Longtime Vikings DT Kevin Williams visiting Patriots


Father Bill’s Home for Wayward Veterans is taking a look at another orphan.

According to Tom Curran of CSNNE.com, veteran defensive tackle Kevin Williams is visiting the Patriots.

The 33-year-old Williams had been mulling retirement, but has visited the Seahawks and Giants (which kind of takes some of the muscle out of the retirement threat).

Realistically, he’s probably willing to play if he’s making something other than the veteran minimum, and low-value deals are all that’s out there at the moment.

We’ll see if the Patriots are willing to budge on the budget front to make it happen.

18 responses to “Longtime Vikings DT Kevin Williams visiting Patriots

  1. In comes Linval Joseph.

    Out goes Kevin Williams.

    The Minnesota Vikings know talent.

    So Kevin Williams is no longer a factor.

  2. I wish him the best, he was a great player for the Vikings for many years and a good character guy. Time catches up to us all, and while 33 is young for a man it is not so young for a trench brawler in the NFL. I hope he can find a situation where he fits into a team’s DL rotation so he can keep fresh legs, or retire. Great guy.

  3. I am sure he would like the chance to play in a meaningful game after October.

  4. TKelly was playing well for the Pats last yr, but he’s 33 and coming off a knee injury during the middle of last season. If the Pats cut Kelly, they would save 700K on the cap. They could give that money plus a little more to Williams and that might be an upgrade. That is, if Williams really wants to play FB(for a winner for a change) and is not just looking for one last paycheck.

  5. Good Luck Kevin but you won’t have those cup cake O-line girls like green bays goes with on sundays to laugh at anymore!!!

  6. LB – D Hightower, J Mayo, J Collins, James Anderson.

    DT – V Wilfork, T Kelly, K Williams, A Armstead

    DE – C Jones, R Ninkovich, W Smith, M Buchanon

    DB – D Revis, B Browner, A Dennard, K Arrington, S – D McCourty, L Ryan, D Harmon, P Chung

    Dude this defense is gonna beast!!
    Bring in Keller/Finely at TE, hope ONE of our WRs steps up besides Edelman! Going back to the ship!

  7. I was sad when pat williams left buffalo for Minnesota and made one of the best dt tandems on football with Kevin. Kevin was a monster in Minnesota. Hope he has a couple more years left in the tank.

  8. Kevin Williams has been one of, if not THE best DT in the NFL over the past decade. Although Kevin Williams is kind of washed up at this point in his career, he still provides exceptional depth and knowledge to any NFL roster. Hope he does well wherever he goes!

  9. At least he is giving himself a chance to earn a ring, the only ring he had a chance at in Minnesota was the ring around the toilet as the Vikings were flushed out of contention as soon as the leaves begin to fall.

  10. Jared allen in a bears uniform, kevin williams in a patriot uniform, julius pepper in a packer uniform is why the nfl is king.

    Vikings will win at Lambeau on thursday night, book it.

  11. Wherever he signs for his last year, I hope he gets the benefit of a long playoff run. He’s a good person and was a great player for the Vikes.

  12. He would be nice compliment to Wilfork and Kelly both coming off injuries, plus I would want to believe he wants a Super Bowl ring & the Pats have a good shot I would love him he ? Has never been injured? I believe, is this true?

  13. Could be a nice addition to a really solid D-line rotation they are building in NE. It would keep the mileage off his legs and keep him fresh to be effective in the 4th quarters of games and the season.

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