Jaguars can’t keep wide receivers on the field


The Jaguars are trying to get ready for a season, and school up rookie quarterback Blake Bortles at the same time.

Both jobs are a little harder because they don’t have many wide receivers on the field at the moment.

According to the Florida Times-Union, leading target Cecil Shorts wasn’t about to finish yesterday’s work with a “really minor” calf injury, which will keep him off the field today.

“This is the best my body has felt in a long time,” said Shorts, coming back from offseason groin surgery. “I’m not too worried about it at all.”

While his absence is not necessarily a reason for concern now, he does add to a long list of receivers who are watching instead of working.

Rookies Marqise Lee (ankle) and Allen Robinson (hamstring) are sidelined, along with Lamaar Thomas (knee), Tandon Doss (calf), Ace Sanders (hamstring) and Mike Brown (groin).

That means they finished yesterday’s work with five wideouts, leaving a lot of reps for the weary few healthy ones on the roster.


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  1. It all started when they foolishly drafted Justin Blackmon. That set the bad WR juju in motion.

  2. The Jacksonville Jaguars current receiving core is young and talented and most importantly can look to a guy like Cecil Shorts for advice. Shorts has come from a D3 program (Mt. Union) and has exceeded expectations while amassing 1,600 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns the last two seasons.

    Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson are polished though lacking the NFL experience but could really flourish as second and third options.

  3. Too many injuries to be considered random events, Shad Khan should perform a root cause analysis (RCA) to determine where their problem is…three leading contributing factors IMHO would be: practice field conditions (turf density, foundation soil, drainage, etc.), training staff (conditioning/stretching exercises not sufficient), or quarterbacks (not throwing the ball on target, causing the receivers to reach/twist/torque their bodies to catch the ball).

    My guess would be the latter.

  4. regisphilbin says:
    Jun 4, 2014 9:44 AM
    RJ Soward
    Reggie Williams
    Martha Jones
    Justin Blackout

    Ya, my Jags have the WR juju.
    Jerry Porter
    Laurent Robinson
    Troy Williamson

    It’s not just the drafted WRs either…

  5. Shoot, I’ll run around and catch passes for $50 an hour… I won’t even make you cover benefits.

    Gotta be cheaper than what you’re paying even your least paid player.

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