Brian Orakpo wants to get paid, but won’t get ugly about it


Make no mistake, Brian Orakpo is ready to get paid.

But he’s not pitching a fit about it, or staying away from offseason workouts with his teammates.

The Redskins outside linebacker has signed his franchise tender, worth $11.45 million this year, but is clearly hoping it’s replaced with a long-term contract.

“Once I signed on the dotted line, I don’t have to be here,” Orakpo said of the voluntary workouts, via Jason Reid of the Washington Post. “I could still [stay away] like the majority of NFL players do when they [get tagged].
“But nothing in my DNA wants to do that. I love my teammates. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.”

That made an impression on his teammates, who, as you might imagine, have his back.

“His commitment to showing up to this offseason program, wanting to get better and working … it speaks volumes,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “Hopefully, they can get something worked out. But if you don’t get him done now, it’s probably going to cost a lot more later.”

Orakpo certainly doesn’t sound like a man planning for a hometown discount, either. His side has talked to General Manager Bruce Allen about an extension, but he wouldn’t speculate on the progress.

“I feel like it’s my time,” he said. “I deserve it. We’ll see what happens.

“But you’ve got to ask Bruce about [whether the sides have made progress]. You’ve got to ask them boys about that. Money talks.”

It always does, but Orakpo’s actions are also significant.

25 responses to “Brian Orakpo wants to get paid, but won’t get ugly about it

  1. skins fan here. orakpo is good, but has not ever proven he is elite. if he wants elite money, let him go elsewhere (where he’ll then turn into a superstar probably).

  2. His production doesn’t warrant that kind of money. His injury history is concerning as well. I get the feeling that he will be signing with another team in free agency.

  3. Orakpo has consistently provided 10 sacks and 60 tackles a year while only rushing the passer 16th most times [last year, per Rotoworld]. PAY THE MAN!

  4. Orakpo has always viewed himself in a higher regard than his actual performance. Dude disappears for games at a time and then will get 4 sacks in one game against the Raiders. He’s not consistent, is a liability in coverage, and is only OK against the run. Every year during the offseason we hear about him developing new moves but each season it’s more of the same.

    He’s a good player for sure and can generate some good pressure when he’s on. He’s far from elite, though, and shouldn’t be paid elite money.

  5. If Orakpo really wants top dollar, then they should be looking to move him at some point for a top draft pick next year.

    If he is reasonable in his salary request, sign him long term because he is better than most OLB in the league.

  6. I agree with the Skins fan above. Other than a kind of funny caveman comercial, he hasn’t really done all that much yet. I don’t know if you could pay him any more than that tag money. That’s why he’s there.

  7. It is a good point that he could have skipped out on OTA’s the Redskins and trained on his own. That being said, he needs to show the Redskins coaches and front office that he can make the leap from 8-11 sacks a year to the 12-16 sack per year range. If he can do that (big if) then I hope he’s a Washington Redskin for a long time. If not, then let some other team pay him.

  8. If skins had kept a 4-3 I think you would have seen him regarded highly rather that all the current speculation surrounding his potential worth. Let him sign somewhere else as a free agent in a 4-3 then it will be his time.

  9. Would have to prove he can stay healthy through a full season before I’d pay him big bucks.

  10. With him getting double teamed on almost all pass rushing plays that will always leave someone with a single blocker. $11.45M for 1 year guaranteed against injury is just insane for him. he should have signed that contract on day 1.

  11. I like Orakpo, however, sometimes players and their ego along with bad advice from agents blow up the impression of how good or how much they deserve. A good many of these athletes have lost touch with reality, and have forgotten they are playing a GAME for millions, whereas minions like us everyday folk make peanuts doing real jobs…

  12. He’s the best pass rusher the Redskins Organization has seen since Dexter Manley. It’s foolish to not keep him.

    There are very few redskins who’ve gotten double digit sacks in the past 20 years. And Orakpo has done it twice in his 4 years (I’m not counting 2012 because of his injury). Most teams would pay out their “butt crack” for that kind of production in a pass rusher.

    I remember how many people in the 2009 draft wanted Aaron Maybin because in the DC area there area a lot of Penn State Alum, would you take Maybin over Rak now?

    Don’t be idiots people!

    Keep a home grown talent at OLB who should only improve with better coaching from outside linebackers coach Brian Baker this year.

    As for Trent Murphy, the more and more I analyze him, the more and more I think he’ll play RDE next year in the Redskins one-gap/3-4 scheme. Murphy said when his father was in his mid 20’s that he put on weight. So, I think Trent Murphy is going to be the Redskins future starter at the 3-4 RDE position next to Orakpo.

    Murphy said his father put on about 30 pounds in his mid 20’s and he wasn’t able to keep the weight off and Trent envisions the same happening to him.

    Murphy is a huge man, he lost weight to look slimmer for linebacker drills at the NFL combine, but that doesn’t mean that’s where Haz and company project him to play for them.

    Murphy is naturally a near 6’6, 260 pound somenthing man.

    Justin Smith (3-4 DE for the 49ers) was 6’4, 267 pounds coming out of Missouri.

    If that’s the case, over the next year and a half, we could see Trent Murphy add 20 to 30 pounds. At 6’6, 280 to 290 pounds, he’s NOT going to be playing OLB. He’ll be playing DE.

    My prediction on the 2015 Redskins starting front 7:

    RDE: Murphy
    NT: Baker
    LDE: Hatcher

    ROLB: Orakpo
    RILB: Kennan Robinson
    LILB: Riley
    LOLB: Kerrigan

  13. He really showed something in his play late last season. Wonder if it was for a new contract or if he has turned the corner and will become elite.

    It will be interesting if he can continue to up his game; particularly, now that he has an OLB position coach with a lot of pedigree.

  14. good move for Rak

    I personally don’t think he is an elite player (mostly a bull rusher).. and I have concerns about his willingness to play hurt and ability to stay healthy…. Rak has a lot to prove this year… as a Skins fan, I hope he does it…. and, though I do sign him long-term, I do not pay him near the money he wants or what he is getting under the tag……. I also want to see what Murphy is… maybe team is better using money elsewhere than overpaying Rak

  15. I remember the last series of the Cowgirls game at end of miserable year for Skins….. Rak had a booboo and choose not to play on last series when all Skins needed was “slight” pass rush to win game and give fans some salvation…. after game he looked and acted fine, prompting even players to say he looked OK.. playing that play/series may have hurt a bit but he was not in any danger…. a guy that gets paid needs to play in that situation…. and, in the previous year, where he did not play at all, the defense was better than the year he returned…

    as I said, I like Rak.. but he has not shown to be a player worthy of top dollar

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