Interview with Danny Amendola abruptly ends after injury question


A Tuesday radio interview with Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola ended with the line dropping after a third consecutive question about the player’s health or injury history.

The interview, which was conducted by 98.5 FM “The Sports Hub” in Boston, was an opportunity for Amendola to promote an upcoming event for his “Catches For Kids” charitable foundation. However, the interview — which was taped in advance of airing by station host Adam Jones — also aimed to ask a few football questions, too.

According to audio posted on the radio station’s website after the interview and also later played on the air, the three-question sequence began when Amendola was asked how he would characterize his injury history.

“It’s not something I really think about, to tell you the truth,” said Amendola, who has missed a combined nine regular season games in the last two seasons and was limited to just one game in 2011. “My job is to be as healthy as I can and to play good football, and that’s really the only thing I focus on, so I don’t really think about it too much.

Amendola was then asked about his current health.

“I feel really good,” the receiver said.

“Everyone’s getting stronger, getting faster,” Amendola added, referring to the Patriots’ offseason program.

Then came a third question, which referenced the clavicle injury that caused Amendola to miss time with the Rams in 2012. Shortly thereafter, the line dropped, and the interview ended.

In fairness to Amendola, it could have been a technical issue that ended the interview. And let’s be sympathetic to the plight of an interview subject who has to face repeated questions about a sensitive issue. There are more enjoyable topics to discuss.

Nevertheless, we have audio of an interview that cuts off after another injury question, which leads to the perception — rightly or wrongly — the topic wasn’t to Amendola’s liking.

Amendola’s injury history is a material part of his story. He has missed significant time in each of the last three seasons. This is his sixth NFL campaign.

Now, if Amendola puts together a productive 16-game season in 2014? The injury discussion changes. The past ailments aren’t as easily brought up. Instead, the focus is on how he stayed healthy for a full season.

And Amendola will have earned that.

38 responses to “Interview with Danny Amendola abruptly ends after injury question

  1. This is a tough time of year for everyone involved. Coaches and GMs are lying through their teeth to gain (or keep) a competitive edge, the media are trying to generate any type of content to keep fans satiated and advertisers happy, and the players by and large just want to focus on football.

    Given all that, I can see how something like this could happen and to be honest I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  2. The man had the interview for his charity not his health & now you want to make him look like the bad sport. Why not question the integrity of the interviewer who changed subjects and would not go with the topic at hand.

  3. Not a fan of Adam Jones, and even believe his side kick is better than he is. Just repeats the same thing during every segment, halfheartedly leaning one way or another but never committing to an opinion.

    Wish they would bring back D.A. or gave the job to Bertrand*.

    Amendola can’t stay healthy, but this is a new season.

    Go Pats!

  4. .

    In fairness to Amendola there are some injuries that are totally unavoidable. Case in point : Last year while lying face down out of bounds, Amendola was speared helmet to helmet, resulting in a concussion. That type of hit would have put anyone out of commission.


  5. I feel another IR departure. He’s small. LB’s are big.
    I wanna root for him, but he’s not gonna be around long.

  6. He’s hurt all the time and got paid a lot. That’s a legitimate question. The Patriots paid him Wes Welker money instead of paying Wes Welker.

  7. Welker would have dropped the phone before even getting it to his ear in the first place.

  8. Before last season, one of NFL network sports medicine people indicated Amendola had an problematic soft tissue system. All the connecting supports in his body; muscles, tendons, and ligaments, were very susceptible to injury. That was evident in his constant small injuries.
    It will only get worse.

  9. Walker, Amendola, Edelman all system WRs. They wouldn’t even be in the league if not for Brady and subsuquent rules changes over last 10-20 years.

  10. Maybe he should have done what Arians did with D. Washington and made one comment and said he wouldn’t be talking about it again. I don’t blame guys for getting salty when they hear the same basic question three times in one interview. The collarbone happened years ago when he was in St Louis for crying out loud. I wonder if that “journalist” or whatever those types call themselves these days would find it relevant to be asked about some event in his life from 2 years ago that he had already addressed at the time?

  11. It was a technical issue. Neurons in Danny’s brain fired unexpectedly in a pattern which caused his right index finger to depress the call button on his cell phone. They’re looking into it.

  12. If Amendola was given the impression that the interview was a chance for him to promote his event and then the interviewer was turning it into something else, good for him to hang up.
    Media need to show some respect and integrity from time to time.

    Last weekend I watched Phil Mickelson say repeatedly that he couldn’t say anything more on the subject of his legal issue only to have the media pound, pound, pound, the same thing over and over. That isn’t media trying to report a story, that is media trying to become the story.

  13. Stories like this are why the Patriots give short shrift to the media. Bill Belichick has the right idea in how to deal with these vultures and as Patriot fans, we love to watch him do it!

  14. He did nothing wrong. Asking questions that are unrelated to the reason for the interview can be considered tolerable, and the interviewee may not mind answering one or two of them. But if the interviewer does not get back on topic and continues digging, expect the interview to end.

    On a positive note, an article lamenting on the fact that he might have rudely hung up makes a lot more people aware of Catches for Kids.

    Danny 1, media 0.

  15. To be fair most of his injuries were not from taking big hits but of a more freakish nature. He never should have signed with such an awful franchise though.

  16. In all fairness, he may not have hung up. He might have torn his ACL walking to his kitchen, and dropped the phone in the process.

  17. In fairness to Amendola, listening to questions about his injury is OLD NEWWWWS. I’m sure he’s sick of talking about it, and I can tell you straight up that I’m sick of hearing about it. Change the record already and ask a new question.

  18. Even though Amendola came on the show to promote his charity, he’s gotta expect some FB questions. I don’t blame Amendola for getting irritated when the interviewer kept pushing and harping on the injury thing(which he did). Sure it bothers Amendola, even though the facts seem to speak for themselves. Still there are better, more professional ways to handle it rather than hanging up the phone on some nobody nightime sports show host trying tro make a name for himself. If you can’t handle the media professionally, don’t go on.

  19. The Patriots offer less information than any team in the league by design and coach edict. An interviewer’s job is to learn as much as possible about the interviewee.

    If a Patriots player chooses to put himself in a position to be asked such questions regardless of the reason for doing so, then he better be prepared to answer/deflect them. Nothing wrong with the line of questioning.

  20. I remember Amendola playing for the Eagles in preseason and thinking he should have been on the team. He’s got talent, it’s a bummer he can’t stay healthy.

  21. Don’t blame him either.
    Stupid disk jockeys. Always want to “play” new guy.
    You ask him on to promote something, then play a “gotcha” game with him.

  22. It was the job of the reporter to ask or tease for the answers. It was Danny’s prerogative to answer, refuse, or just hang up! Hey, everybody – handle your business!

  23. It’s hard to see why the Patriots thought Amendola would be an adequate replacement for Welker in the first place. The guy is always injured. Were they desperate?

    Amendola is someone you avoid taking in fantasy football because he’s just not reliable. If Patriots missed this, that’s one big miss.

    It’s not exactly the best idea in the world to starve your HOF QB of targets; especially in his last few seasons when he needs them the most.

  24. My guess is Amendola now knows what Ted Williams went through. As a group, media never reflects the training their mothers gave them. Yea, I know, there is an exception or two to the rule.

  25. His phone decided that if Danny can’t stay healthy for a full season, why should it work for a full interview.

    So the Phone went on IR for the rest of the day.

  26. This radio host Adam Jones is so lame and boring, really doesn’t deserve such a plum time spot in this great sports market.

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