Arian Foster begs Andre Johnson to return, sort of


Texans receiver Andre Johnson continues to stay away from offseason workouts.  Texans running back Arian Foster hopes to lure Johnson back into the fold.

Via the Houston Chronicle, Foster posted on Instagram an image of himself sitting in front of a poster of Johnson, holding a drawing of a sad face.  Click the play button, and The Temptations sing Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.

More good-natured and quirky than an effort to publicly shame Johnson, it likely won’t change Johnson’s mind about his position that he’s not happy and wants something other than the $10 million the Texans are prepared to pay him this year.

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  1. Meanwhile Andre Johnson is privately saying thank you for giving him some more leverage to get the money he seeks. He won’t say anything about it though cause he’ll prefer to wield it indirectly instead since the team officials will already be familiar with the situation and naturally take that into account, so really not a word needs to be said by anybody. Let the seed naturally develop on it’s own and find out if it has any neighbors that sprout up too.

  2. Im a eagles fan who lives in alvin tx (former hometown of nolan ryan) which is 35 miles SE of htown. I pull for the texans as long as they do not play philly. Andre is a pros pro. He is also loved in houston and does lots of good things here for the community. Hes been the greatest player the texans have ever had. Now some are mad because of his actions this offseason. I think after. Redoing contracts,playing his butt off, being a great teammate and player for his career, and not creating problems but keeping his head down and working. Also being a winner off the field he deserves to lookout for him this time. He wants to get a ring before retirement. Hes earned the right to do whatever. He has to to get one. After being a great employee. The texans should do whatever they can to help him with that…..even if it means trading him. Hope you stay dre but if you dont we get it.

  3. The person above is right that it’s time for texans fans to let go of Andre. Year after year he’s been left with disappointment besides a couple. Put him on a contender and let him contribute

  4. its not the money Johnson is unhappy its the QBS on the roster…he should still show up and lead by example but hes hoping just maybe theres a chance Texans can trade him…but with his salary and everyone knowing he wants out of Houston the trade looks like could be a steal for the team that gets him…the way hes acting it doesnt help texans leverage in trading him so i doubt they trade him unless couple things fall into place..

  5. I don’t blame Andre.

    He played long enough to where its not about the money. He wants a championship before he calls it quits as a top 5WR!

  6. It would be a good theory that AJohnson was holding out for money except for the fact that he has 3yrs left on his current contract totalling 34.5 million. That’s what makes him so hard to trade, even if Houston wanted to. He wants to play for a winner, not start over on another 3 yr rebuilding program at 33. Trading him to the Pats makes too much sense. Houston would have 11 mil in dead money, but would also free up that 34.5 mil to sign younger players like J.J. Watts. The Pats only have about 7mil under the cap, but there are things they could move around, esp if Johnson would restructure for a little less. If the Pats are going all in this yr, indicated by what is prob a 1 yr Revis rental, they may as well go all in. A 2nd or a 3rd plus Mallett(if they still want him) should get it done.

  7. Johnson’s an idiot. If and when the texans cut him, he’ll be getting about half of what he’s making now.

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