Giants expect David Wilson to be cleared for training camp

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Although Giants running back David Wilson was told today that he’s not ready for contact after his latest examination in recovery from neck surgery, the team’s medical staff is optimistic that Wilson is almost healed.

Giants team doctor Russell Warren told that Wilson is right on track to be cleared when training camp starts late next month.

“There has been significant progress and healing since David had the fusion,” Warren said. “But the reality is it has only been four and one-half months since the surgery. We anticipate that when David is re-evaluated at the start of training camp he will be cleared at that point.”

Wilson said he was happy with the results of his checkup.

“Everything I got this morning was good news – there was nothing bad or negative,” Wilson said. “I’m very pleased and very blessed for my healing process to continue.”

The 22-year-old Wilson was the Giants’ first-round draft pick in 2012 and opened the 2013 season as their starting running back. If he’s healthy, he’ll have a chance to compete for the starting job again this year.

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  1. Prime example of why lawsuits by players against the NFL are oftentimes ridiculous. ALL players know the risk associated with playing football (starting in pee wee leagues all the way up to the pros). Here is a prime example of a player willing to take a substantial risk with his longterm health in order to get paid. It’s totally fine to get paid huge sums of money for, A). Winning the genetics lottery, and, for some, B). Working hard and ascending to the NFL level – But, know the risk AND OWN IT. For the older vets who played in the days prior to the 1980’s, I get it. They were not nearly as well paid (accounting for inflation) as todays players – but they still knew the risk. Glory comes at a price. There are so many cautionary tales regarding football at any level, you’d be a complete moron to miss it. Give me a break…but pay me for it…so I can sue you later.

  2. If his risk is that he can be paralyzed, that’s a risk he can appreciate and OWN as you say. However, if the team knows there’s a risk of him developing spinal cancer and CONCEALS THAT, he should be able to sue because that is a risk he could not have possible appreciated before deciding to GO FOR THE GLORY as you say. Why is this so hard for owner slurpers to understand. It’s not rocket science.

  3. There’s much more knowledge of the long term risks today than 30 years ago.I remember the game being much tougher in the 60s and 70s.All the hits that are penalized today were legal then and in some cases encouraged.Ask Daryl Stingley about being paralyzed by Jack Tatums hit.Before bounty gate there were head hunting defenses like the Bears Packers Steelers and of course the Raiders.Players didn’t know then what they know now,they just played.

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