Jim Irsay’s driver’s license suspended for one year

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When Colts owner Jim Irsay was pulled over on March 16, police thought he was under the influence, and Irsay refused a blood test. As a result, Irsay’s driver’s license has been suspended.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Irsay’s license was suspended last week for one year, through May 27, 2015.

Under Indiana law, a one-year license suspension is mandated for anyone who refuses to submit to a drug test. Obviously, Irsay can afford to have a full-time chauffeur, so a one-year license suspension won’t affect him the way it would affect most people, but he’s getting the same punishment that drivers typically get for refusing to take a blood test.

Irsay is facing two misdemeanor counts of impaired driving. His next court date is June 19.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that Irsay is subject to league discipline, but there’s no word yet on what that discipline will entail, or when it will be handed down.

52 responses to “Jim Irsay’s driver’s license suspended for one year

  1. If it won’t affect him the same way then that doesn’t sound like the same punishment to me. I bet Eric Winston would agree. For some people that’s just not a mere inconvenience, but more of a devastating challenge to overcome.

  2. When does Goddell ‘hand down’ discipline?
    Will that ‘discipline’ compare to players discipline for a similar offense?

    Hockey sticks no.

  3. Fines and tickets should be relative to income, like in Sweden. Richard Bronson once got a $100,000 speeding ticket.

  4. And the NFL suspension will be far less severe than the State of Indiana.

    If I was that rich, I wouldn’t be driving anyway. The only place you’d find me behind the wheel is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a Saturday for fun in my $600,000 Ferrari.

  5. A more devastating punishment would have been to suspend Irsay’s Twitter account for one year.

  6. Skooby, the difference Irsay signs the checks. The person signing the checks makes the rules. If the players paid irsay they could demand that he require to random testing. Until that day it won’t happen. You also fail to realize that the owners are giving millions of dollars to players and don’t want to burn it on drug addicts.

  7. Aww that means his chauffer is actually gonna haveto work now. Life is gonna be hard for Mr Irsay the next year. Poor guy : (

  8. Force him to sell his team – what kind of lessons are we teaching our kids?? How can the players stand to wear the uniform for his team? Haha, just kidding. He’s no Donald Sterling… 🙂

  9. After careful review, Goodell has determined that the penalty of Irsay having his license suspended for one year is adequate and will not be enforcing any further punishments.

  10. Big punishment for a galzillionaire. Hire a driver and it’s over. He can buy himself a nice big Cadillac in the process. We’d be riding a bike to work.


  11. Ryan Clark was spot on with his comments. Irsay is going to get special treatment from the league.

    This is just a preview.

    What a joke!

  12. This is wrong beyond the nfl non punishment the judicial system is a joke $=get off

  13. So not only was he on pills, he was drunk too?? Pills don’t show up on BAC tests.

    He is a menace to society. If Goodell is not to be a hypocrite and is to hold Irsay to the “higher standard” that was promised, Goodell must lower the boom on him!

  14. Bummer. I guess he’s only going to be able to fly his private jet around to get from place to place now.

  15. We have the same type of law in Minnesota. Refuse to take the sobriety test=automatic suspension of license. The DUI case can continue. However if you injure someone in a crash, you can be forced to submit to a drug/alcohol test.

    I wonder why the “felony possession of controlled substances” charges were dropped? Perhaps I just missed that story.

    I don’t think anyone is going to be happy with the discipline, or lack of, that Irsay is subjected to by the NFL. Goodell is employed by the owners, any discipline he metes out will need to approved by the other owners if he wants to remain employed.

  16. why would a guy with his cash not have a limo rolling his ass everywhere anyway? Didn’t this moron watch the movie “arthur”? He is a modern day depiction of Arthur! Thats it, Arthur Irsay, heir to a fortune and no brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. There are different rules applied for different owners, and different rules for different players. If two players break the same rule, and their history is the same, one player’s infraction gets swept under the rug never to be spoken of again because he’s the golden boy of the nfl, and the other would probably be lowered to 20th on the qb hit parade instead of top 5. That’s just how it is in the nfl, and in life.

  18. Seriously…… That isn’t punishment for a guy that can actually afford a driver. The state of Indiana should be embarrassed!!!

  19. “There’s only one valid reason Jim Irsay would have driven under the influence.

    Trent Richardson was on his fantasy team.”

    Or you could have traded a first rounder for him to be on your actual team.

  20. It does affect him.

    He wasn’t using a driver before. He wants to be alone when he’s doing his thing.

    Now he has a “chaperone.” Maybe he can pay the guy hush money but no it’s not the same.

  21. Should be made to sell team. Dirtbag, drunk, druggie. He could have afforded a driver but I guess didn’t want the driver to see what he was doing with some 20 plus thousand in his vehicle. NFL double standard.

  22. The real punishment would have been to FORCE him to drive everywhere himself in a vehicle equipped with the blow tube gizmo.

    You want to be dumb enough to drive when you have enough money to be chauffered everywhere? Fine…you’re driving everywhere yourself now and you better be sober doing it or your rear end can sit in your Indianapolis office tweeting your half-baked miseries to everyone.

    I should be a judge.

  23. OMG! When will this madness end! Poor Jim. I really really feel sorry for him.NOT……

  24. Why is this a surprise? The rich aren’t treated equally in this country. They never will be either.

  25. Today Jim Irsay’s driver just resigned. He stated..It was bad enough when he had a license. Now I got to be cleaning puke as well as driving seven days a week.
    It just ain’t worth it.

  26. One thing you gotta love about this country is equal rights, too bad we can’t say that we also have the same punishments regardless of how much money you have. They need to make an example out of him, treat him like a player, he’s an owner and should act like one, and not act like someone out of college.

  27. Since this has no impact on him given he is rich and can have a chauffeur the judge needs to get creative and give him a sentence of being on call to chauffeur to other drunks too inebriated to drive for a year.

  28. The NFL need to do the right thing, and suspend him. He’s lost his licence for a year so that tells you something.
    He’s got a problem, and deserves the same as a normal person with no money. It’s obvious money buys plenty on here with NFL players who have done something stupid.

  29. Even the rich enjoy the freedom to hop in their car and go where they want. Even with money,why would you pay someone to drive you to the store or go on errands for you? That’s some New York party or LA premier stuff. Now this is more of an inconvenience than a punishment. You might be surprised how many million or even billionaires live around the block from you and keep a low profile just by living in a normal house and driving themselves. If he receives equal punishment under the local and state laws then what the NFL does to him is irrelevant. They’re not going to cripple one of their money making franchises and they can’t come up with a ridiculous fine. I can’t even see a suspension. Personally I can’t see what the league can do to him besides suggesting he enter counselling.

  30. Having worked in and around the criminal justice system for over fifteen years, I understand the acrimony directed at Irsay. Not everyone get’s what they deserve, that’s not our system is supposed to work. And while he’s no Saint, nor even an average boyscout, the reduction of charges in this case, appear to be more likely a reflection of no previous record. Considering how Irsay came into his money, it’s not bloody likely money hasn’t fixed something for him before this though.

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