Report: Sammy Watkins’ deal reworked after being disallowed by NFL


Last week, the Bills reached a deal with wide receiver Sammy Watkins, the No. 4 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

However, that deal is reportedly not yet finalized.

According to Fox’s Mike Garafolo, Watkins’ contract was not approved by the NFL, but the issue that sidetracked the deal was simply “a minor language tweak.”

The contract has been turned in once again for approval, according to Garafolo. It’s unknown what specifically sent the contract back for another edit.

The Bills traded away their 2015 No. 1 pick for Watkins, who’s expected to be a major player in Buffalo’s offense in Year One.

29 responses to “Report: Sammy Watkins’ deal reworked after being disallowed by NFL

  1. He better be the best receiver since Megatron considering what the Bills gave up to get the guy. I still think they are nuts.

  2. Buffalo has lynch and traded so they could draft Spiller. Then they had Stevie Johnson and traded when they added Watkins. Keep it up Buffalo, way to get ahead.

  3. Here were the details of the Contract: if we win the Super Bowl this year because we morgaged away our future for you, you will get paid the money we owe. If we finish the usual 4-6 wins and sweep the basement of the AFC East, you get nothing. Sounded fair to me.

  4. I still love it.

    “Best recieving prospect since Calvin Johnson”

    Drafted by the Bills and then it turns to “They are crazy”

    I’ll take Woods/Watkins and Mike Williams against most recieving corps in the league

  5. So the NFL is ok with contracts that pay QBs so much they cannot pay other players a fraction of what they’re worth (See Flacco, Kaepernick contacts) but has issues when words like “whereas” and “wherein” are used incorrectly in the language of the contract.

  6. Maybe his agent put in a stipulation about you know having a QB who can get him the ball…

  7. Best since Megatron? C’mon are we forgetting Julio and AJ? He’s the best since them.

  8. Yeah i think cleveland has done great with this trade they moved down a few spots still got a really good player and will get a top 7 pick in 2015 nfl draft heck who knows they might be able to trade it to somebody and for 2-1st round picks like the bills did thats how u build a great football team just look at the 49ers and how many 1st rd top 10 picks they have on their team or have traded (alex smith- pro bowler) the 49ers were pathetic before jim harbaugh got there and showed them how to draft and develop kuddos to the browns i love to see them or the bills win a super bowl there fans and organizations deserve it and im a Packer fan

  9. Im really wondering why in the heck the bills traded stevie johnson before sammy watkins even played his first season with them they are gonna look really stupid if he tears his acl in preseason game and is out 4 season and they dont have a 1st rd pick next year coach gets fired

  10. They will trade cj spiller next for a 7th rd draft pick they got rid of marshawn lynch for basically nothing and hes been having career best years in seattle

  11. I like Sammy, but as a Browns fan, I would take that deal every day. I’m just glad it wasn’t Lombardi, we woulda traded up to #1 to take Johnny….Thank you Mr. Farmer! Go Browns.

  12. I still think Hopkins is the better WR to come out of Clemson the past 2 years but we will see. Either way that receiving corps is NOT tops or even almost tops in the NFL c’mon now.

  13. Falcons trade up with Browns to get Julio Jones.

    They gave up:
    2011 1st round pick (Phil Taylor)
    2011 2nd round pick (Greg Little)
    2011 4th round pick (Owen Marecic)
    2012 1st round pick (Brandon Weeden)
    2012 4th round pick (used in trade up for Trent Richardson)

    Falcons gave up way more than the Bills, and still clearly won this trade. Just because the Bills have up a 1st doesn’t mean they blew this trade. I’ll take my chances with a talent like Sammy Watkins rather than hope guys taken later (like those above) develop.

  14. getting rid of stevie made my year, just wait san fran, you’ll see…when you need him, he blow it, ala lee evans in Baltimore….

  15. Unless Spiller shows the form he did two seasons ago, (and yes, he was hurt last year) he WILL be history before next year’s draft. If he plays like last year, he won’t get the money he wants after his deal is up. I suspect that’s why they traded for that guy from the Eagles. Insurance, just in case. Unfortunately, Fred is not getting any younger as well. I still would rather see him get a nice deal and maybe use the new guy, if he looks really good. Then Spiller can likely be moved.

  16. Yes we paid a lot to get Watkins but everyone here is expecting him to be a bust. When a team hasn’t made the playoffs in going on 15 seasons they have to take chances to try to improve and I don’t think this is such a huge gamble. Now if they had gone after Manziel I would of been very angry.

  17. I love all the people saying Buffalo gave up too much for this. However when Atlanta does it for Julio Jones its perfectly fine. It depends on how he turns out. If hes as good as they project him to be, Im perfectly fine with using 2 firsts to get him.

    As for the one step forward, one step back argument…Both Lynch and Johnson were coming off the worst seasons of their careers. And if you remember back, Lynch had just committed a hit and run in downtown Buffalo. Stevie had been rubbing coaches the wrong way for years, all of the coaches. And frankly, Im happy we traded both of them.

  18. Some people are really dumb!! The bills didn’t trade or give away 2 first round picks, they moved up 4 spots and used the pick.. That’s not giving it away. They gave up 1 first round and 1 fourth round pick. To get the #1 player on their board. It’s a fair trade all around.

  19. What happened? Did the NFL have to step in to tell the Bills to stop over reaching and that they don’t have to sign a rookie to a twenty year, $200 million contract or something?

  20. I think the Browns are gonna regret not taking this guy. Especially with Gordon out for the year.

  21. Buffalo could have given the browns their entire draft next year and Cleveland still wouldnt be smart enough to do anything with it.

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