Ezekiel Ansah watching and learning after shoulder surgery


His club’s sack leader as a rookie, Lions defensive end Ezekiel Ansah is one of the key components of a defense known for his strong line play.

However, Ansah is on the mend after offseason shoulder surgery, which has kept him out of offseason workouts. This has left the 25-year-old end to try and master new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin’s scheme without the benefit of on-field work.

According to Kyle Meinke of MLive.com, Austin believes Ansah is “going to have some catching up to do” because of his inactivity. However, Austin also noted that Ansah (eight sacks in 2013) has done well to stay engaged.

“He’s been here the whole time, so he’s getting it. He’s just not getting the actual reps,” Austin said of Ansah, according to MLive.com.

For wanting to look on the bright side, it’s preferable that Ansah takes mental reps as he mends in June than during the season. The Lions’ best edge rusher, it may be a benefit that Ansah doesn’t endure any wear and tear in the offseason.

The question now is when Ansah will be cleared; per MLive.com, it’s not yet known when that will happen. But time remains on the Lions’ side, what with three months until the regular season.

5 responses to “Ezekiel Ansah watching and learning after shoulder surgery

  1. This will be his 4th? year playing organized football. Nowhere to go but up after a great rookie season.

  2. I get crap every year for saying this is gona be our year and i believe it every year but as i learn more and more about the game i understand why so many of those years weren’t ours but I’m 20 yrs into this and this is gona be our year. its gotta be unless Stafford just bombs again but even if he doesn’t have his best year their are so many options for him now. Stafford stunk it up a little bit last year. that’s a fact but when has he ever had a second receiver. never! He’s had amazing stats but johnson was really his only guy. i don’t think anyone has won a superbowl with a number one receiver and a couple number 4 receivers. Broyles was gona save us and has been injured since he got here. what’s his name showd promise but mental health issues derailed him. pettigrew has two personalittys. star player and mr drop everything thrown to you. not very re assuring. leshoure was gona giv us some extra fire poower when we had no ruunning game. injured n out. Best was gona be the next Sanders, breaks my heart about him. so i guess my point is that now this team is built around Stafford the way the colts buuilt around Manning and its time to go to work. last years oofensive line was the best we ever had. they play as well this year and stafford can throw from a lawn chair. and it doesn’t hav to be to calvin only to watch him get blasted after a spectacular catch. you got Tate, you got the new tightend you fauria for the endzone you got bush and bell and hopefullly what’s his name, the wr that keeps gettin hurt but detroit doesn’t release finally has his year. pettigrew stepped up finally again last year. Heck with the heighth and speed we got just throw hailmarys and the odds are on our side. defense, good to go. Secondary, lot to prove but with more blitzing and a rookie from last year ready to prove himself and the other corner just waiten on a toe to prove himself i think werre fine. i guess i just really think its our year!

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