Courtney Upshaw looking to lose more weight

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw drew the ire of head coach John Harbaugh last offseason for being overweight.

Upshaw ultimately got his weight in control for the season in losing 20 pounds before the start of training camp.

Unlike last year when he missed workouts due to personal reasons that helped contribute to his excess weight, Upshaw is participating in OTAs for the Ravens this offseason.

However, Upshaw is still a bit heavier than he would like to be.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Upshaw wore a long-sleeved black shirt at practice Wednesday to help him shed some of the extra weight.

“The weight ain’t where it needs to be, where I want it to be. It’s a grind,” Upshaw said.

“That’s why you might see me in long sleeves and be like, ‘Courtney, it’s hot out here. Why are you in long sleeves?’ I’m working, man, the cardio, getting it in. It’s a whole new mindset. I’m doing the right things.”

Upshaw’s listed playing weight is 272 pounds, though he didn’t say where his weight currently sits.

Upshaw started 13 games for the Ravens last season with 30 tackles and 1.5 sacks.

18 responses to “Courtney Upshaw looking to lose more weight

  1. He’s so unimpressive. Another gem of a pick from Ozzie. Wait til leveon Bell and legarrette Blount run him over. Oh and good luck trying to tackle a 4.2 in the 40 dri archer! What a great time to be a steeler fan! You all envy are lombardi’s!

  2. He weighed in (listed weight) somewhere between 230-240 when playing for Bama and he was quick on his feet. Guess the bank account isn’t the only thing that gets fatter with an NFL contract.

    Hopefully he’ll be successful in losing the weight and continue to have a healthy successful career…

  3. No doubt after his playing days are over he is going to be one big dude. Just sounds like he has to fight it his whole life.

  4. No one seems to mention what a great draft choice this guy is lol.

    Ravens have been drafting poorly the last few years. Not quite as bad as the steelers and browns. But certainly not the drafting they were doing. Not sure what happened with Ozzie unless Harbaugh has had more say in player choices

  5. Yup, sad times in Baltimore. Since Coach Ray Lewis left, it seems that everything has just busted loose. Guess Harbaugh just can’t keep it together.

  6. Maybe he thought he has at least outweigh all the QBs he has to tackle.

  7. It is definitely a change that he’s making a real effort to get his weight right with a good attitude this year. He’d be a lot better served to keep up with his conditioning over the offseason, though.

  8. Hey Baltimore… you want Dannell Ellerbe back? I will trade him straight up for a Chaps Pit Beef Sandwich. Gosh, I miss some of my old MD food joints.

  9. He was a second rond choice and remains behind Suggs and Dumerville.
    Upshaw knows he needs to get his act in gear given he will be competing with Simon, McPhee, and Hamilton for one if not both of those spots in the next couple years.

  10. I don’t agree that Upshaw is a bust (he’s been excellent against the run), but still…this is the THIRD offseason in a row that he’s had to work extra in the OTAs / Minicamps in order to shed weight.

    How about paying attention to your weight year-round?

  11. “Oh and good luck trying to tackle a 4.2 in the 40 dri archer! ”

    Won’t need to according to his draft analysis.

    Very short and rail thin with no strength or running power. Not a tackle-breaker and goes down easy on contact. Limited inside runner. Can be knocked off routes easily and struggles catching on contact. Not a nuanced route runner. Very marginal, underpowered blocker. Could stand to do a better job securing the ball in traffic. Is not ideally built to withstand a full NFL season.

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