Giants corner Jayron Hosley suspended four games

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Maybe in East Rutherford, N.J., they call it secondary smoke, and not second-hand.

The Giants announced that cornerback Jayron Hosley has been suspended the first four games of the coming season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The substance in question was not specified (we were just making a topical substance abuse joke up there at the top).

He’s the second Giants defensive back in a week to be banned, following safety Will Hill’s six-game suspension.

Hosley, a former third-round pick, will be eligible to return on Sept. 26. He can still work out in the offseason and play in the preseason, but will miss the first four regular season games.

16 responses to “Giants corner Jayron Hosley suspended four games

  1. My guess is smoking pot again. I think the penalty is too steep for a product that is sold legally and/or has been decriminalized in many states. One game for a failed test and one additional game for each subsequent failed test. (i.e. First fail 1 games, 2nd fail 2 games, 3rd fail 3 games etc…). Test them every three months and after multiple failures the team will lose interest. Presently we are crippling the league talent pool over something as silly as smoking occasionally but because it stays in your system and can be detected by the best test months afterwards, it is more stringently enforced because it is harder to beat than crack, coke, heroin and LSD. The test sensitivity also increases the risk over testing positive as a result of second hand smoke, something that can’t be controlled.

  2. #6 CB on the depth chart…wasn’t going to make the team to begin with….all this does is make Coughlin’s decision easier for the 53 man roster

    1. DRC
    2. Prince
    3. Thurmond
    4. McBride
    5. Bowman
    6. Hosley – will be cut for sure now

  3. Hosley was a highly talented college player who simply never elevated his game for the NFL level.

    The Giants took Austin (2nd) and Hosley (3rd) despite character concerns, and were snake-bitten both times, and add Will Hill (undrafted).

    Does anyone still wonder why the Giants drafted all high character, team captains this year?

  4. At some point the NFL is going to have to realize that it is not in their “best interest” to sit down players for something that 58% of Americans think should be legalized.

  5. He should hurry and apply now for Jay Carneys job, Obama’s running short on morons

  6. The NFL bans many legal substances…so the argument that weed is legal in some states or many want it legal holds no water. If you are under an NFL contract do not put anything questionable in your body. Not a difficult concept.

  7. Lot of teams are in the market for decent CBs and here’s Hosley, who might not have even make the Giant’s roster, removing any chance he has to find a gig somewhere else.

  8. Glad Jerry fixed the secondary and Hosley was buried on depth chart. Amazing they smoke weed knowing they will be tested.

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