Marino, Dolphins unable to figure out his role

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Now that the whole lawsuit-against-his-prospective-employer thing has been rectified, Dan Marino can focus on returning to the Dolphins for the third time as an employee and the second as something other than a player.

The first time Marino went to work for the team as a front-office executive, it didn’t turn out so well.  Marino, apparently not realizing the demands of the job and unwilling or unable to roll up his sleeves and grind it out as an evaluator of talent, quit the job roughly three weeks after taking it.

Now, with Marino expected to return to the team, there’s a fairly minor problem.  As explained by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the two sides have been unable to figure out what Marino’s role will be.

At a time when the team has a less-than-ideal image in South Florida and beyond, Marino would be great as a hand-shaking, baby-kissing ambassador of the brand, attending civic events and entertaining sponsors and big-ticket season-ticket holders with tales from days gone by.  Back when the Dolphins were, you know, good.

But the Dolphins also desperately need an in-house Moe Howard, who has the ability and the willingness to clunk heads when folks motivated by keeping and/or advancing their power begin to square off.  Unless and until owner Stephen Ross decides to clean house and hire a strong G.M. or a strong head coach who will hire his own people to run the show, a babysitter for the current power structure is needed — especially since Ross doesn’t spend much time in Miami.

Of course, Marino may not be suited or inclined to serve as mediator and/or referee for every little who-ate-my-damn-chicken-salad? dispute that comes up in the course of running a business.

Ultimately, Ross and Marino need to figure out what Dan can do and what he wants to do, and then they need to design a job that lets him do that.  At some point, however, Ross needs to ask what he’s paying for.  Does he want to hire Marino simply so that he can say Marino is back in the fold?  Or does Ross envision Marino actually making a substantive contribution?

If it’s the former, maybe Ross should just pay him to show up and work on the Penske file.

49 responses to “Marino, Dolphins unable to figure out his role

  1. I think Ross needs to hire a strong GM, a strong HC, and that both people should be extremely smart. Done and done. Then enjoy the football.

    What is Marino going to do for them if they can’t get those 2 spots filled with high quality football people? Unless he can prove his arm is still good then he doesn’t exude a lot of confidence in me lately.

  2. Maybe he can work in the P.R. department?

    He has handled this week so smoothly.

  3. Ross hasn’t got a clue. Or a HC. Or a QB. Or a RB. I could go on but why waste my time.

  4. Not the greatest year for Dan:

    – Got fired.

    – Plaintiff to be or not to be?

    – Having a job with no work to do…

    Then again, maybe it is a good year.

  5. He just withdrew his name for consideration for employment by Miami. he didn’t even know his name was put in.

  6. Dan’s best and only real asset has always been his arm, not his intellect.

    This on-again, off-again back-and-forthness with working for the Fins and/or joining a lawsuit is enough to tell most anyone with a couple of brain cells all they need to know about how employable he really is for any kind of intellectually rigorous activity.

    Since leaving the game, he has never been more than a good-looking face on TV masquerading as someone who could do critical thinking and clear communication of his thoughts.

    Just go play golf, Dan–and stick to doing the weight loss plan ads. You’ll be fine.

  7. I hear they are filming Ace Ventura 3…

    maybe Jim Carey put in a good word for Dan

  8. Not sure how the “face of the franchise” can be a philanderer with a love child with an eye for interns, but hey, whatever works for the Dolphins.

  9. If he doesn’t want the Mo Howard position, you know he won’t want to even be in the circle with Larry or Curley. So, I guess he is going to end up being the Nun they all land on, crush and/or destroy just before the story ends.

  10. I don’t think the first time he worked for the Dolphins had anything to do with not being able to “cut it.”

    If you remember, everyone expected Dave Wannstadt to be fired. However, he ended up coming back. It’s no secret that Wannstadt and Marino don’t like each other. My guess is Marino left because he didn’t want to work with Dave.

  11. Roger Staubach fills this role for free for the Cowboys without all the what is my role drama…he is great and he took his position and doesn’t ask…he also doesn’t need the money, so he’s not trying to angle to get paid$$$…”Dammit Bobby, power is not something you are given, it is something you take” source: Jock Ewing, Dallas TV Show…and Jerry is more than happy to let Rog do it…If Dan was a any mind of a leader and had gravitas and dare I say cajones, he would just take his rightful position…sadly, Dan is an empty helmet…maybe he shoulda kept his name on the head injury suit if he was lookin for a payday…just sayin’! Elway did n’t mope around like a big wuss about it…night and day…

  12. I like the 3 Stooges analogy…Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck

    Very apropos.

    I’d pick Keystone Kops second.

  13. Marino is certainly no Elway. He doesn’t appear to be much of a leader off the field. Maybe Ross should concentrate on bringing someone into the organization that can actually clean house. That would actually solve the team’s incompetance and disfunction, and then the PR issues will resolve itself.

  14. I don’t understand what Elways done that’s so great. The broncos are basically running on credit. Better hope Manning cuts the mustard soon, cause when he’s done the ponies are broke and irrelevant for the future.

  15. Maybe he could be paid to photobomb the starting QB, like Elway does with Manning all the time?

  16. His role should be starting QB. Even now he’s better than the other guys they have.

  17. Here you go Dan, VP of Football Relations – make sure the fans are getting a good experience – thru the team’s play and within the community.
    If we need your football acumen – then you are right there to help – if the team needs a good will ambassador – then hey its an easy day.

    I’ll give more of a pass than the writer did – as your first front office go round – you were still traveling to NYC for CBS Sports 3-4 days a week – tough to devote full time effort on both fronts. I’ll leave the Moe Howard insult aside, though the chicken salad was funny.

  18. how about stands there and looks handsome? maybe he could greet fans at home games?

  19. “Of course, Marino may not be suited or inclined to serve as mediator and/or referee for every little who-ate-my-damn-chicken-salad? dispute that comes up in the course of running a business.”

    That’s the best line by a PFT writer in some time.

  20. Marino got a 15 or 16 on the Wonderlic test. What on earth were the Dolphins thinking when they thought Marino could handle a front office job where thinking is involved.?

  21. I get it… Most of you are trying to be funny. Dan Marino is in the top few of greatest of all-time, so he is probably doesn’t care, but even a life long fan like myself can’t help but think unless he comes to Mentor young Tannehill, what the heck else can he do except go back 15 years and play QB.

  22. Let’s all pile on the Dolphins, Marino, Hickey, Philbin and Ross. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    Where will all the genius naysayers be after the ‘Phins reach the playoffs this year?

  23. VP of Community Affairs. have him do the fundraisers.. organize little activities for the kids in the communities.. organize the player golf tournaments.. have him do a pregame show on TV and/or radio. just get his face and voice back out there publicly supporting the Dolphins again.

  24. Director of slightly UN-important issues and events reporting to the VP of counting towels and assistant coach of plays that the Dolphins thought of, but never actually discussed it as an actual play.

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