Sam Bradford will be ready for OTAs, Jake Long won’t


When the Rams begin the on-field portion of their OTAs next week, they’re going to have one of their offseason’s biggest question marks on the field, but not the other.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, quarterback Sam Bradford will be ready to return, but left tackle Jake Long will not.

Both are coming off knee surgery, and both are expected to be there for the start of the regular season.

Bradford’s torn ACL came in late October, while Long’s was in December, making his delayed timetable reasonable.

The Rams used the second pick in the NFL Draft on Auburn tackle Greg Robinson, which indicates they were thinking about life after Long anyway.

But Bradford’s return is worth watching, as they try to figure out what to do with him in the future. They’ve committed to him as a starter, and didn’t draft someone to push him, so now the only question is what to do about his contract.

15 responses to “Sam Bradford will be ready for OTAs, Jake Long won’t

  1. Hows that big money Jake Long signing working out? They had to draft a LT with the second pick because they can’t count on him. Watkins would have been a much better choice for that team.

  2. I remember a lot of chatter about the Bears going after Jake Long in free agency. I am very glad they didn’t.

  3. Oh I remember reading these same type of articles when Long was on the Dolphin’s Roster.

    (I purposefully said “on the roster” rather than “playing for”)

    Enjoy St. Louis.

  4. Lets be clear here. Long got injured in the 2nd to last game of the season and before that he was playing at a borderline probowl level. Have to love the Fins fans on here that are still butthurt that he bolted their beloved team.

  5. You idiots. He played every game last year at a very high level and was hurt in the final game of the season. It’s sad Fins’ fans don’t have anything better to do.

  6. As a Rams Fan, most of the season was tough to watch on many levels but Jake Long played at a very high level and had a serious injury late in the year. If we had more W’s he would have been a pro bowler. The notion that he is just god awful comes from uneducated fans. He is also a great clubhouse guy and i wonder if what went on in Miami this year would have happened if he was still the anchor/leader.

  7. this bradford guy skates, man. top pick and never, ever did a thing. At any point, I don’t know, soon…does he have to prove something? anything? to someone?

  8. Lets be honest on Long for a second here. The problem was never Long’s performance. I mean, he is not the Jake Long of 4 years ago but a good LT. The Fins let him go because they went to more of a passing offense in addition to Jake Long’s injuries. Regardless if Jake played 14 of 16 games, bottomline he is always on IR when the season comes to an end. Because of that he cant condition or get better in areas where needed. While Rams fans will attempt to soften the reality of the money spent on Long we can all agree it was probably too much considering what they received in ruturn. He will end up on IR again this year again, watch.

  9. No dog in this hunt. Yes, Fins fan, but I liked Long, was a beast when he was on the field.

    I’m just curious. If Long was playing at a Pro Bowl Level for a LT per Rams fans here – why did the Rams spend the #2 pick on Robinson?

    You don’t use the #2 pick on someone who won’t see the field. And history has shown moving a college LT or RT to the opposite side doesn’t work. (Go back and look at the last few years when that was tried. Failure almost exclusively)

    I’d expect Long to be gone when his contract is up and Robinson to take over. Not saying that is a bad strategy, but thinking it is reality and folks just have blinders on.

  10. some of you people are just ridiculous the idea that the dolphin fans have of him being ousted from miami is hilarious miami was actively trying to resign him when he chose to leave and signed in st louis. as far as bradford goes the guy catches a lot of flack, some justified, but mostly its a bunch of garbage from people that look at the overall record of the team he plays for and not what his contribution to the team has been.

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