. Especially for a run first qb..glad im not a sf fan..

  56. I would have thought the Niners could have gotten away with $14 to 15M or so a year after the playoffs last year. He made some plays with his legs, but was really mediocre passing, and that’s not taking into account some of the horrible throws he made that really should have been INTs.

    The guy has the physical tools to do things that other QBs can’t. However, you have to wonder if/when he’ll hit the Vick type situation where the Niners go overboard in trying to keep him healthy and force him to be a throwing QB.

  57. Beyond fan reaction, this contract has the potential to seem cheap by year 6 of the agreement, or expensive by year 2; I’m very curious to learn the structuring from year-to-year, especially in light of overall increases to the team cap.

    Organizationally, this move by the 49ers MGMT shows the courage of conviction to what (like it or not) is the face of every franchise: the QB, and likely puts them into the strategic driver’s seat with other positions as they become FA from now – 2014.

    When you break down the numbers, the ones that matter are 17-6 lifetime as a starter; 4-2 lifetime as a playoff starter, including 3 wins on the road. The two losses involved 4 Kaep turnovers, but despite these, the team was in both games (SB, NFC Champ) til the bitter end and lost by roughly a foot in either direction of Michael Crabtree, twice.

    Regarding Kaep’s seasoning as a pocket passer, it strikes me as odd that no one offers the support of NOT turning the ball over as qualification for effectively reading defenses– so here it is, 1.4% INT ratio in 2012; 1.9% INT ratio in 2013. He also doesn’t lose fumbles often. If this is indeed a trend, it suggests a perfect match for the ball-security scheme the 49ers want to run as long as HarbRoman are in control.

    It will also not shock me to see greater pass distribution across a trifecta of Pro-Bowl caliber WR’s (Boldin, Crabtree, Johnson) in 2014 than relying on the likes of Bruce Miller as a receiving option, and as such greater stats.

    Lastly, I still believe the stress that Kaep puts on a defense via arm talent and mobility merits significant tactical advantage that in today’s NFL comes at a premium.

  58. Kap is a tough player to beat and has shown he deserves this money by winning consistently with a good team around him. If you know he can get you to the big game why not lock him down.

  59. Maybe there’s just more money in San Francisco than Seattle. What do you mean, “you ever hear of Bill Gates”?

  60. Wow he gets the largest contract extension in NFL history?

    No wonder the deal got done so fast; Kaep’s agent probably couldn’t wait to sign knowing how much the 49ers were willing to overpay.

  61. just think how much cap would have gotten paid if he was really good. now the santa clara 49ers will be stuck with this guy for a long time.

  62. Kaep will be greater than Montana and Young and bring a dynasty even greater than Joe Montana ever did.

    San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champs 2015-2020.

  63. Reminds me of the deal the Falcons gave Vick. Paying a QB top 2 money does not make him turn into the top QB. They will regret this.

  64. They basically set the market for guys like luck, rgiii, and Wilson. I think this is a good deal. I really enjoy watching kap play. Sure he makes a bad throw here and there but he is money the rest of the time. He has a cannon, and has been to the NFC champ game every year. I think he is a fantastic qb. Also, His running skills are next to impossible to stop.

  65. Outstanding news for Seahawks fans! Kap consistently fails every time he comes to CenturyLink, he’s afraid of that place, see ya Dec 14 in Seattle, kappy!

  66. Don’t get me wrong, 49ers, great team, but this seems like an unmitigated risk to which smarter organizations do not let themselves fall prey. I thought 49ers were already pretty much up against the Kap. Am I wrong?

  67. haha….all you dummies who flew off the handle. Read the new article by PFT which makes this a prove-it deal with major de-escalators.

    Kaep signed a very team-friendly team where he will make a ton of money if he plays lights out or make it to the SB.

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