Jerry Hughes admits involvement in Marcell Dareus incident


Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes has acknowledged that he was the other driver in what police say is a drag race that ended with Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus crashing his car into a tree.

Hughes didn’t admit to any legal wrongdoing, but he did confirm that he’s the other driver and said that no other players were involved, according to

I was driving my vehicle, but like I said, it’s an ongoing investigation with the Hamburg police,” Hughes said. “I’m going to wait for them to figure out what they’re doing.”

Dareus is facing three misdemeanor charges in connection with the incident. Police have not said if Hughes will also be charged.

Hughes is still participating in the Bills’ Organized Team Activities. The Bills and Dareus have mutually agreed that Dareus will not participate in OTAs while he continues to deal with legal issues stemming both from the car crash and from a previous arrest for possession of synthetic marijuana.

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  1. Being a college student, I have no right to judge people do stupid things after they see a lot of money for the first time but c’mon! You are adults. In what world is drag racing going to end well for you? You are an athlete who is one play on the field away from losing everything. Why would you want to increase the risk by doing this stuff off the field? Do some of you need babysitters to stay out of trouble?

  2. “… it’s an ongoing investigation with the Hamburg police,” Hughes said. “I’m going to wait for them to figure out what they’re doing.”

    No Jerry. The Hamburg police are figuring out what you were doing during the drag race.

  3. Glad we were able to dump him on another team. Indy still loathes you Jerry!! And Polian for drafting you. What a waste

  4. Should have gone to Hamburg, Germany instead if they wanted to drive fast.

  5. Way to build good will with the Hamburg cops Jer! Tell ’em they don’t know what they’re doing.

    How do these bozos make it through 4 years of college? Wait – do you think they might be treated differently than non-football-playing students?

  6. Honestly, why wouldn’t they just go to a test & tune at the local drag strip? Do they still have that at Lancaster Speedway? They could run the 1/4 mile as many times as they want in a safe, controlled environment. Can’t change stupid I guess!

  7. I’m not so dang sure their Concussion lawsuit has any merit,,,,most of these jerks had scrambled eggs for brains WAYYYYYYYY before the NFL.

  8. what an idiot! his charges may be more severe than Dareus’ – leaving the scene of an accident – may not lead to a conviction, but who wants these kinda problems in any event

    The NFL, or NFL teams, needs to hire professional babysitters

  9. Doesn’t anyone own up to what they did anymore instead of … “I’m going to wait for them to figure out what they’re doing.”? So much for personal responsibility.

  10. What is it with football players and their problems of driving around Buffalo? Perhaps the Bills should start assigning drivers to their players. It would be pretty inexpensive there and good for their economy. Not to mention good for the health of the locals.

  11. Every single person that has commented…how’s the weather up there?

    He got in a race with his buddy and no one got hurt…because all of you guys are perfect.

    Get off the internet and do something with you lives.

  12. NFL players smoke weed and race $70,000 cars. Alert the presses.

    Purple Drank, Weed and 0-60 in split seconds is not a great combination.

  13. Indy fans….We got 10 sacks from a guy you gave up on. How do you know he and other players weren’t/ aren’t doing the same thing today?Michael Jordan used to drive his Porsche around Chicago at night and try to beat red lights. He got lucky. How’s that Mathis thing working out for you? Second hand steroids, no doubt. How’s your owner doing?

  14. As a Charlotte native and Hornets fan, this hits close to home, and I feel that these guys are very lucky. Bobby Phills and David Wesley were engaged in the same behavior back in 2000, and if y’all remember correctly, it ended tragically for Phills. Wesley was my favorite Hornet, and a really great guy. I remember getting my picture taken with him in Target (of all places) as a kid. I’m sure it still haunts him to the day.

    I hope that these guys have learned from this and won’t take for granted the fact that every time you step into an automobile, you’re piloting a weapon capable of doing irreversible damage to yourself and others. It might be fun for a moment, but all it takes is a moment to change lives forever.

  15. If these guys weren’t NFL palyers would this even be a story? They shouldn’t have done it, but it isn’t the dumbest thing young guys have done. Young guys sometimes lack maturity and it comes out in different ways. I know when I was a kid we used to race other cars at the lights. It was the cool thing to do, Smoking gibarettes was another.In hindsight neither of these was the smartest thing to do, but at that time it didn’t seem dumb to us. Part of growing up is figuring out what’s dumb and what isn’t . It takes time , and unfortunately some never figure it out.

  16. Man if Jerry Hughes got off the snap like he did the line in that street race his career may have been a whole lot better up to this point

  17. I give the man respect for not letting his teammate take the fall alone.. He couldve stood silent and maybe not gotten caught.. But he owned it and joined his player in the fire.. I can see from some of these comments that its not alot people with character on this thread

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