Russell Wilson raving about speed of Seattle’s receivers


Russell Wilson is a happy man with the myriad of receiving options he has to throw to with the Seattle Seahawks.

Percy Harvin is back to full health after missing the majority of the 2013 season due to a hip injury. Despite losing Golden Tate in free agency to the Detroit Lions, the team extended Doug Baldwin and drafted Paul Richardson and Kevin Norwood to add to the mix at the receiver position for Seattle.

Along with veterans Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette and Sidney Rice, Wilson is extremely impressed with the pass catchers for the Seahawks during OTAs the past two weeks.

“That’s been the best looking position so far – with our offense, at least,” Wilson said Monday. “They’ve done a tremendous job. Their knowledge of the game, their explosiveness, Percy Harvin being out there finally healthy. He feels great, he looks great, he’s catching the ball extremely well. Doug Baldwin is looking exceptional. Jermaine Kearse – you’ve got some young guys too that are stepping up. There’s so many guys I can name down the list to be honest with you. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The speed element brought by Harvin, Richardson and Lockette gives the Seahawks offense an added dynamic, according to Wilson.

“Our receivers right now are as fast as it gets,” Wilson said. “You’ve got Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse is extremely fast too. Then you add Paul Richardson who you saw today went for that deep, deep ball that I threw to him. He’s looking exceptional as well. So I think our receiver group is probably one of the faster in the league right now, based on who we have.”

Seattle’s passing offense ranked just 26th in the league in yardage last season with just over 200 yards passing a game. Tate was also the team’s leading receiver last year. However, the proposition of having Harvin healthy for the majority of next season, along with the additions Richardson and Norwood, could allow the Seahawks offense to become more explosive this fall.

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  1. Sidney won’t make it to the 53. Ricardo should go play bong-boy back in SFO with his ‘buddy’ Colin.

    No loss there. If Richardson can run NFL routes the way he’s shown in mini-camp, he and Percy coming off the line in a stacked tandem the way the Seahawks did a lot last year… watch friggin’ out. They may actually have a passing offense.

    Now, about that OLine… ouch!


  2. Did I just see percy harvin and full health in the same aentence? Wait till week one rolls around and then check the injury report…. same applies to sydney china doll rice.

  3. Seahawks will be better all around in 2014 than last year, when Harvin was out the whole time and they played half the season missing half their offensive line. Seattle basically red-shirted their entire draft class, so any losses in the off season will only be replaced by younger, faster, stronger guys.

    Their schedule is more difficult, but if they make it to the playoffs look out – and if they manage the 1 seed again you may as well hand them their second Lombardi rather than risk further humiliating the Broncos or whomever the AFC offers up for sacrifice.

  4. Now the opposition teams are going to experience on defense what they already experienced on offense…Seattle’s superiority.

    Gonna be a long, Long LONG season for Seahawk opponents.

    Go Seahawks!

  5. Snap back to reality, whoops there goes gravity..

    Just kidding, I’m sure Russell Wilson is the real deal and won’t come prove himself to be a lucky guy in a lucky situation. Of course he can carry a franchise..


  6. They forget to mention our pass offense was 26th because we run the ball about 156 times per game. It’s by design to set up the playaction passing. Go Hawks!

  7. No doubt some of what Russell says is what any QB “should” say going into OTAs, but a close look will tell you that they are better at the position now, than last year.

    As long as Harvin stays on the field, Tate’s targets will go to him, with both Baldwin and Kearse’s production uptick. The new guys, Richardson and Norwood will battle to make the active roster, with Lockette and Rice still there. Overall they are bigger and faster, but it’s just OTAs.

    Why even Cam will say the same thing about the Panthers and we know better.

  8. Paul Richardson was the nations leading yard getter on a terrible Colorado team (Go Buffs). If he has legitimate talent getting him the ball and taking heat off him, he will be dangerous.

    He could not have asked for a better situation.

  9. I love the Seahawks. They will be a good team for many years at present rate. But being a good team does not translate to SB wins every year.

    I think the Hawks have chances to win multiple SB’s but that being said every team has them in their sights. It is tough to repeat as champs.

    I wish this talented bunch of young guys only the best. I hope they knock it out of the park again this year. But I also know it will be tough going.

    Go Hawks!

  10. Seahawks better hope lynch stays healthy because there’s no way their passing game can make up for the type of production that they rely on lynch giving them.

  11. Hawks are the team to beat for at LEAST the next 6 years especially with SF going backwards with felonious activity and rape..

    can you say 6 PETE?

  12. @gashmr
    If you scared go to church. Best defense in a quarter century has no peers. With a beefed up receiving corp, offensive line, and health, no one can match Seattle. You hear that haters? You wish you had our talent!


  13. mudhead123 says:
    Jun 4, 2014 9:36 AM
    What QB has the widest nose in NFL history?


    Your Username is extremely fitting. I’m sure that barely won out over RocksForBrainsBigot

    Keep hatin’

  14. When Seattle runs a 4-set wr play with Percy Harvin, Paul Richardson, Doug Baldwin Jermaine Kearse someone out of that 4 will ALWAYS be open.


  15. Love all the whiny little haters and their comments. What a bunch of scared little children. But then…they should be scared…since their biggest nightmare is going to come true again.

    Seahawks dominate their opposition.

    Oh..and for you Harvin haters…keep those mouths flapping…and while they are, check how many games he has PLAYED vs. how many games he has MISSED. You’ll be sad to find, he has played more.
    Time to buy some cheese…there is gonna be a lot of whine in your season!

  16. The NFL is a copy cat league. Everyone is going for the big, press cornerbacks like Richard Sherman. Big WR’s are also in vogue. Not for the Hawks, however. Because they have Sherm they know the guys that give him the most trouble are the smaller, quicker WR’s. Just as everyone loads up on tall CB’s the Hawks outfox them with speed, quickness and elusiveness. That is how the Hawks stay one step ahead of the rest of the NFL.

  17. Percy Harvin is not going to stay healthy past the first half of the first regular season game. Mark my words. He will miss the second half of the game. LOL

  18. Its funny how many random fans hate on Percy Harvin. If it wasn’t for the defense pitching a shutout against number 1 ranked offense of all time he could have easily been named Super Bowl MVP.

    Now lets say his migraines (He hasn’t had in 3 years) don’t come back, lets say his hip is fully healed from surgery last year, and he doesn’t take a freak hit from a Seattle defender to end his season. Tell me a CB that can lock him down? Because Pete Carroll said the best secondary in football with 3 ALL Pro defensive backs struggles trying to contain Percy. Paul Richardson is said to have run an electric 4.28 and by the deep balls he is catching in OTAs looks to back it up.

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