Maurkice Pouncey says brother Mike is being tortured


Dolphins center Mike Pouncey hasn’t said much about the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation, other than he had no regrets, and that he doesn’t think he needs a psychiatric evaluation.

Now, his brother says the shoe’s on the other foot, and that Mike is the one being tortured.

“I’m really, really close with him, and for them to keep torturing him like that, man, it’s terrible for him,” Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “But he’s strong and motivated about things.

“He’s kind of just not talking to them right now, but with time, everything passes over, and that’s what we’re planning on.”

Maurkice painted a picture of his brother as someone who can no longer show his true personality (like that hilarious draft weekend joke about receiving gifts from incoming rookies).

“He’s outgoing like me, and it’s [tough] he has to tone it down, but they kind of take stuff and run with it,” Maurkice said. “I wish it could be a lot different for him, because I know he’s stressed out about it.”

If only Mike had a veteran mentor in the locker room to help him deal with that pressure, you know, the kind of guy he could trust and who wouldn’t use his weaknesses against him. The kind of guy who could offer support in a time of need, and not single him out for more ridicule because of that stress.

That would be nice.

53 responses to “Maurkice Pouncey says brother Mike is being tortured

  1. Randy Marsh/ Mike Pouncey: I’m not allowed to stand up for myself? I thought this was America! Huh? Isn’t this America? I’m sorry, I thought this was America.

  2. So he’s feeling stress because he can’t bully people the way he wants to?

    Boo hoo.

  3. Are “they” the media? How are they “torturing” him? They keep asking questions about last year? Follow him around and take pictures? What?

    And what has he toned down? He already has said he doesn’t need a psychiatric evaluation. Is that toned down? Would he normally be doing stuff even more stupid than the “no regrets” and already hazing a new rookie quotes? Would he be breaking out the “Free Aaron Hernandez” hats again? What?

  4. Pitiful for a grown man to act like a crybaby. Grow up Mike. Be a leader if for no other reason that the team that employs you is in desperate need of leadership on offense.

    You made some bad choices like everyone does. Now learn from them and mature.

  5. No way, no how feeling sorry for Incognito or Pouncey. You guys want to act like spoiled, above reproach, pampered fools that abuse others & you deserve whatever you get.

  6. Martin should be happy those Pouncey boys don’t have Hernandez to handle their problems anymore………..

    But seriously screw both the Pouncey’s.

  7. Tortured by his own stupidity….

    Steelers will probably give Maurkice a big contract. I hope they dont regret it but I doubt he is much smarter.

  8. The Pouncy’s thought Aaron Hernandez was being treated unfairly too.

    I’ve decided I like both of the Pouncy brothers better when they’re not talking and they just stick to playing football.

  9. Talented but ultimately unintelligent dudes who have been coddled their entire lives are out of touch with reality??? SHOCKER.

  10. Must be torture to not be able to bully mentally weaker teammates and defend those accused of multiple murders by wearing “Free Hernandez” hats…how does he survive?

  11. All this uproar because one soft player could not play in the NFL, quit and his lawyer mother concocted a story so that he would not have to pay back his signing bonus. SF will cut Martin before next season, he is way too soft and not good enough for SF to hold his hand.

  12. You have to give some leeway to sibling, especially twin, unconditional relationships. I would speak out for my brother.

    My read is, Miami is the wrong place for this fellow Mike. He needs a stronger culture around him, like Maurkice has in Pittsburgh. It is too bad because to me it seems to be getting worse not better. The lad is gonna get a big dollar deal and all the power that comes with that kind’ve independence. Everything tells me he is going to misue that.

  13. Wah Wah! Here’s the thing. I go to my job and I am expected to be “professional”. So, I am professional. Millions are asked to do so on a daily basis. Are there some things that I would like to say, but I don’t because it wouldn’t be right for the workplace? Absolutely ! Same goes for you Pouncey and anyone else who has coworkers. Only difference is that you are very well compensated for it. Sorry if you’re not getting the sympathy for doing what the everyday working class does on a daily basis.

  14. “Oh poor Mike can’t just be himself…” Isn’t exactly going to make anyone that works sympathetic. Everyone that works and wants to keep their job has to behave that way!

  15. Maurkice, no one cares how your brother is feeling except you. As for those on here who attack Jonothan Martin, you are absolutly clueless. He was a solid player

  16. Who is “them” thats he refers to? Who’s torturing him? Get a real job in the real world and then you can feel sorry for yourself. Fins need to trade this guy!

  17. Hey at least Dolphins and Steelers fans can agree on something this year… These 2 Pouncey’s are clueless as humans, but needed as OLinemen. You have to admit the Dolphins are doing a better job of controlling the organization. Where’s the Kudos for that? It is not like our stories are about drugs, DWIs or violent crimes? It is the same old bully crap or about the owner who has to pay for his own stadium. All a good sign. 96 days until Kickoff

  18. If he feels like his job is keeping him down or holding him back, he can always quit and not have to worry about those kinds of restrictions.

  19. Agreed with the above sentiment that these two are far more enjoyable when they are playing, and not talking.

    For the Seahawks fans that have nothing to do with this thread, you just won the super bowl with one of the most dominant defensive performances in generations. Previous, futile-to-everyone-else-but-you fails in the big game? Just….let it go man.

  20. No regrets? Right, if torture is the real definition, count me in. After all the he was involved in he needs to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. Life is about actions and consequenses. Just because he is a big time NFL player does not mean he is any different.

  21. Mike Pouncey teased a friend of his, in a private setting. The NFL demands he goes to a shrink. I don’t blame his brother for seeing how ludicrous it is.

  22. Mike needs to continue to show up and play at the level he has been his whole career. He’s gotta be a leader with this new revamped oline miami has and this year where getting to the playoffs and make some noise. Hopefully the noise is on the feild and not on twitter cuz miami is ready to start our afc east take over!!!

  23. I think Pouncey is being bullied now as stupid as it sounds by the press. It’s over a long time ago leave it alone. Pouncey is young says some daft stuff and you guys are hounding him for it. No wonder most sports stars are boring on tape and say all the usual stuff. Look at Tiger Woods over the years it’s like listening to a robot. Not everybody is blessed with worldly wise it believe Pouncey is naive at worst and you guys play on it.

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