Kaepernick deal could raise stakes for other young quarterbacks


We don’t know — and won’t know — what the Colin Kaepernick deal is actually worth until the contract is filed and inevitably leaked.

Waiting patiently, or otherwise, for the information will be the other young quarterbacks who either are or will be eligible for new contracts.

Currently, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton can get new deals.  If Kaepernick and his 23 regular-season starts deserves top-of-market money, what’s Newton and his 48 regular-season starts worth?  How about Dalton and his 48 starts and three straight playoff appearances?

Newton has been patient, and he has said that he won’t hold out to get a new contract.  How will Newton feel once he sees precisely how much a guy taken more than a full round after Newton in the 2011 draft was paid?

Also in the pipeline for extensions after 2014 are Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. Kaepernick’s deal will be relevant to their eventual negotiations, too.

Especially since Wilson has a Super Bowl win.

Again, it won’t matter until we know precisely what Kaepernick’s deal is worth.  Once we do, it’ll be much easier to figure out what it means for all other young franchise and would-be franchise quarterbacks.

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  1. If it means you can’t afford to or don’t want to pay your QB big money, then you already screwed up and picked the wrong QB and it’s time to admit you should have traded him away when you had a better chance.

  2. Seattle will lose many guys, because Wilson is better then Kaep ads he must be paid

  3. luck, wilson , newton, dalton? what have they done to demand top of the market deals? kaepernick has more playoff wins than all of them combined. kaep earned his money. those other qbs haven’t earned it.

  4. They had to do this deal now, and better to do it now than next year after Newton, RG3, Luck, and Wilson all signed their extensions. Did they over pay? Probably. But who is to say Carolina wouldn’t have given the same deal to Newton in a few weeks. Then it would cost the 49ers even more to sign Kap to an extentsion. And it doesn’t matter how many starts Newton has or when he was taken in the draft, he hasn’t produced like Kap has. Wilson and Luck legitimately deserve more money based on stats and performance. There is no second tier for qb’s, so like I said…they had to pay this.

  5. If the Salary Cap continues to rise 10 to 15m a year as predicted, Seattle won’t have any problem signing RW next year, even with the 2 rings he’ll have by then.

    Look at it another way. Yesterday this same PTF site posted that the 49’ers had about 1.1 m in Cap space and in 24 hours they signed an extension for a record amount. The cap is either a joke or about 1/2 the 49’s players just got cut.


  6. I can tell you right now Dalton is not going to get upper echelon QB money. The number of starts the player has is less important than his ability and Dalton is unable to not look like crap in the playoffs.

  7. Well, just a crazy thought from a Niners fan, but when Newton, Dalton, Luck and RGIII make it to 3 consecutive NFCCG’s and a Super Bowl, maybe they can start dreaming about Kaepernick’s kind of money.

  8. The only thing Kaepernick is going to do is ruin the whole purpose for why the NFLPA negotiated just a couple years ago.

    Part of the reason was the insane and completely undeserved rookie QB contracts.

    Giving Kaep a big contract for not even possessing the ability to play QB does not set up other young QB’s. It only sets up other franchises for once again over-paying young QB’s.

    If 49’ers fans really think they upgraded going from Alex Smith to Kaepernick, then the Vikings should be playing Adrian Peterson at QB this year.

  9. Draft positions shouldn’t matter when you are talking about extensions. So why if Cam was the #1 overall pick that year, its about what he’s done lately not what his draft order was.

  10. Anyone notice florio didnt use the team mascot like he did for seattle or indi when referring to the team in dc?

  11. Sorry but who cares what round they were picked in. Better team aside Kaepernick has had more success than Cam especially in the playoffs. To say that Cam should be mad because someone lower than his draft order got paid is a waste of his time.

  12. The only thing Wilson won was a free ride to a sb championship courtesy of marshawn lynch and the defense, and a little help from the refs to get to the sb. Neither kap or Wilson deserve $100 million dollar contracts.

  13. The 49ers SuperBowl window is officially closed after this season. Seattle has two more years now. The Niners front office just derailed the whole damn thing.

  14. I’m not a 49ers fan, but I don’t begrudge Kap’s big payday, anymore than I do Peyton Manning’s.

    There’s alot of talk about Kap not winning big games, well you wanna give Manning a pay cut? He hasn’t exactly won too many meaningful games himself.

    Let the free market decide what players are worth.

  15. Why is it assumed their window will now be closed? Brady, Rogers, Manning, and soon to be RW all take up a big chunk of the salary cap and their teams seem to be right there each and every year. I’m not comparing Kap to any of those QB’s. The point is that it’s the front office’s job to find ways to remain competitive when they can’t afford to pay everyone. That’s why the draft is so important. Yes, this contract and a few bad drafts will close a window very quickly, but it’s way to early to say their window is closed.

  16. These QB deals are getting ridiculous, not to mention pathetic… The salary cap is only expected to be around $150M next year, and these teams are spending $20M+ on one single player. Hello… You have to feild a team of 53!!! That said, it will be comical to see the 49ers try to pay their players in the coming years. Two of their starters (Boone, and Davis) are already holding out, and guys like Iupati, Crabtree, and numerous others are coming up on contracts!!!

  17. makes sense to me to draft a QB every year to keep cost down. never pay any beyond rookie contract.

  18. Big QB contracts are always a huge kick back to the rest of the pack for a franchise. I don’t expect this one to be any different.

  19. Must be nice to go on a 9 game streak of passing 200 yards (2013 for you unfamiliar 49er fans) or less and throwing 2 td’s 6 int’s at the clink and still make this much $

  20. If I were Mike Brown and wanted to lowball Dalton (it’s hard to believe in him after 3 putrid playoff performances), I’d point out their postseason stat lines

    Kaepernick: 8.5 ypa, 7 pass TD, 4 rush TD, 5 INT, 88 playoff QBR in 2012 and 77 in 2013.

    Dalton: 5.8 ypa, 1 pass TD, 6 INT, playoff QBRs of 25 in 2011, 15 in 2012, and 14 in 2013.

    That’s right, Dalton’s best playoff QBR is 25 and he has accumulated only 1 total TD in 3 playoff games despite playing with AJ Green. I cannot fathom giving big money to a player who has accumulated 1 TD in 3 playoff games.

    I mean, even Joe Webb has a TD pass and had a QBR of 20 in the playoffs, and Webb is no longer allowed to play QB!

  21. Aaron Rodgers better tell management to start issuing more fake stock certificates if that’s what a one read, QB is worth.

  22. Kap Had Played on a Stacked Team since he lined up behind Center. Your Blind if you don’t see that or just truly a HOMER! The reason they haven’t win is because He can throw the fade route to the corner of the end Zone Thus a Int by Richard Sherman. Seattle SuperBowl. Kap is limited. And if he got $60M guaranteed CAM NEWTON/LUCK/RG3/and Wilson are going to BREAK the BANK. The Brinks Truck will bounce tryn to cash those checks. All of them are better QB’s than this dude and it’s really not close.

  23. Kaepernick needs polish but has tremendous upside and is still improving. While he had a couple ill-advised turnovers in the NFC Championship, there were a lot of incredible plays as well- the huge scramble, the bullet traveling 40 yards directly onto Boldin’s hands from an off-balance posture under duress. My dad (Seahawks fan and W. Washington native) doesn’t like CK and was skeptical of him said after the 49ers lost simply: “Kaepernick’s going to be great.”

    It’s hard to believe that someone with that much physical talent, with a work ethic that from all accounts has him first in and last out of the building, that he won’t at least be a very good QB after showing what he has so far in his first 28 games. He seems like the kind of person who will be driven even harder by being within striking distance of a Lombardi twice in his first two seasons starting. Now, I wouldn’t want to give him Rodgers/Brees/Manning money, but given his age, production, and upside (NFL contracts are always based on future production), he absolutely deserves $18 million if that’s what the 30+ year old and injury prone Cutler and Romo make.

  24. Wilson didn’t “win” a Super Bowl, Seattle’s defense did.

    OK, perhaps the Seahawks could have won that game with Dilfer, but it doesn’t mean that Russell Wilson didn’t play really well. He was efficient, averaging over 8 yds per pass attempt (Manning had less than 6 per attempt), threw 2 TD passes and had no turnovers. Scoring and not turning the ball over will typically win even if your defense and special teams don’t each score a TD. Remember that the Seahawks’ O scored 3 TD.

    Wilson: 18/25 (72% comp) for 206 yds (8.2 ypa), 2 TD passes, no INT, 88 QBR

    Manning: 34/49 (69% comp) for 280 yds (5.7 ypa), 1 TD pass, 2 INT, 24 QBR

  25. San Francisco just signed this generation’s version of Peyton Manning…

    while the Seahawks happily scored this generation’s version of Tom Brady.

    Enjoy being the perpetual runner-up Santa Clara, this generation’s Indy Colts. Enjoy the regular season wins and the “almost” postseasons because that’s all you’re ever going to get with this clown.

    LOL!!!!! What a great day for Seahawks fans!

  26. Once again Niners showing why they will remain elite. Being the 1st to ink one of the new young group of QB’s in the NFL means every single one that follows is likely to cost that team more and the longer they wait the more it’s going to cost. This of course weakens their opponents cap more than it does their own resulting in advantage.

    Come on now, catch up…hahahahaha

  27. What does brees ,manning,rodgers have in common? they all choked biiiiiggggg against seattle…..just look what kapp did last yr with 1 wr? and he beat seattle at our house and almost beat seattle in the nfc championship at their house! seattle fears kapp! just ask greenbaywho they don’t want to see again in the playoffs….

  28. Dont worry the way of contracts in pro football and the numbers are just wording.. In two yrs when sf cant pay their players they will either expect or ask him to restructure.. Then right around that time if a superbowl hasnt been won then they will look to move him.. They can announce a 200m contract and everyone will say wow and this and that but its all just show and to exploit the competition hoping they either wont take the chance on paying a player like that should the situation not dictate restructuring or the contract language locks em up.. Either way seattle is on the clock cuz their qb actually won a superbowl and he is passer who can read defenses.. Then az will be on the clock..

  29. Kap requested the language of the contract and cap hit to be structured in a way that other players are able to sign deals in the future. A fact proven with Kap only getting a 12 million signing bonus. The norm for Mega-QB deals? 24-40 million! That’s a team player for you! Haters would not understand…

    To Add, Brilliant timing for the organization to get this deal done! Any players being released or traded because of this deal? Nope…

  30. We’ll see where he is in three years. When 2nd tier QBs get 1st tier money, they never last the length of the contract. Kaepernick and Flacco are both going to be in the same boat — no jersey, but laughing all the way to the bank.

  31. Meanwhile, Nick Foles gets paid $615k and his clipboard holder/headband guru gets paid $2.25 mil. What a country.

  32. What I don’t understand is how anyone could think he’s a better qb then half of these guys listed. One guy even said Wilson hasn’t done anything to deserve a contract. He won the sb.–atleast he didn’t mess it up for the Seahawks… Something that kaep did do in the NFC championship. Rg3 shouldn’t get a big deal seeing as a one year offense lead to his good season and now he’s under achieved. Out of all of these luck/Wilson/newton will get paid and deservedly so. Wilson because of the Super Bowl win. And Newton/luck because if u out either of them in the niner or Seattle roster it’d be a trip to the Super Bowl every year.

  33. What I don’t understand is how anyone could think he’s a better qb then half of these guys listed. One guy even said Wilson hasn’t done anything to deserve a contract. He won the sb.–atleast he didn’t mess it up for the Seahawks… Something that kaep did do in the NFC championship. Rg3 shouldn’t get a big deal seeing as a one year offense lead to his good season and now he’s under achieved. Out of all of these luck/Wilson/newton will get paid and deservedly so. Wilson because of the Super Bowl win. And Newton/luck because if u put either of them in the niner or Seattle roster it’d be a trip to the Super Bowl every year.

  34. Notice how rams paid sam bradford all that money.. Highest and last before the rookie salary cap.. Now sf is paying a fat contract to another un-deserving qb.. Seattle gonna have to pay russell more than kap.. And eventually az will have to make a decision post carson palmer era.. They will be lucky because if they draft they will be protected by rookie cap and short of a blockbuster trade or fa qb signing will not have to break the bank for a qb and can use that as last puzzle piece once they build.. My point is.. They say nfcw is toughest division in football right now.. Yet they have the highest paid qbs and only one is worth it in with rw.. But he makes 600k as of now.. Furthermore they only have one sb in that div since 1999…people say baalke is the man.. He didnt do his homework tho.. Shouldve made him play out his last yr and maybe lock him up during the season if he shows up and shows development..

  35. In what world are playoff victories, including road playoff victories in difficult environments taken for granted? Cam Newton and Andy Dalton combine for a grand total of 0 playoff wins. I’m sorry the most of you guys just totally expect the 49ers to win a SB every season, even when their lead back has 14 yards rushing in a championship game, but that’s not how it works. The man has shown ability to step up and win big games, now just needs to catch lightning in a bottle like Seattle just did.

  36. We all have an opinion about if this deal is good or bad. But what do the facts tell you? He has not started 2 full seasons and was given the QB job after an injury. He has played a couple of games at a high level – yes only a couple of games. The team was a championship caliber team the year before he was given the job.

    Unless the cap continues to grow at a big pace this deal will cause the 49’ers to lose some key players. It’s not my decision but I think this deal was poorly done. He is not a top level QB and just because you give him a top level deal it will not make him one. I personally don’t like his “look at me” attitude and I hope the NFL clamps down on the taunting from guys like him. Too many of the NFL players have no class and have horrible sportsmanship and Kap is one of the prime examples.

  37. For all you Wilson haters and him just being lucky cuz of his defense, I request that you watch the 2013 playoff game against Atlanta, which Seattle lost BECAUSE of their D. Trailed 20-0 at halftime on the road and yet Russell (as a rookie!), led the team to 21 4th quarter points including a 2 minute drill TD to take the lead with 30 seconds left, only to then watch the D blow it. Otherwise, he’d also have been to 2 straight NFC championship games AND won a Superbowl (and possibly 2). I’d like to know of any other QB in history that during the playoffs led his team back from a 20-0 halftime deficit on the road, let alone a rookie QB. He could put up top 5 numbers if needed, but isn’t worried about stats and doesn’t need to because he’s blessed with a good defense. Save your hate for someone truly deserving like a T Romo, J Cutler, S Bradford or M Stafford who are all overpaid and haven’t won jack, as Wilson will deserve every penny he gets, regardless of stats, cuz he delivers when necessary, especially in the clutch.

  38. Dalton: 0-3 in the playoffs
    Cutler: 1 playoff appearance in 8 years
    Romo: 1-3 in playoffs
    Luck: 8 interceptions in 3 playoff games
    Ryan: 1-4 in the playoffs
    Peyton: took 6 years to win a playoff game
    Brady: has a losing record in the playoffs since spygate, with several multi-INT games

    Why is Dalton the only QB who catches so much grief over the playoffs?

  39. And quietly, from the deserts to the East, the AZ Cardinals watched as the 49ers and Seahawks hamstrung themselves with contracts that would open their window.

  40. The deal is for up to $126 million that means Kap Must hit some pretty hard incentives to reach beyond the 60 million that was guaranteed I like this deal.

  41. I’m sorry , all the people spouting about how they just signed a RB is a moron. On average he ran less than 5 times per game for an average of 26 yards per game.

    In the playoffs he runs more because he can exploit teams, it’s balls to the wall and he will risk more injuries: averaging 9 attempts 80 yards per game.

    You’ll see this every year. Running less regular season and more when the title is on the line.

    Anyone remember Steve Young and how much he ran on Tampa Bay and in the USFL? It takes some time to settle down and become a really good QB, Steve didn’t do it until he sat behind Montana for 4 years. Expect to see a steady trend of him learning to stay in the pocket, less running during the regular season and continued threat of running in the post season.

    I’m not saying Kaep will ever be as good as Steve Young but he is going to be further in his progression as a Qb when he is in his 5th year than when Steve is. People expect too much too early.

    If you have any sense of how the salary cap is going to work the next few years you’ll rationalize this is not a bad deal. Cap room is increasing and the cost of QBs teams want long term will only go up. This was a smart move. Please list off all of the terrible decisions the 49ers have made signing in house recently…

    Wait for the details of the contract come out, how Kaep does the next 3-6 years, what other QBs are signed for the next three years and then decide if this was a dumb move or not. I have a hunch that this was the right move at the right time.

  42. That’s a lot of money for a guy lat blew a Super Bowl AND an NFC championship game.

  43. Funny how all us “fans” sit here and debate whether this guy is worth XX million dollars or that guy is worth YY million dollars.

    Every damn one of us would trade places with Kaep in a heartbeat. And then every damn one of us…including Kaep and every other young QB in the league…would trade places with Russell Wilson, just to have tasted a Super Bowl win.

    Ultimately the money means very little. It’s the wins and the memories that live on forever.

  44. He is not worth that contract. He’s a lucky guy and make the most of it. There are others out there
    better than him.

  45. t’s moves like this that completely baffle me. Kaepernick is average at best and he’s at his worst when the pressure is on him. but sure, let’s give him Peyton Manning money. He deserves it.

  46. It’s moves like this that completely baffle me. Kaepernick is average at best and he’s at his worst when the pressure is on him. but sure, let’s give him Peyton Manning money. He deserves it.

  47. Remember Kap has a Super Bowl appearance and two NFC title game appearances. Cam has one decent season

  48. Yea Donny….the money doesn’t mean much….you sir just uttered the joke of the day. I love how fans think players think like them. The only way the money doesn’t mean much is if the player has already gotten paid big and is chasing a title and even then it would be silly to say the money doesn’t mean much.

  49. They would be better off turning the salary cap into a soft salary cap or removing it completely because everything is becoming too big to fail.

  50. People who call Kaep a running QB only watched his last game. He had fewer rush attempts than Wilson in the regular season. Also 49ers were 31st in pass attempts. Kaep is top in almost all Per Attempt categories as a passer. If/when Niners open up the offense maybe you situational / fantasy football fans will appreciate this deal.

  51. Anyone who thinks that these quarterback deals hurt teams being competitive don’t understand what is happening. As QB’s get better – and they are – teams are paying the rest of the team less. Good teams find value – either in the draft or in veterans looking for a final paycheck or a ring. But you cannot win without a good QB and clearly Kaepernick is good. So you pay the QB and you dig for value elsewhere. That’s why you will hear about a lot of good veterans looking for work in July/August. The QB’s are one of the few positions with leverage (cb, lt,) but there are lot of solid players who will be happy to find work..

  52. This is going to sound crazy, but he owes Alex Smith a commission and his D too. If it wasn’t for the concussion and the D, fixing his mistakes, he would not have got this obscene contract. I don’t fault him accepting it, but don’t complain when it gets thrown in his face when/if he doesn’t live up to it.

  53. Cam has outperformed Kaepernick every single year they’ve been in the league. He’ll likely get more money and rightfully so. If Newton and the Panthers had half the talent around Newton that Kaepernick did his first coupe years, it’d reflect in the win column.

    Newton, Luck, and Wilson have all been superior QBs and deserve to be compensated as such.

  54. Cam Newton literally is the Carolina Panthers.. On a team with basically zero weapons on offense, he has kept them in almost every game that they have played. If Kaep is worth a reported $126 million, then Newton must be worth at least $140 million.

  55. Simply saying Kaep has more playoff wins, therefore he is a better QB than Newton is too simplistic. Kaep got the starting job in the middle of a 13-3 season for an already-built-for-titles roster. Cam got the starting job the first regular season game after the team went 2-14 and had hired a new coaching staff with a drastically different system. It’s like having a 40-yard dash with Kaep starting on the 15 yard line, and then declaring him a faster runner because he got to the finish line first. Both of these guys still have parts of their game that needs developing – mainly accuracy. SF has a strong team in all areas, Carolina has a strong team everywhere except the O-line, the most critical component to the QB. I still think, overall, Cam is a better QB while Kaep has a better surrounding cast, especially on the O-line. Of course I’m a Panthers fan so I’m incredibly biassed. So I think if Cam expects to get similar money, that would be reasonable. The question is how much can we do while we’re still getting our cap straightened out?

  56. He deserves it.

    He has more playoff wins than any QB in their first 5 years in the NFL, won a SB trophy, won a SB MVP and had a playoff record 11tds 0Ints.

    Oh wait, that was Joe Flacco.

  57. I believe it is year 3 that shows QB real potential… so stop the Foles talk until we see what happens in year 2 and how he recovers

    fully expect Luck and RG3 to be the “real” QBs of the young crew…. with Kap next…. think Wilson becomes above average but limited… think Dalton and Newton are pure game managers and not long term investments

  58. Newton.. and Dalton… are mere game managers.. I would not pay either of them long term answer dollars…

    RG3 and Luck are the young QBs with shot of being elite and the ones to watch

    Wilson has a “team” ring and is very good but I do not believe he will be elite

    Kaep does have 3rd most potential of the young QBs… behind Luck and RG3

  59. and stop all this Foles crap….. great year when no one was looking… expect drop in year 2… year 3 will be most telling of his long term ability (as it will be for all the young QBs)

  60. Hello Kitty, because of PC environment and draft position, will pose a big problem for Carolina….. I do not think he has any real potential to be a top QB and is merely a game manager…. but how will they handle contract and ….. eventual transition to “better” prospect

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