Does McCoy still think he’s better than Peterson? “Yes, yes, yes”


Philadelphia’s LeSean McCoy is not backing down from his claim that he’s the best running back in the NFL, better than Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson.

McCoy made the case last month that he’s the best running back in the NFL, prompting Peterson to laugh it off and say McCoy didn’t really mean it. Asked this week if he was serious, McCoy insisted that he absolutely believes he’s the best running back in the NFL.

Yes, yes, yes,” McCoy said, via “Especially the last three years. Check the numbers.”

The numbers say Peterson has more rushing yards (4,333) than McCoy (3,756) in the last three years. But McCoy’s contributions to the passing game put him on top when comparing total yards from scrimmage, with McCoy having 4,983 in the last three years and Peterson having 4,860. With that in mind, McCoy can’t figure out why Peterson thought the claim of McCoy’s superiority was anything less than serious.

“I don’t know if he’s joking or what,” McCoy said. “I don’t know how to take that. I play the game and it speaks for itself. I don’t know what that meant. I don’t understand what he was getting at.”

As the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, McCoy can make the case for himself. But most people aren’t buying it: When we put it to a poll of PFT Planet, Peterson was voted the better running back by a 3-to-1 margin.

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  1. Sorry McCoy. You’re good but… I think A.P. still has a slight edge. I’m not saying that based on who Peterson has been before either.

  2. They have different styles. I like both equally. But I don’t see McCoy overcoming a terrible defense, awful QBs, and carrying his team to the playoffs in an almost literal fashion. The edge has to go to Peterson.

  3. Sounds like a peeing contest over a gallon of bluebell ice cream, everyone’s losing.

  4. Put Peterson in Chip Kelley’s offense and let McCoy battle eight in the box for a true comparison.

  5. Jamaal Charles should be in this conversation. He missed 2011 because of injury. However if you use 2010, 2012, & 2013 (his last 3 seasons), he has 4200 rushing yards which would rank him second. The kicker is adding receiving yards. He has 1200 receiving yards giving him a total of 5400 yards which beats McCoy by about 10%.

  6. McCoy would also be favored in PASS PROTECTION. And will be drafted ahead of Peterson in most fantasy leagues.

  7. This guy sounds worse and worse the more he opens his mouth. Hey Shady, rush for 2,000 yards with Ponder as your QB. Heck, with anyone as your QB. K? Thanks.

  8. For the love of god LeSean, shut the hell up. You’re starting to get ridiculously irritating.

  9. Last 3 years? Why not the last 2 years? Oh, right, because Peterson tore his ACL that year and only put up 900 something yards. And you scored 17 td’s that year. So please let’s include this year as well so I don’t sound crazy. Sure, LeSean…

    Let’s look at the last 2 years:

    AD: 24 total TD’s
    LM: 16 total TD’s

    AD: 3300+ rushing yards.
    LM: 2400+ rushing yards. (Peterson almost did that in one season)

    AD: 400 rec. yards
    LM: 900 rec. yards

    Congrats, LeSean. You’re a better receiver out of the backfield. So is virtually EVERY 3rd down back in the NFL. Doesn’t mean Peterson is the worst RB in the league, because everybody else catches more passes.

    This is like Kaepernick arguing he’s a better QB than Peyton because he puts up more rushing yards as a QB. Your main job is to throw the ball. As a RB your main job is to run the ball. And when it comes to that Peterson and McCoy aren’t even on the same planet. McCoy is a nice change of pace type back with bigplay ability, but he would be useless behind a line that doesn’t block well because he will go down at the LOS after the first contact. Peterson doesn’t need an elite line. He doesn’t need an elite QB. That’s why he’s the best and it’s not even close. You don’t need him to catch the ball, that’s what 3rd down backs are there for, and you have to keep your franchise back fresh. McCoy is not going to play every down for the rest of his career either. He should trade in some of those receiving skills to improve his running ability.

  10. Both of them are great backs, no doubt, but it’s interesting how trends change in the NFL over the years. I wonder how long it will be until we see a great, productive, HIGHLY PAID running back again, these guys might be the last two for awhile. It wasn’t that long ago that RBs were routinely being drafted in the top five picks, now it’s RB by committee and young, cheap guys. As to the debate, I’m gonna hedge and say Peterson is the better pure runner, McCoy the better shifty, versatile offensive weapon. It’s hard to say, I’d take either one.

  11. I don’t even need to look but I would bet the house McCoy has a lot more touches which would give Peterson the better avg yards per carry/catch.

    Peterson, All Day

    Would love to have either one though.

  12. purplengold says:
    Jun 4, 2014 6:50 AM

    Put Peterson in Chip Kelley’s offense and let McCoy battle eight in the box for a true comparison.

    This can’t be true.
    Everybody, and their two-headed brother, knows that the Vikings have compiled the greatest roster in the history of the NFL.
    I mean, just ask all of their ultra intelligent fans.

    But seriously, I agree with the poster above.
    Peterson is the best rusher, while McCoy is the best overall back.

  13. Better All Around! NOT HARDLY! WHAT CAN McCoy Do THAT AP CANT?! Someone Please Tell Me. Please don’t say catch or elude!! If everyone don’t See he is tryn to make himself as Relevant as Richard Sherman for a payday. You missed it.

  14. Yeah I gotta be honest here. I think at this point AP is number 3. It’s goes McCoy Charles then AP. McCoy and Charles just do to much of everything and Peterson is really just a two down back because of how bad a blocker he is

  15. Comparing rushing and receiving stats only tells part of the story. Compare their QBs, receivers, and OL and you’ll see the deck favors McCoy. Peterson’s 2012 season was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed football-wise. It’s Peterson #1, a handful of legitimately good RBs behind him by a decent margin, then the field in my book. Put Peterson on any of 25 other rosters and he’s even better. Can’t say the same for McCoy.

  16. greymares says:
    Jun 4, 2014 7:02 AM
    McCoy would also be favored in PASS PROTECTION. And will be drafted ahead of Peterson in most fantasy leagues.


    fantasy… Really?

  17. Mr. McCoy the main difference between you and AP is your offense. Everyone in the NFL knows that the vikes dont have anyone else except Peterson and so every team is set on stopping him, yet he still puts up numbers. With the eagles they have man more options. So when teams start stacking eight in the box nearly every game and you can still put up the same numbers then maybe you can be considered until then keep living up to the name Shady McCoy.

  18. I honestly dont care what anyone says. If the game is on the line, I want McCoy. He is way more versatile than AP.

    AP is a great downhill runner, but he doesnt make people miss like McCoy does.

    If people disagree thats fine, but Im super happy this kid is on my team.

    Now…if he would just shut his mouth about it…

  19. Let’s see…..Ponder and Webb as your QB with 8-9 in the box nearly EVERY play.

    Our Pee Wee league coach on offense had a more complex offense than the Vikings ex-OC Musgrave.

    You know what they say, when YOU (McCoy) are the one that has to say it over and over, it’s usually not true.

    McCoy is very good, but Peterson is simply the best, and has done more WITH LESS THE LAST 3 YEARS-especially in the coaching!!!!

    AD is a beast.

    Stay humble (me-McCoy).

  20. McCoy very well knows AP will not throw his mediocre QB and team mates under the bus.

    Let Shady try to muster 1000 yds. in Minnesota’s offense against 8 in the box with no competent WR’s or QB to take the heat off.

    He’s good, but AP is in a class all his own.

  21. AP faces 8 men in the box constantly, McCoy doesn’t. Not only that McCoys numbers from line of scrimmage include both passing and rushing yards where AP’s are purely rushing yards yet McCoy only leads AP by around 100 yards. Let’s leave it at this: AP is the best running back when it comes to rushing. If AP were catching the ball too he would destroy McCoy’s totals and there would be no question.

  22. A.P can still take the rock 20-25 times agame against stacked 8 man fronts. Look at the Q.B’s Ap has had to work with. A.P is a beast

  23. I love all day but I’m a Eagles fan so count me as a Shady guy on this one. Best all around back in the game with Jamaal Charles a very close second.

  24. AP breaks tackles and McCoy breaks ankles. Stick McCoy in Minn offense he runs for 1300 yards and catches 80 balls for 800 yards. Stick AP in Chips spread it around offense he rushes for 1600 yards and catches 20 balls for 220 yards.

  25. I like McCoy but spent a high pick on him in a fantasy league like 2 years ago and he was a bust for me. Peterson>McCoy. Til he runs for 2000 yards he should’nt be talking.

  26. Correct me if I am wrong but in five seasons McCoy has only had three years with more than 1000 yards, and only once had more than 1500.

    Whereas Adrian has more than 1000 yards in 6 of his seven seasons, and has broken 1500 yards twice. *sub 1000 yard season was an injury shortened year.

    Adrian has done this with 8 or 9 defenders in the box. I would argue that ADs yards are harder fought yards.

    No disrespect to McCoy but AD is the better runner. Under Norv Turners offense we get a better look at Adrian’s ability to catch balls and how that ability compares to McCoys.

    As a vikings fans I love that McCoy is talking trash because I know Adrian hears this stuff and it puts a chip on his shoulder. Besides what would an NFL off season be without an Eagle making ridiculous claims about their greatness.

  27. L. McCoy is the rushing champion, his all purpose yards are at the top or very close to it, his claim as the best are backed up with the numbers, nothing wrong as an Eagles fan to have that kind of confidence when you can back it up.

  28. As a Packer fan that sees a lot of the Vikings, I have to give the nod to Peterson. He wills additional yardage, and does it against defenses that are focused on stopping him and him only. Jackson is not dealing with those conditions.

  29. Btw, McCoy has had a real quarterback and a real offense with real wide receivers to draw attention away from himself the past few years.

    AP has not. AP has BEEN the entire Minnesota Vikings offense FOR YEARS.

  30. First it was LT then it was Arian Foster, Michael Turner, Chris Johnson and Up and coming Jamal Charles and now McCoy.

    4 of the 6, their careers went on to stink after speaking out about being the best.

    Just stop it. All Day.

  31. AD and it’s not really a question…McCoy is good but not on the level of the former NFL MVP.
    Every couple years a debate seems to pop who’s the best rb in the game and they are always compared to AD, remeber CJ2K, A Foster?

  32. The “conversation” was started by McCoy comparing himself favorably to AP. Charles shouldn’t be in the conversation because McCoy didn’t compare himself to Charles. Up your wattage.

  33. Am Eagles fan, Peterson is the superior back. McCoy probably benefits 10% to 15% for Kelley’s offense. Plus Peterson is a power back .

  34. Teams line up 8-9 in the box every play and know exactly what is coming with AP and he still dominates. Mccoy is great but Peterson is the best since Barry Sanders

  35. Good players talk about how great they are.
    Great players let others talk about their greatness.
    Adrian Peterson you are great and still the best!

  36. Personally I’d rather have Peterson. But I cant fault McCoy for thinking hes the best. That attitude is probably part of what makes him so good.

  37. Right now, if you had to draft a RB already in the NFL, I would draft Shady. Not to take anything away from AP but he has a lot of wear and tear on him.

    But I do wish Shady would just shut up and say, it really doesn’t matter I want to win a Super Bowl.

  38. It is about being on the field (health and skill) and $$ per yard.

    Peterson is yanked off the field in passing situations because he is not good at blocking or receiving. When it is critical to get a big play or on 3rd down he is not there.

    McCoy has more of the NFL level skills to keep him on the field. He is younger with fewer injuries and less wear and tear on his body.

    People are more familiar with McCoy because he is on national television more often.

  39. Jamaal Charles. Check his #’s the last full 3 seasons he played are better than these two even. Everyone forgets J.C. Cause he’s quiet and humble.

  40. For all the people who keep taking about seeing what would happen if they switched systems, you do realize this is McCoy’s first year with chip Kelly. A coach who actually runs the ball. How about we see how good Peterson would be if he was in Andy Reids offense and only got the ball 10-12 times a game like McCoy did.

  41. It’s just typical Philly inferiority complex. With no rings, they glom onto anything that makes them the best at something. If not McCoy, it’s a fan boasting about their stadium toilet water pressure being the best in the nfl. Nothing to see here folks.

  42. As a Viking fan I don’t fault McCoy for thinking or saying he’s the best. Every player should think that way. It’s just not reality for him. Peterson is a freak of nature, and a once in a generation back, McCoy is very good, but not a freak.

  43. Right now I would take McCoy hands down. AP is still a great RB, but McCoy is a better all around player at this stage.

  44. s0merand0mguy says:Jun 4, 2014 10:25 AM

    Better All Around! NOT HARDLY! WHAT CAN McCoy Do THAT AP CANT?!

    Break Ankles

    AP busts skulls, he doesn’t need to dance.

  45. Eagles honk here, but if I were building a team I’d take Shady, Charles, and Morris all before AP. That is going on the assumption that backs start to break down at 30, and granted AP is a freak. Tick Tick Tick…

  46. dublindemonszfl says:
    Jun 4, 2014 9:06 AM
    The “conversation” was started by McCoy comparing himself favorably to AP. Charles shouldn’t be in the conversation because McCoy didn’t compare himself to Charles. Up your wattage.


    The “conversation” was started by McCoy saying he was the best RB in the league and THEN compared himself to AP because AP is considered to be the best. If the “conversation” is going to be based on rushing yards then AP is hands down the best. If it is going to include receiving yards then McCoy has better stats than AP, but Charles has better stats than McCoy.

  47. If you’re truly the best, you don’t have to tell people. They know.

    AP knows. LeSean doesn’t.

  48. Let them talk. AP in norvs offense will show you why peterson is the best back in the league. Peterson will be talked about with the all time greats. mccoy will be an afterthought 20 years from now.

    Ap vs Lt
    Ap vs cj2k
    Ap vs Shady

    Whos the constant in the convo?

  49. They’re freaking running backs they’re only as good as the rest of the offense. they’re a dime a dozen, anybody with strong legs and not smart enough to play a real position can carry the ball.

  50. Thank god neither plays for the Pack — they’d both be out with hamstring pulls 6 games a year.

  51. As an Eagles fan, I think I can solve this:

    1. AP is a better running back than McCoy. Period.

    2. McCoy is a better overall player than Peterson. Period.

  52. If we’re going to talk about qb, oline etc than we should also take into account the offensive system. McCoy put up great numbers in Reid’s system of throw, throw, throw, the ball some more. Also Reid’s proclivity for throwing also often resulted in Shady getting only a few touches in the second half of many of the games the Eagles lost. I’d love to see what kind of numbers Peterson would have put up with Reid’s run/pass ratio.

  53. McCoy had without a doubt the best offensive line in football last year and even this year without DeSean Jackson, that Eagles team has two above average wide receivers, some fairly good wide receivers and Darren Sproles. In otherwords, there still isn’t going to be seven or eight in the box to stop McCoy as he runs behind the best offensive line in football. If AP was put in that situation, I would bet he’ld have a 1 in 2 chance of breaking Dickerson’s record.

    Saying that McCoy is very very good.

  54. I honestly wouldn’t know who’s better. We stuff the hell out of both of them whenever we play them.

  55. Just have the two switch teams. Lets see how McCoy likes 8-9 man fronts instead of 6-7 he sees with the eagles. Also, with the receiving numbers you have to factor in targets. McCoy has been targeted 201 times over the last 3 years, AP 113, of course shady has more receiving yards.

  56. As an eagles fan it isnt even close when talking about who has been the better back to this point. AP is an all time great. Having said that, mccoy’s production was limited due to the asinine game planning of andy reid and marty morningwheg for a few years. In kelly’s system going forward I think it will be very hard for peterson to keep up with lesean’s production. At the end of the day they are both great football players and they both do things better than the other. Peterson is the modern day dickerson and is one of very few players who is so great and such a good human being that you find yourself rooting for his team when they aren’t playing your squad. On the othetr hand lesean is the closest thing to barry sanders we have yet to see in the league and has the potential to break all time rushing and yards from scrimage records is he stays healthy

  57. McCoy is one of the most well rounded back of his time, who (with a little good fortune) may one day have his number retired by the Filty-delphia Eagles……

    Peterson is a transcendent NFL player… one OTHER NFL players admire and respect… who will go down as one best EVER at his position… who will end up in the NFL Hall of Fame….

    Message to McCoy…… Keep working hard, keep your mouth shut and stay humble….

  58. ok let me put it like this Mccoy and Peterson played against my Cowboys who had the Worse defense in the league McCoy played them Twice and Barely put up same numbers Peterson did in One Game yea I think Peterson Is the Better Back!!!!

  59. At this stage, even Eddie Lacy is better than Peterson

    –You shouldn’t drunk post, or are you really that clueless? Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit all have better starting RB’s than Lacy. Lacy was good for a rookie, but he’s the 4th best starting RB in the NFCN.

  60. reminds me slightly of Emmit vs Barry but 20 years later

    –The big difference is, in 20 more years, everybody will still be talking about Emmitt, Barry and Peterson. Nobody but Eagles fans will remember much about McCoy

  61. I prefer Jamaal Charles. He has a career yards per carry of 5.6. That is the best in the history of the NFL for RB’s.

  62. When opposing defenses design their defense game plans around stopping one person, you know you are the best. I sincerely doubt any NFL team has specifically adjusted their defense because they FEARED LeSean McCoy. All you really have to do is watch both players play the game, and the call is relatively easy In their matchup last season, the Vikings last place defense held McCoy to less than 30 yards. No other running back in the league runs against 8-9 man boxes that Peterson sees on a weekly basis. He is best, because he forces the defense to account for him on every play.

  63. Isn’t Peterson retired?

    Oh. I just thought he was because I didn’t hear much of him last year.

    Didn’t he have that one nice run on the first play and them disappear?

  64. PS. If you think Peterson is better, you are well within your right to feel that way, but to say the reigning NFL rushing champ and a guy with better overall numbers the past 3 years isn’t even in Peterson’s league makes you sound silly, again, just look at the facts, your opinion doesn’t make sense when you weight it against the actual stats.

  65. AP is definitely a transcendent player and possibly a future HOF player, but let’s look at the numbers:
    AP 7 seasons, averages 1680 total yds per season and an impressive 13 TDs per season. McCoy 5 seasons, averages 1520 total yards per season and just under 10 TDs per season. Not too far off overall career numbers, AP missed a full season but has been the featured offensive weapon every year. McCoy playing in the Andy/Marty pass happy/what’s a running game offense where he was the featured option once, and then again once in his first year under Chip has that working against his numbers. So at this stage those things are a wash, meaning AP is the better player without a doubt over their repsective careers but the gap is not as wide as some would have you believe and Shady is younger and fresher…could get interesting provided both stay healthy for a few more years.

  66. Both are excellent at their position, but I will say that Shady has a better supporting cast than AP…… Give AP a better QB and line and Im sure he would be even better. Without the threat of a successful passing game it gives Defenses the go ahead to stuff the run .

  67. Word of advise Shady. Here’s when you know your the best…….you don’t have to proclaim it!! I don’t recall anyone who was widely considered the best proclaiming it. Have you read any Adrian Peterson “Im the best running back in football” articles? No you havent. When you have to proclaim your the best as opposed to be given the title it usually means you have some more work to do. Your good dont get me wrong. Just ball out and leave all the whose best talk to the people who get paid to have an opinion. Luckily for us you are not one of them. Shut up play ball!

  68. McCoy gets my vote. Yes I’m a Eagles fan so what did you think I would say. Peterson’s time is up or never was.

  69. I’m a giants fan, and I’d go with McCoy in 2014. I would have said AP before the past three seasons. Both are really good players so whatever.

  70. This is simple. McCoy says he is the best back in the league. He then has to quantify it by saying that he is better than Peterson. No one else said it. He did. By bringing Peterson into the conversation, he admits that Peterson is the best.

    Oh yeah, and no one else with half a brain is saying it. The only thing more pathetic than Eagles fans trying to back this up is the Packer fans chiming in about Lacy. So sad….

    Let me make it simple. The best back in the league is determined on the field, not in the media. If you have to drum up hype for yourself, you aren’t the best. If McCoy was the best, than everyone else would already be saying it.

    BTW…. Peterson has higher career yards/carry AND yards/reception than McCoy. He notches first downs and TDs at a greater frequency per touch than McCoy does. And he has the trophy room that says that those who the league turns to for opinions of who the best are say that it is Peterson.

    But please, keep talking. Meanwhile, the real men will just keep on producing.

  71. lets go back and take their longest run each game and shortest run each game and revisit this McCoy kills him the best thing about 8-9 man boxes is you make it past the line you only have 1 or 2 men to beat you give McCoy 8-9 man boxes he beats them 90% of the time I dream of 8-9 man boxes for McCoy. McCoy also leads the league in yards after first contact the last 3 years bet 90% of you would have guess that was AP last year teams played a lot less 8-9 man boxes against peterson and look at his totals. HGH does a body good coming back from an injury (why most atheletes admit to taking it) guess who had 2000 yards right after a sever injury and came back in record time from it and ran for almost 500 yards more then he ever had before and the next year he had one of his lowest totals ever. Hmmmm. Was it no HGH or less 8-9 boxes that slowed him down you decide.

  72. i think AP is one of the greates of all time too, but some of you who are commenting as if shady is out of his mind, you’re nothing but morons. right now if you asked 32 GMs in the nfl who they would take, i would venture to say 30-31 would take shady. RIGHT NOW, he is the better back. Period. will he match petersons career numbers? maybe, we’ll see. some of these arguments are stupid. yea peterson sees 8-9 man boxes, which means if he does get a seem he’s he only has to beat a safety in the open field, which is why he usually has 5-6 rushes to 7 yards to begin the game and then breaks one for a 60yd TD. you all seem to be overlooking the fact that shady barely averaged 15 carries per game while reid was the coach because he was so pass happy. and everyone saying AP is a beast and breaks tackles, shady leads the NFL in YAC (after contact…not after catch) over the last 3 seasons. this isn’t shady or eagles fans being crazy…this is the simple truth.

  73. There is no way that he is better than peterson.All DAY was the main weapon the Vikings had within the last three years with those sorry wide receivers they had. 2,000 yard rusher, league MVP, single game rushing record 296 yes against the sorry chargers, 10,000 career rushing yard give or take, so until this sorry eagle puts stats up like that he has no room to talk. He is probably jealous he is not cashing Peterson’s checks.

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