Financial details will say plenty about Kaepernick deal

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The nugget leaked preliminary regarding the six-year contract extension signed by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is that it’s worth “up to” $126 million, and that it pays out $60 million “guaranteed.”

That information raises more questions than it answers.

“Up to” means maximum value.  Which means there are triggers that Kaepernick must hit to get all the money.  Without knowing what the triggers are or how much of the money is tied to incentives or escalators, it’s impossible to know how much Kaepernick actually will earn.

The impression created — correct or otherwise — is that Kaepernick becomes the highest-paid player in the league.  Until the full details can be examined, there’s a chance it isn’t true.

Ditto for the “guaranteed” money.  Without specifying the amount fully guaranteed at signing, it’s impossible to draw a line between how much he’ll definitely get and how much he absolutely, positively will earn only if he suffers a career-ending injury.

Undoubtedly, it’s a strong deal.  Perhaps too strong for the 49ers to pay, given that they had Kaepernick under contract for another year.  With only 23 career regular-season starts at stretches last year when he was ordinary at best, the Niners may be taking more of a risk than they should, especially since Kaepernick’s mobile style makes him more susceptible to injury.

The truth about the deal eventually will come out, after Kaepernick and his agents have run a victory lap based on exaggerated information.  It’s not the first time that’s happened, but given the dollars at play there’s a chance it’s the most egregious example yet of puffed up contract numbers.

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  1. Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are worth at least $150 million if Kaepernick is worth $126 million. Look at it this way: Would the 49ers trade Kaepernick for either Wilson or Luck in a heartbeat? They sure would. Horrible contract.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see they structured this contract and how much applies to the salary cap.

    After all, Kap isn’t the only priority signing at the moment and it’s a guarantee Vernon and Crabtree are watching this deal VERY closely.

  3. 49ers had the 2nd to worst passing game in the league. Kap can’t read NFL defenses, period. If the first option isn’t there he takes off running. That only works against the hopeless Packers. Quite possibly the dumbest contract in the history of the NFL.

  4. Alex Smith was 19-5-1 for the 9ers under Harbaugh.
    Kaepernick was 17-6 for the team under Harbaugh.

    Smith 65% completion rate, 95.6 passer rating.
    Kaepernick 59% coml rate, 93.8 passer rating.

  5. By this logic, Dalton deserves 100m.
    I would like to thank Ozzie for ruining the NFL by giving average Joe ( pun intended ) QB’s huge deals.

  6. top 5 qbs
    1. rodgers
    2. brees
    3. kaepernick
    4. russell wilson
    5. p. manning

  7. As a Seahawks fan, I hope these inflated numbers are 100% accurate and that the entire Niners organization is now married to Kaepernick football-wise and financially.

  8. Kaepernick gets to join the ranks of QBs like Cutler and Stafford–overpaid, not having won anything, with unbelievable and undeserved mega-contracts. I particularly like Kaepernick’s record against the Seahawks last year–4 interceptions, 1 touchdown, and a 49% completion record. Of course, we have to pay him “up to $126 million” because after all against the Seahawks he has 4 times as many INTs as TDs.

  9. if this injury waiting to happen mediocore scrambling QB gets a contract worth up to 126 million than pure drop back laser armed passer Andrew Luck should garner $150 million

  10. They might have had him under contract but you are out of your mind if you think he would actually have stepped on the field with it. There was never a chance he would risk injury playing under that contract for another year. No agent would even let him near the facility.

    Have to wait until I see the structure of the deal but know SF will get to see if they can still field a great all around team after paying your QB top money. As a Packer fan I know things get a lot harder once you do that.

  11. Today marks the beginning of 49ers’ Super Bowl window coming to a close. In the salary-cap era, paying most of the money to the QB is a bad idea, especially for a team that went 13-3 in 2011 with Alex Smith at QB.
    Overpaying QBs is the quickest way to dismantle contending teams. Congrats, San Francisco.

  12. The 49ers are one hit away from setting their team back 3-4 years. And considering his skinny build and how much he runs, that is likely (although I hope not because I never wish injury on anybody).

  13. That’s a huge gamble for a quarterback that can only run the read option. The defense did most of the work to get the niners to the super bowl and the 2 nfc championships. I believe if you put Kaepernick on a team like the jaguars. Then you have a below average quarterback.

  14. Two thoughts…

    Poor Andy Dalton is going to think HE deserves this too.

    Can you feel ticket prices going up already?

  15. Even if he makes $100 million, he is still overpaid. And I would say the same thing about Russell Wilson. But, at least Russell Wilson has won a Superbowl. Kaep and Wilson have taken their teams to almost identical seasons (although Wilson has a win lead over the last two seasons thanks to that tie in the 49ers/Packers game).

    I hope Russell Wilson takes a team friendly deal and comes home with 5 years 80 million.

  16. Man, he will be able to buy the whole home city of Santa Clara with this, probably San Pedro too, where they have their draft parties for this nomad franchise.

  17. Can’t believe they paid a guy who only throws to half the field and runs way too much. Now SF will see what happens when you have to pay a QB. But they paid for an average one. Lol

  18. Either way, that young man will have a lot of money in his pocket. I’m sure he’ll celebrate by taking his family out to dinner at a really nice restaurant.

    Hope he doesn’t forget the tip.

  19. It’s funny how all these really stupid people rip these high paying contracts. It’s just like the draft and gambling on a #1 pick, you’re going on potential, all the arrows on Colin are facing up. Go ahead and rip the contract and the player in 3-4 years if he does nothing…until then, shut-up!

  20. I love the idea that people are offended by a QB getting a new fat contract that the “official” numbers haven’t even been released yet. Have you not been informed about this new era of NFL Football yet? Whoever said that this means Dalton deserves even more money needs a reality check of epic proportions. Dalton is to big playoff wins as Peyton Manning is to big Super Bowl wins. …. as for Russell Wilson… I like the kid and he will be the leader of that team for many years. You see there are those of us that don’t need to belittle our teams competition to make our team look better. Here’s to many more great 9er/Seahawks games. 🙂

  21. why are people saying Luck will get similar type money??? he cant playoff games. everyone knows how bad he performs in the playoffs. he’s good but definitely doesn’t deserve kaepernick money. he has to earn it first. kaep has 5 playoff wins, 3 on the road. luck might get tony romo money.

  22. I like Kaep but this is insane. What is Andrew Luck getting 70 million guaranteed. Somewhere Russell Wilson is smiling.

  23. I think at this point, it’s justified to give him a contract that guarantee’s him something like $18 million a year over the next 3 years. Beyond that, it’s all Monopoly money unless he meets the “guarantee’s” performance-wise.

    If they gave him something that adds up to more than that, guaranteed money-wise, then it’s foolish until he’s proven himself. He’s not a top-10 QB in this league.

    Manning, Rodgers, Brady, Wilson, Luck, Big Ben, The Other Manning, Flacco, Ryan, and RGIII are better. Kaepernick is in the second group with guys like Dalton and Stafford.

  24. I dont get it, they could of picked up Vick in the offseason for 20 bucks and he could of ran around not reading defenses and throwing picks. what the difference?

  25. If you Seattle fans don’t think this is coming to your team soon, you’ve lost your mind. This is the rate for any QB you want to keep around from this point for the next 5+ years. No one is happy about it except for Kaepernick and soon …Wilson.

  26. Seahawks 2015 will = half or more of the salary cap for Sherman, Wilson, Thomas, and Harvin alone so I don’t get why any of them are excited LOL

  27. Let’s see Kap has 1 SB appearance and 2 championship appearances. Given what the market is for QBs he paid about right! One can make the argument that Wilson should get more but Kap is 18-6 as the starter. .750 winning percentage

    Career winning percentage for league starters:
    Brady: .775
    wilson .750
    Manning: .696
    Rothlesburger .669
    Luck .688
    Rodgers: .656
    Flacco: .651
    Rivers: .617
    Ryan: .616
    Brees: .595


  28. Most of these comments are hilarious-or stupid- or both.

    The fact is, quarterbacks are disproportionately paid in general. CK is getting paid because he and his team are tied together and any reasonable fan would say that their recent deep runs into the playoffs are due, in large part to the play of the qb position, whoever it has been or might be.

    Colin Kaepernick has huge upside. In the years to come, the rivalry between him and Russell Wilson will be fun to watch- though it’s their respective defenses and running games that make those teams so tough to beat.

  29. Love all the Seahawk fans saying Wilson will take a team friendly deal like they know Wilson or something lol. This is his JOB and he will want every penny he can get because of the short life of a football player. Young players especially QBs don’t take “team friendly” deals lol. Vets who have ALREADY made their money do.

  30. ROTFL… I LOVE that picture!! That picture is from the NFCCG loss in Seattle. San Fran took a lead in the game and Kaepernick made that gesture at the fans. A few minutes later, Seattle retook the lead and once again destroyed Kaepernick and his Whiners in Seattle. And once again, he ran off the field without shaking anyone’s hand, like a punk.

    Oh, and as a Seahawk fan, this ranks right up there with the Sherman and Thomas deals as being AWESOME news for Seahawks fans.

    We love Kaepernick! And he still hasn’t won a game in Seattle!

  31. A “team-friendly” deal by Russell Wilson? Yep. Because when I think of RW I think of “loyalty” and “sticking with the girl that you brought to the dance”. Lol…..thanks for playing.

  32. I bet now he thinks he’s a QB….which is bad for both Kaep and the Niners. The more he throws the ball….the worse off they are.

  33. Dude CHOKED two years running on the two biggest plays of the last two seasons! His 4th Q collapse against Seattle was epic! Can you imagine how much the Niners would have paid Romo if he was on their team? How can I get some from the Niners?

  34. Kap hasn’t won in Seattle.. Meanwhile Seattle hasn’t won in SF with ANY qb since Mike Nolan was head coach.. ouch

  35. Over the past 2 years vs quality teams (18 games) his passing % is 52% and he has 17 td and 17 int. Granted…the team has won a majority of those games. But it was obviously not on the arm of Kaepernick.

    His style is going to be defended better and better as time goes by…as teams make him try to throw to beat them. Plus…he isn’t much of a clutch QB.

    So…as a Seahawk fan…I love this contract.

  36. “…it’s worth “up to” $126 million (IF the Niners win a SB every year), and it pays out $60 million “guaranteed” (when they don’t).

  37. Look at all the 49er fans trying to defend this debacle. Someone already pointed out he’s the same QB as Alex Smith, except a better runner. So congrats, you paid $12 million more a season for a guy who runs 4.4 instead of 4.6. Well done.

  38. Maybe Kaep can now afford to get all those stupid tattoos lasered off!

    Wilson does not need to take a “team friendly” deal because he works for the wealthiest NFL owner.

  39. A team friendly deal for Russell? What the heck do you call the deal he’s been playing under the past two seasons? He has been criminally underpaid through no fault of anyone but that fact leads me to believe he will try to collect every penny he can when the time comes.

  40. How many games has this guy won. Flacco no longer the most overpaid QB as some has said he was. Look at the numbers between the two. Yes Santa Clara 49s fans you will be paying dearly for this contract, probably not in a good way. He hasn’t proved to be the guy with a team that’s as talented as the 49s are today. When salary cap numbers start to influence who they can keep in the next few years things will change for them as seen by other SB teams.

  41. Per ESPN: Kaepernick’s deal is $110 mil./6yr, $18.3 mil./yr, the $16 mil. are playoff incentives. He barely made it into the top 10 highest paid QBs.

  42. Harbaugh knows the insider intangibles- locker room presence, coachabity, and ceiling. They are married now… sink or swim.

    I like the move. Kap is a stud. Now he can forget money and just play. Oh, and:


  43. Wilson is way overhyped… if the D wasn’t so amazing in the SB, he would have had to put up a big game, and he doesn’t do that… enjoy that D while you got it hawks

  44. Hey SF fans, Google Lombardi Trophy before looking foolish.

    The goal isn’t to get close, the goal IS TO CLOSE!

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