Finley eventually will have a tough decision to make

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Now that free-agent tight end Jermichael Finley has received clearance from Dr. Jospeh Maroon to return to football, Finley needs to find a team that will clear him to play.  Then, he needs to find a contract that he regards as appropriate, given all relevant circumstances.

And that’s the point at which Finley will have a tough decision to make.  With a $10 million disability policy available to Finley if he’s never able to play again, Finley will have to decide whether to call it quits for $10 million tax free, or whether to return to the NFL for far less than what it would take to earn $10 million after taxes.

Agent Blake Baratz expressed confidence during a visit last week to PFT Live that Finley can get the insurance money if he chooses not to play, despite the fact that he has received clearance to return.  If that’s accurate, Finley could lose a lot of money in exchange for a chance to play football again.

The dilemma doesn’t come squarely into focus for Finley until a team clears him to play for it and begins making monetary offers.  And while Finley has plenty of money put away, $10 million to not incur any further risk of injury versus something potentially much less than $10 million coupled with the risk of another neck injury and other problems seems like an easy decision to make with the brain.

But the brain doesn’t always make those decisions.

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  1. If he loves the game then he will come back & play. I don’t envy him though. This is a tough decision to make, especially with a family to take care of. If he does return, I just hope it’s with the G-Men & their new OC (his former position coach) Ben McAdoo.

  2. 10 million to stay out…….. or 5 million to stay with Turd Bay and join the anual January first round play off loss party?


  3. This is why Rick Spielman is a better GM than Ted Thompson:

    Rick Spielman has drafted 61 players since he took over the draft room in 2006, eight of them were voted to the Pro Bowl.

    Ted Thompson has drafted 87 players since he took over the draft room in 2005, only seven of them were voted to the Pro Bowl.

    That’s 13% Pro Bowl Player success rate for Spiel man & only 7% success rate for Ted Thompson.

    Once again proving the Minnesota Vikings superior.

  4. He needs the money. He’s going through a nasty divorce. His Big head wasn’t thinking. The little head took over and he has a little one with another woman that entered the world in spring of 13. The word on the street is he has another one knocked up. Between a divorce settlement, alimony, child support, he’s gonna need some serious cash on hand. True story ! Google it.

    And I can’t see Ted resigning him. He’s most likely done here. Adios Amigo !

  5. Playing in the NFL is like a drug to some of these guys..sometimes money isn’t the only factor whether you will continue to risk your health by playing the game..

  6. There’s only so much money one person needs to secure their family’s financial security. If Finley has made good financial decisions, this is about what he wants to do with his life and not about providing for his family.

  7. Let’s see — on the one hand, he’s got a ring, had a pretty decent career, and could get $10M tax-free without further injury vs. maybe getting a contract that guarantees him $3M while risking permanent injury — real tough choice .

  8. There was a story about Finley’s son not wanting him to play football even before he got injured. With this settlement as an option, why is he even debating this? Take the money, enjoy your life.

  9. What decision Is there take the money and become an assistant Te’s coach rather then take a risk and possibly be paralyzed if not worse

  10. If he doesnt take the $10 million tax free, he would be the perfect poster boy for the head trauma litigation, proof that football related injuries are rendering him incapable of making logical decisions

    either that or he is inherently stupid

  11. This is almost as agonizing a decision as Aaron Rodgers had to make last year when he was cleared to return from a slight collarbone fracture but had to endure the slight discomfort of handing off and the remote possibility that he could reinjure it. After another four weeks, he courageously decided he would return.

  12. I’m a Green Bay Packers fan. He is a great athlete, but I would be afraid that if he returned to the Packers, the organization would be blamed if he suffered another similar injury.

    The football fan in me wants to see him come back, but the normal person in me wants him to take his money and begin an early, healthy retirement.

  13. Go ahead Vikings fans, enjoy your Pro Bowls, that’s the only way you’ll make the postseason these days. I’ll take the Super Bowls the Packers have won!

    Besides, you guys had Cris Carter, Randall McDaniel, John Randle and Chris Doleman (and Moss) on the team yet never advanced to the Super Bowl!

    Ted Thompson Super Bowl > Rick Spielman Pro Bowls

  14. Good. This means if the Patriots want him , they’re going to have to fork over a lot of guaranteed money.

  15. I love how Viking fans keep bringing up GB’s playoff losses. Yeah it sucks, but I know y’all are bored after doing the daily dust sweep of your empty trophy case, so y’all rag on the Pack for making the playoffs. You do know you goofs haven’t won a division in some time. Bert Favor was still quarterbacking then. My my time has flown by. Go Pack Go!!

  16. I hate idiots who feel the need to bring their stupid politics into football. Football politics are bad enough. Leave the rest in the ballot box.

    Tough call for Finley. I wanna get one of those insurance policies too though! If I were him I’d take the bigger money and run rather than take less money to run in football games and risk the chance of further and greater injury. But we all know football players often take glory over common sense.

  17. I think that’s cute when people try to make fun of the Packers losing in the first round of the playoffs. Only the Patriots have made it as many consecutive years to the playoffs as the Packers. I can also think of three teams in the NFC North that would be jealous of that.

  18. He wants to return to Green Bay. He wants to win, or why come back? They make the postseason every year, they contend every year, they own the Vikings…..every year. They only have two first round exits in seven years, with a SuperBowl victory thrown in for good measure. Where else might he get that….Minnesota?

    Dang…..I just laughed beer out of my nose.

  19. The Niners are interested. They offer 2 years and 2 million dollars, and if Finley suffers a career ending injury they get the 10 million from his insurance policy.

  20. The Vikings have won zero Super Bowls. The Packers have been in five, winning four LOMBARDIs.

    The League rightfully named that trophy the Lombardi Trophy — not the Les Steckel Trophy. Ya folla?

    Fan of AFC Team who knows the Pack > the Vikes

  21. Take the money, put it in a swiss bank account then come back next year after you’ve given your neck a whole another year to heal.

    Do I gotta teach these people everything?

  22. There is no way he can collect if he is cleared. Anytime soon. Insurance companies make money by not paying out.

    The Insurance company’s house Doctor will also deem him fit and their will be a long drawn out litigation. Years of it.

    Somewhere down the line he will settle for 10 cents on the dollar. He can make more playing for 1 year with incentives.

  23. The Vikings fans bragging to Packers fans about Pro Bowlers is equivalent to some guy bragging to Bill Gates that he just earned $20 mowing someone’s lawn.

  24. he will play with the raiders…have to admit any individual looks better in silver and black clothes, then green and yellow.

    GO Raiders…GO Reggie….ink it

  25. Maybe I am an idiot, but if he has been cleared by his surgeon, and he is offered a contract, how can this be a career ending injury?

    I understand if he isnt cleared, or if no one offers him a contract, that the injury would have been career ending. BUT, if he has an iffer, and CHOOSES not to accept it, is it not his choice that his career ended?

  26. Take the $10mil and call it a career. Is playing for love of the game, worth the possibility of further neck injury? Nope.
    Be smart and you can pick what ever after football career you want. 10mil, if spent and invested wisely can last the rest of your life.

  27. He could sign with Minnesota and lose in the playoffs once every 6 years. The rest of the time he could be home for New Years. That might extend his career.

  28. Getting clearance from his personal physician is one thing, but team physicians is another thing altogether. It’s kind of like my girlfriend telling me it’s OK for me to have an affair, but I need to get clearance from my wife.

  29. Leave it to the typical jealous viking posters to take a serious situation to the gutter because he is a Packer. Hope the best for Finley in whatever he decides.

    As far as gm’s and what they have accomplished one needs to look no further than the putrid record of 1-7-1 Spielman has against Ted Thompson.

  30. Ted Thompson has drafted a team that has won many division titles and world title with more to come. Spielman has drafted perineal last place teams no Super Bowls and has gone through 3 coaching staffs. Scoreboard PFT

  31. Money aside, I would think it’d be excruciating returning to GB and the diva culture that the locker-room leader has created. And of course the humiliating playoff losses.

  32. I think this is a “no-brainer” for the man. He can take $10M and not risk another serious neck injury that could lead to paralysis. It’s the same thing that makes me cringe every time I see Peyton Manning being hit. Football is great but life is greater. Why risk becoming a paraplegic?

  33. Finley has 10 million reasons not to ever play football again. If I were him I’d say screw it, I’m relatively healthy, I’ve got $10 mil tax-free, and a great life ahead of me where I never have to shop at Walmart if I don’t want to. It’s a no-brainer!

  34. Packers don’t even need him, Made the playoffs without him and then went on to win the super bowl without him. Far better team without his drama/drops. The stupid fin move is getting old especially when losing in a game.

  35. seems pretty easy, go to a team with competent management and a good Qb or stick with green bay and hope to score more points then everyone to win a championship….
    hey, it worked last year for denver, oh wait…

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