Bears sign former Trestman quarterback pupil

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Four years ago, Jimmy Clausen was a much-hyped quarterback prospect who slid to round two of the draft.  Carolina’s decision to take Cam Newton with the top pick a year later made Clausen irrelevant.

But he remained with the Panthers for the balance of his rookie deal, becoming a free agent in March.

March became April, April became May, and June 1 came and went without Clausen getting a sniff.  Now, with any veteran free-agent signings not affecting the formula for determining compensatory draft picks, Clausen has a job.  And he’ll be working for a guy Clausen once employed.

Clausen has announced via Twitter that he has signed with the Bears.  Chicago coach Marc Trestman helped train Clausen in advance of the 2010 draft, along with a better-known quarterback who has since washed out of the league.

Clausen joins Jay Cutler, Jordan Palmer, and rookie David Fales on the Bears’ depth chart.  In theory, Clausen has as good a chance as any of the backups to Cutler to win the No. 2 job.

29 responses to “Bears sign former Trestman quarterback pupil

  1. Congrats Jimmeh. I hope he makes it and didn’t arrive in a limo.

    Johnny Manziel 1.0. Clausen shows you how playing an NFL schedule can humble a guy.

  2. Instead of going with a better QB in McCown they decided to pick up a bunch of guys who couldn’t be 3rd stringers elsewhere. As a Lions fan, I’m glad Josh McCown left and I’m glad he didn’t go to Minnesota.

  3. Jimmy Clausen, a member of possibly the greatest NFL QB draft class ever from 2010; Clausen, Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Joe Webb, John Skelton, and of course Sam Bradford. What a list of HOFers!

  4. He was thrown into the fire way too early in Carolina. If he has stayed in shape, this might pay off for the Bears.

  5. Wow, it looks like Tebow is done in the nfl. Cant even get to compete as 4th string. But I still liked watching him in denver. Those games were exciting. Especially against the steelers, 2 passing td’s and one running. He was exciting.

  6. Uh… OK. Phil Emery has made a lot of good moves this offseason but this one I don’t get. Clausen in Carolina was about as bad as it gets. Also makes me wonder if they’re already having doubts about Fales.

  7. Hell hes got more game time under his belt than Palmer, but competition breeds success and my Bears have competition on almost every position group this offseason…LOVING what Emery and Trestman are doing for the franchise, making very smart out for Da Bearss this season as tough as the NFC is I can definitely see them fighting for top spot if the defense is even average at best…GO BEARS!!

  8. if Trestman can fix this overrated and over hyped dame product then he deserves every coaching award there is!

  9. Love that the Bears are going with quantity at backup QB. Nobody would have called McCown a solid #2 this time last year. Trestman will create a solid backup out of one of these guys. It would be a hell of a redemption story for Clausen so I’m rooting for him.

  10. The only thing slower than Clausen’s ability to scramble is his throwing release which makes him get sacked a whole bunch. Clausen is there to help get them through some meaningless preseason games and that will be about it.

  11. Clausen was better than Newton in their first training camp together, but meritocracy wasn’t in effect there. Jimmy was never given an even chance in Carolina.

  12. No offense intended toward Trestman, but am I the only one who is underwhelmed by the QB’s he’s coached and prepared for the NFL combine and their Pro Days?

    Brandon Weedon
    Brock Osweiler
    Tim Tebow
    Jimmy Clausen
    Jay Cutler
    Jason Campbell

    I can’t say that any of these guys really help his resume. Even Cutler has been less than “elite”. Maybe I’m reading it wrong…it does say helps them prepare for the “combine and Pro Days”. I guess that doesn’t translate to “All Pro or Pro Bowl”…

    Bah, I still hope the guy does well in Chicago. But please not at the expense of my Seahawks. 🙂

  13. The Bears would be a lot better served addressing their still very shaky
    safety situation rather than chasing 3rd string QBs.

  14. I wanted the Browns to grab him for a conditional pick last year when they had his former offensive coordinator as their head coach. I’ll be interested to see how he does.

  15. THAT makes things interesting.

    Let’s talk about the stroke of genius here: Eyes of the media are now off of the defense… It’s all about the backup QB.

    Clausen. ND. Bears. Backup. QB.

    Can’t get any better than this in the Chi-town fish wraps.


  16. I don’t enough about Clausen to really comment too much, but I think it’s good going in with a bunch of potential backups to see where they stand. Odds are pretty good that Cutler will need someone to step in at some point so we need someone who can hold their own. I don’t expect anyone to do what McCown did last season, but I’m sure someone can do enough to keep them in games, if needed.

  17. Hard to tell if last season was a sign of great progress or just the league not being prepared well for their new offense and tempo + scheme. Had Cutler been around the entire season, with his known track record, it might have been a better indicator of how well or much they hard changed from the Lovie days. McCown coming in and doing as well as he did is proof of that. I know the team is super high on Cutler, but I, as many other have also noted, have problems with just how good he ‘really’ is. He’s been surrounded by hype his entire career but has never crossed the line to become a winning QB. At best, he’s a .500 guy. Try to imagine Tom Brady with all of the weapons Cutler has now and guess how many Super Bowls the Pats win. With Cutler, you know it’s going to be anyone’s guess if he even gets to the playoffs.

  18. I’m not so sure I would say Cutler has been surrounded by all of these great players since he’s been in Chicago. Let’s not forget how bad the offensive line was for a majority of the time he’s been here. Granted that seems to be fixed as of last season and he does indeed have a full compliment of weapons with two very good WR’s and a RB that I still think is on the rise.
    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It’s now or never to shut the critics up. If this team can play some defense and stop the run, this team really has no excuse not to be able to compete with Green Bay. No one is really giving the Bears any chance at all to even make the playoffs, so it should be interesting. I think all in all last season was pretty good considering how bad the defense was and I’m hopeful that things will align just right and they can make a run.

  19. Clausen was beyond awful here, but I will give him credit for one thing. Once he lost the job, he didn’t run his mouth or cause any locker room friction. He was a team guy, which was a mild surprise considering how impressed he was with himself coming out of Notre Dame. Cutler is injury-prone, so the #2 guy will get some playing time. As long as Clausen doesn’t lead the Bears to victory when they play here this year, I hope he does well.

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