Andrew Luck doesn’t have much reaction to Kaepernick deal


One of the potential beneficiaries of the new Colin Kaepernick contract greeted the news of a six-year extension with a shrug.

I think it’s odd to comment on anybody’s contract in any industry,” Colts quarterback Andrew Luck said, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star.

While the news was impossible to miss in the football world, especially in the dog days of June, Luck was not moved by the numbers.

“(I pay) probably as much attention as any other football fan pays to it,” Luck said of the contract news. “I don’t think I’m necessarily in the spot, personally, to start thinking about that. My agent maybe pays a lot more attention to it than I do.

For me, it’s ‘congratulations.’ I actually got to meet Kap.”

Luck’s being nice about this, partly because he seems to not be wrapped up in the business of being Andrew Luck (Mr. Flip Phone) as much as others might.

But because of the pay-as-you-go structure of Kaepernick’s deal, there’s another, more pragmatic reason for Luck to downplay it.

He’s going to do a lot better when it’s his turn.

33 responses to “Andrew Luck doesn’t have much reaction to Kaepernick deal

  1. Andrew Luck will be paid over 27$ Million a year and win Zero Superbowls.

    Teddy Bridgewater will be getting paid only 6$ Million a year with a fifth year option available and will win at least Two Superbowls.


  2. Get Luck’s agent lubed up with a few drinks and see what he has to say. I promise you he’s seeing dollar signs in his sleep.

  3. Luck still has 2 years to go on his contract. Why would he talk about contracts right now?

  4. true pro. luck will get just as much and actually deserve it. im not a colts fan, but dude is one of my favorite qb’s in the league.

    loved watching him a tannehill go at it, they bring out the best from eachother and those two will be the future of the afc top qb’s.

  5. Comparing Andrew Luck to Kaep or Wilson is like comparing Manning to Romo or Roethlisberger.

    big ben is a very good qb with two rings….bad comparison, and romo is better than kap and wilson.

  6. Say what you want about Irsay, when it’s contract time, he’ll deliver the trash bags full of cash.

  7. Bilgewater will never win a Superbowl in Minnesota. Not his fault though, nobody will.

  8. You can’t compare P. Manning to Big Ben fool.

    Big Ben has two rings; Manning has one.

    Big Ben has the greatest pass & catch in Super Bowl history shown over and over again.

    Manning wishes he were as clutch as Big Ben. Because that’s what you have to be in the playoffs…clutch and performing under pressure. Something P. Manning knows nothing about.

  9. Guess that Breese deal ain’t lookin so bad now huh?? At least he turned a franchise around and actually WON a superbowl.

  10. I am not a Colts fan have no particular interest in Andrew Luck except when the Colts are on Miami ‘s schedule but he is the best QB in the league at the moment not named Brady and Manning and will after this year be the no. 1

  11. I don’t think Luck would say anything that would come across as negative to another person. Also, I believe it was Andrew Luck who advised Harbaugh on his talent when he was scouting.

  12. Luck wouldn’t have an opinion if you asked him if the sky is blue. Completely milquetoast personality. That said, he’s a wonderful talent who I’d love to have on my team. He’s just not the Beats-wearing, Polynesian tatau culture co-opting athlete that Madison Avenue and Beaverton are looking for in the 21st century.

  13. Manning almost always said the right thing but I always had the feeling it was because he knew he had to. He might give a reporter a scowl, or think before answering and then say something extremely vanilla. Like he’s preparing to be senator Manning someday. He strikes me as a little colder, a little harder edged as a person than Luck. In this situation, Manning might have said “It’s not my place to comment on that, next?” and that would be all.

    If possible, Luck is a bit more aw shucks. Luck gives you a little look inside his appealing doofus brain by saying things like, “I think it’s odd to comment on anybody’s contract in any industry,” and “I actually got to meet Kap.” (He got to meet you, too.) Mr. flip phone indeed. I’d bet $10 he still wakes up Saturday mornings and sits in front of cartoons eating frosted flakes.

  14. League is so drunk on Luck’s POTENTIAL to be the savior, the less he speaks, the more $ he makes. Far from rocket science my fellow aliens.

  15. I laugh at people who say the Colt’s “tanked” to get luck!! They won 2 of their last 3, unlike the Texans, and would have picked 2nd that year if it wasn’t for their strength of schedule.

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