Jordy Nelson hoping for a contract extension soon


Packers receiver Jordy Nelson is heading into the final year of his contract, but he hopes to have a new deal in place long before the start of free agency in 2015.

Nelson said he isn’t even thinking about how much money he might make in free agency because he believes he can work out a new deal to remain in Green Bay beyond this season.

“I haven’t thought that far. I guess I’m more focused on hoping it gets done before that,” Nelson told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Obviously you want to get it done as soon as possible, but there are a lot of other people involved in that. It’s a process, we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.”

In 2011, Nelson signed a three-year, $12.6 million contract with the Packers. He’s probably looking for a better deal than that now, considering that he’s coming off a season in which he had career highs in catches (85) and yards (1,314). If Nelson were to repeat that performance again this year, he’d be well positioned to cash in when free agency begins. But Nelson said he thinks he and the Packers will get on the same page.

“They know everything about me, they know we don’t want to leave, so I’m not worried about saying it. We just want to make sure you get it done,” Nelson said.

With Nelson happy in Green Bay and the Packers happy with his performance, there’s a good chance something will get done soon.

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  1. He’ll get one soon. Probably the most underrated receiver in the NFL. Being honest, probably the 3rd best in the division behind Johnson and Marshall. Pay the man.


  2. All he does is everything you would want a great WR to do. He catches everything, scores TDs, knows when to come back to the ball to bail out the QB, runs after the catch, and blocks down field. Plus, he seems to have a great team attitude and is a solid citizen.
    No way the Packers let this guy slip away.

  3. The master of the back-shoulder catch while still making sure he gets his feet inbounds. That play is indefensible if executed correctly.

    When he signed his current deal, it raised several eybrows since it was deemed to be well below market value (he was something like the 35th highest paid WR but was a top-20 talent), and looks like an even bigger steal now as he’s arguably a top-10 talent now. They’ll get something done.

  4. I am not sold a deal gets done here…

    Don’t get me wrong, Nelson is a great receiver, but this is a team that has a habit on not giving long term contracts to elderly player. And Nelson will be 30 before 2015 rolls around. Maybe a 2 year extension if they do one.

    And at his age, probably not for the money he could get elsewhere. Thompson has been top notch at picking receivers (or Rodgers has been top notch at making them look good), but Green Bay has also let Jennings and Jones go in consecutive seasons.

    Also it is a rarity for someone to be “team for life” in the NFL, i mean that same thought was on Favre and Jennings once upon a time…

  5. Hard to find a better team player and better guy. Don’t anyone tell him he ‘s still living in the Throwback Era. We need more of these diva receivers who grew up on a farm.

  6. Definitely an underrated player. He has the speed and size to be the #1 option, which he was last year, and now it’s time for him to get paid like it. I was surprised he took the cheapo extension a few years ago; he deserves double what he’s been making for his production. Even though some of his success might be attributed to Rodgers, Nelson gets open, and would be a good with any decent QB throwing it.

  7. You can’t blame him for wanting to stay in Green Bay. If you get a chance to play on a team that competes with a QB that is a consensus top five in the league it doesn’t make sense to chase a few bucks more to a team where the only thing they have more of than dollar signs is question marks.

  8. Turd Thompson will offer him the max deal….. a life long pass to the Wiscoooonson Dells, a 30 pack of schlitz, a free wine and dine at the local applebees and 5 free nights for relatvies at the supper inn…….and of course 3 million a year…….

  9. Jordy is just fun to watch. Tremendous upper body strength. I have seen him stiff arm defenders right to the ground and still keep his balance and keep on going. I hope they can work it out with him, but knowing Ted he’ll probably wait to see if he gets hurt halfway through the season first.

  10. Jordy is 4th in td catches league wide in the last 3 years only behind the likes of Johnson, Decker and Bryant. I think he is well worth paying and keeping.
    As usual, the Packers have a great receiving group.

  11. oh… and airhead85, you are not only jealous, but clueless as well.. you can only hope the team you root for gets a win or two this year..

  12. Little known trivia fact, Nelson was a state track champion in High School, deceptively fast for a white guy.

    Packers have a habit of paying those who perform, its when they underperform that they get cut and signed by the Vikings. That should motivate any player hoping to stay in the NFL.

  13. Jordy just turned 29. GM’s look at age and the averages of age when production drops off.
    The big part of negotiating which could be problematic will be the guaranteed money. I wouldn’t guarantee more than 20 mil on a 3 or 4 year deal. I love the guy but he’s getting older and 31 / 32 is where production and physical skills start to drop off for some receivers. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. It is all about the money, and remember you’ve got to pony up with Randall Cobb too.

  14. He’s the 2014 version of the 2012 Greg Jennings. Ted Thompson has shown that he’s not into giving contract extensions to 30 year old WR’s.

    He’ll be playing for a new franchise in 2015.

  15. You’ll notice that the Packers love wideouts that don’t wow you with elite measurables or flash. They look for intelligent, disciplined route runners with natural pass catching ability. After watching highlight films and interviews, it sounds like Davante Adams will be that type for them in this year’s draft.

    Meanwhile, the Vikings dump the whole rest of the 2013 draft to pick a guy who had 49 catches in his college career who boasts questionable hands, poor route running, and hasn’t mastered English despite being a natural born American citizen. He had 450 receiving yards last year.

  16. filthymcfunny1 says:Jun 4, 2014 11:38 AM

    He wants to go to the niners if you can’t beat them you might as well join them!

    McFunny, he won a ring with the Pack… with the whiners all he would get is drama.

  17. This should take about 10 min once Teddy and Russ show up on his farm in Kansas. I’m sure his dog is his agent and wants to also get it done asap.

  18. Best receiver in the world. Hall of fame for sure, even if he quit today. Plan to name all my kids Jordy. Go Pack.

  19. Remember when people were labeling him a bust after his first two-three years?

    Some people are just dumb, it’s draft and “develop”.
    Not draft and “label everyone busts!”

  20. I want Jordy back, but the Packers haven’t historically backed the money truck up for WR’s.

    That said, he is under contract for 3M this year. Given the cheap price they could extend him through 2016. Jordy would get a lot more guaranteed money right now, and the Packers would probably get off a little bit cheaper than if they wait a year. Deal could be something like 10M in 2014 and the 7M the following 2 years.

  21. It’s not like the Pack doesn’t have plenty of cap room. He’s worth the dough just for his ability to hide MM’s challenge flag down his pants.

  22. I actually think Jordy will accept an offer at something below his market value. He knows he’s in a good spot w/Aaron throwing the rock to him. He wants another ring and this probably gives him the best chance.
    How about a 4 year deal @ $32 million / 20 guaranteed. This allows for the signing bonus and guarantee money to stretch out a few years / cap friendly.

  23. “Thumbs Down” all you want. If Jordy Nelson is as good as you obviously believe he is, then he’s going to need to be compensated in a way that reflects that.

    And Ted Thompson isn’t going to give a 29 year old WR 6years/$60million. Not with Matthews and Rodgers already eating up plenty of space, platoon of UFA’s looming and the end of this coming season AND knowing that he’s going to be facing the same situation with Randall Cobb next year.

    Enjoy watching Jordy Nelson as Packer this season. It’s his last.

  24. It’s amazing how many idiots actually think it is his last season. He’s already said he wants to stay, money isn’t the issue with him and if you read the latest article, his wife and family want to be there. Nevermind that the excess cap space they have was saved for both Nelson and Cobb. People like veence are what make the average casual NFL fan look like a fool.

  25. Teams with elite QB’s never have their windows close. It’s why the Vikings and Bears are never consistently good. It takes a once in a career season for their QB’s or RB to have 1 fluke season before falling back to the dumpster.

  26. If they gave contract extensions for whining to officials and calling for pass interference after every single play then he’d be a Packer for 100 years.

  27. I find it even more funny that Nelson is supposedly this year’s Greg Jennings. The difference is that in Jennings last contract year, the Packers offered Greg Jennings 11 million/year at the beginning of the season and he turned it down and said not to talk to him unless it was at least 15 million/year.

    We saw how that worked out for him when he was forced to eat crow, get far less money and have to play for a dumpster fire team like the Vikings with trash throwing him the ball.

  28. Aarons cap # for 2014 is $17.5 mil, claymaker is just shy of $11 mil. Ted has plenty of room to do both Jordy and Randall Cobb extensions. Tramon Williams is in his last year at $9.5 mil. Maybe they redo Tramons deal to free up more cap by adding 2 years, maybe they let him walk. Then he signs with the Vikings. Whatever happens in GB, the Vikings will still finish last in the division. Packers and fans will be celebrating another Lombardi trophy addition in Feb 2015.

  29. This is why the Packers continue to stay successful. Ted hardly branches out in Free Agency and stays at home so that they can pay their own.

    Jordy will get paid, people…And by the Packers.

    Most franchises in the NFL would kill to have the Packers model of success.

  30. Defines the term “Packer Person.” Had a great season last year with Rodgers out 8 games, Jones hobbled, and Cobb and Finley out for a number of games as well. Nelson drew all the defensive pass protection attention and still helped carry the team along with Lacy.
    Pack has reloaded the position in the draft, but TT takes care of the guys who are performing at a high level.
    Meanwhile, Viking fans should enjoy Adrian Peterson’s last season or two of futility before he’s gone and their rebuilding project gets set back even further.

  31. Great player that deserves the money. However, history says that unless you are a QB, Ted Thompson would rather let you walk than pay you once your price tag starts to go up.

  32. I guess these Vikings fans are so frustrated with their own team, the only self satisfaction they have left is bad mouthing the perennial division champions. I almost feel sorry for them, but then I come to my senses and remember they just paid Greg Jennings $150K per reception last year.

  33. Hey, can not blame the Vikings, I would be in a very angry mood if I went to visit their hall of fame and found a empty dust and cobweb covered room where they Superbowl trophy room was.

  34. Nelson is arguably a top 5 WR overall, but his age and the Packers’ recent draft of 3 WRs makes it hard to believe a deal will get done before the season starts. If Jordy is re-signed, it will likely happen after the season.

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