Oddsmaker: Patriots, Broncos heaviest favorites to make playoffs

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Nevada oddsmaking firm CG Technology has set playoff odds for 21 NFL teams, giving the public a chance to vote up or down (with cash, of course) on a club’s postseason prospects.

In 7-of-8 divisions, at least one club is better than a 50 percent shot to make the playoffs, per CG’s odds. The only division without a club rated at least even-money to make the postseason is the AFC North, where the Steelers (+120) have been bet to favoritism.

The Patriots (-440) are the strongest favorites to make the playoffs on CG’s odds, with the Broncos (-400) and Seahawks (-250) the next shortest prices. Bettors seeking to back New England to make the postseason would have to wager $44 to win $10 on a successful gamble.

Here are the team odds offered at the CG sports books as of Thursday. The implied odds were calculated using the team’s current price:

AFC East
New England Patriots: Yes: -440. No: +340. (Suggested playoff odds: 81.5 percent).
Miami Dolphins: Yes: +300. No: -400. (Suggested playoff odds: 25.0 percent).

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers: Yes: +120. No: -150. (Suggested playoff odds: 45.5 percent).
Cincinnati Bengals: Yes: +135. No: -165. (Suggested playoff odds: 42.6 percent).
Baltimore Ravens: Yes: +160. No: -190. (Suggested playoff odds: 38.5 percent).

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts: Yes: -175. No: +145. (Suggested playoff odds: 63.6 percent).
Houston Texans: Yes: +225. No: -275. (Suggested playoff odds: 30.8 percent).

AFC West
Denver Broncos: Yes: -400. No: +300. (Suggested playoff odds: 80.0 percent).
Kansas City Chiefs: Yes: +350. No: -550. (Suggested playoff odds: 22.2 percent).
San Diego Chargers: Yes: +350. No: -500. (Suggested playoff odds: 22.2 percent).

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles: Yes: -110. No: -120. (Suggested playoff odds: 52.4 percent).
Dallas Cowboys: Yes: +240. No: -300. (Suggested playoff odds: 29.4 percent).
New York Giants: Yes: +240. No: -300. (Suggested playoff odds: 29.4 percent).

NFC North
Green Bay Packers: Yes: -170. No: +140. (Suggested playoff odds: 63.0 percent).
Chicago Bears: Yes: +250. No: -320. (Suggested playoff odds: 28.6 percent).
Detroit Lions: Yes: +250. No: -320. (Suggested playoff odds: 28.6 percent).

NFC South
New Orleans Saints: Yes: -145. No: -105. (Suggested playoff odds: 59.2 percent).
Atlanta Falcons: Yes: +220. No: -270. (Suggested playoff odds: 31.3 percent).
Carolina Panthers: Yes: +230. No: -280. (Suggested playoff odds: 30.3 percent).

NFC West
Seattle Seahawks: Yes: -250. No: +200. (Suggested playoff odds: 71.4 percent).
San Francisco 49ers: Yes: -210. No: +175. (Suggested playoff odds: 67.7 percent).

57 responses to “Oddsmaker: Patriots, Broncos heaviest favorites to make playoffs

  1. Odds have been proven to mean nothing.

    These are determinations of past winning.

    Look at the Vikings team on paper right now.

    We have the talent of a Super Bowl contender team.

    No one realizes this because of our less than mediocre season last year.

    The Minnesota Vikings be a contender.

  2. NE’s coaching comp:
    1. NYJ: trade up for Sanchez & for G Smith
    2. ‘Fins: Coach didn’t have a clue as to what was going on in his locker room
    3. Buffalo: sub 500 college coach

    yeah I’ll go ahead and pencil NE in for the playoffs.

  3. I thought Tom Brady was washed up?

    Playing in any other conference he would be. Six easy wins and split the rest gets to the playoffs.

  4. What are the odds on the Jets? I have some money I need to get rid of quickly.

  5. Playing in any other conference he would be. Six easy wins and split the rest gets to the playoffs

    Ask Tom Brady about playing in buffalo. Pats at just lucky jets and bills have been horrid on the road. The fact that Brady was 43-76 in 2 games vs buffalo 3 Tds 2 ints and a stevie catch from a loss I don’t think it’s easy. Jets and buffalos defense is getting good Brady better enjoy the turf this year.

  6. If the AFC West didn’t have to play the NFC West this year, every team in the AFC West would have a winning season and make the playoffs.

    (except the Raiders)

    NFC West vs. AFC West again is SB.

  7. The last two seasons, the Steelers have played the weakest schedules in their long history. The results: 16-16.

  8. The AFC East is such a joke year after year that the Pats a virtual lock to make the playoffs. That’s the real secret of their success.

  9. The teams that didn’t have playoff odds set for them were the Bills, Jets, Browns, Titans, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Vikings, Buccaneers, Rams and Cardinals.

    Not sure why that’s the case. Just thinking aloud, but it might be a matter of setting a proposition where “Yes” wouldn’t be overloaded for some of these so-called “longer shots.” If a long shot is 7-to-1 to make the postseason and, say, 1-to-8 to to miss the playoffs, the public will probably gravitate to the bigger payoffs.

    It may also be a function of trying not to put together a competing wager with Super Bowl odds. Meaning this: if a team is 100-1 to beat 31 teams to win it all and a sports book is comfortable taking that action, then why offer, say, 10-to-1 on that team having to beat just 10 teams to simply make the playoffs?

  10. Actually they do have % for the Vikings.

    I guess they felt it was unnecessary to post such slim chances.

  11. The last two seasons, the Steelers have played the weakest schedules in their long history. The results: 16-16.

    The people making the money in Vegas are way more reliable than a disgruntled pseudo Steeler fan who fancies himself to be the all knowing sage of The Mon valley. The house usually wins and grumpy pants just complains.

  12. Of all the teams in the NFL next season…I see the Seahawks and the Eagles as being the 2 teams that opponents will fear playing the most.

    The Seahawks defense played with a ferocity and a chemistry that was unmatched by any other defense in football, and their offense has been constantly improving ever since Russell Wilson took over. If the Seahawks don’t suffer any major injuries to key parts, than there is little reason to think they won’t make it to the AFC Championship game at the very least.

    The Eagles are the early favorites to be the NFL’s top scoring team next season, and if the defense continues to make strides like they did in the 2nd half of last season…than it may be a recipe for even greater success. Last season was the first time in Foles’ brief NFL career that he was anointed the starter, and it was Chip Kelly’s debut as head coach as well, so for the team to go 10-6 with essentially a brand new head coach and starting QB…it really leaves Eagles fans with high expectations going into next year.

  13. That’s right, the people in Vegas are more reliable. They’ve made the odds the Steelers are less than 50-50 to make the playoffs. Don’t know if you can gan odds on missing 3 yrs in a row. Skippy

  14. viking customers never put their money where their mouth is.

    The delusions are gone in September and the There is always next year talk begins.

  15. For those of you complaining about the odds of your favorite teams (ie: Steelers v Bengals) the public’s perception of the teams is factored into the lines. Settle down everyone.

  16. I agree with the oddsmakers that the Saints probably have the best chance to make it from the NFC South, but don’t sleep on the Bucs. I’m not a Bucs fan, but they are my dark horse team this year.

  17. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa… Fellas relax. Yes, the Patriots will make the Playoffs at 81%. However, the Odds of losing in the Playoffs stand at 100.1%. Also , some of you will be happy to know the Dolphins, Jets and Bills have all beat the Pats recently. The 6-0 days are over for sure.

  18. As a Packers fan, the Bears are my most hated team, but I seriously think they have a much better chance of reaching the playoffs than the Lions.

  19. Vegas NEVER let’s the public bet on SURE things, no matter what the odds. The Vikings missing the playoffs IS A SURE THING!! LMFAO! What a terrible and hopeless franchise!!

  20. The new York jets are lying on the floor of the AFC east and will be until they clean house and draft a decent qb. If I were them, I’d see what Chad Pennington is making commentating and offer him double that.

  21. So basically if you made the playoffs last year or came close you’re a safe bet in making it again is what I’m reading.

    Oh and the Broncos and Seahawks are favorites in Vegas to get to the Superbowl this upcoming season as well.

    How exactly do I apply for this “Vegas odds makers” job anyway? Sounds like they use the same process that EA uses when they build Madden games.

  22. It’s true that the Vikings are contenders, but you need to read the story more carefully. This is about contenders to make the playoffs next year, not contenders to get the number #1 pick in next year’s draft.

  23. Texans finish 2-14 with 14 consecutive losses. Their number 1 need since week 5 has been a QB and the best answer they came up with is Tom Savage. Yet, they have a 31% chance at the playoffs, higher than 3 playoff teams from last year.

    Please. What a joke the oddsmakers are. Anyone who takes these seriously, are probably the same people who would list gambling on sports games as a source of income.

  24. It’s too bad that either the Seahawks or the 49ers will have to walk away with something that will be perceived as less than 2nd place.

  25. I really believe that Seattle can win it again. The issues are only the hangover and injuries. They are young and loaded. The only team that will test them is San Francisco.

  26. Captain wisdom no one fears the beagles nick foles will face the nfc west this year thats 0-4 right there! Defenses win championships and you have none.

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