Negotiations still stalled between 49ers, Harbaugh


With the 49ers getting quarterback Colin Kaepernick under contract, the question becomes whether a new deal will be struck with the man who has mentored Kaepernick through his three NFL seasons.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, not much is happening.  The 49ers have made an offer to Harbaugh, and Harbaugh has yet to respond to it.

The problem continues to be that Harbaugh, in the estimation of the 49ers, wants to be paid like a coach who has won a Super Bowl, even though he hasn’t.  And Harbaugh seems to be content to bet on himself, eventually proving his value by ongoing success — and potentially becoming a free agent.

Signed through 2015, an effort to extend Harbaugh’s contract went nowhere last year.  If a deal can’t be finalized before the end of the upcoming campaign, a divorce isn’t out of the question, even though Harbaugh has insisted he’ll remain with the 49ers for the final two seasons of a five-year deal.

Until an extension is signed, anything can happen.

76 responses to “Negotiations still stalled between 49ers, Harbaugh

  1. He doesn’t deserve to be aid like a coach who has won a super bowl!

  2. And the implosion continues… now that the Santa Clara 49’ers have realized they are in a 3 team race with AZ and STL for the best loser in the NFC West they are clearly abandoning all hope. #gohawks

  3. He’s probably figuring to catch a Super Bowl win & cash in bigger but knowing who’s in his division, that might not be the wisest move. Success in the NFL is fleeting at best & just making a Super Bowl / conference final for a few years in a row should be good enough for a huge deal.

    Worst case scenario is Harbaugh leaves for unknown pastures, grazing on grass that might not be greener. He’s asking for it, which is his style of self-worth.

  4. They think they can just plug in another coach and they’re wrong.

    Heck– Jeff Fisher makes $7 million. Chip Kelly came in from college at $6.5.

    Harbaugh is top notch. Pay him or pay the price.

  5. Finally the 49ers matter… and now they are pulling an Oakland?
    The Oakland Raiders have never recovered form losing Jon Gruden because AL DAVIS GOT CHEAP.
    Please learn from their mistake or live to regret it.
    If I’m an owner, I don’t want to Love my head coach, I want to respect him and him me.

  6. Harwich may not have won a a super bowl, but we never even sniffed the post season before he came with the same roster his first year. He has turned the culture and franchise around and back into a true threat. He deserves to be rewarded. He has lost to the eventual SB winner w achieve year.

  7. Well the GM just made a big speech about rewarding the players, and Kaepernick hasn’t been around on this team longer than Harbaugh has nor has he won a Super Bowl and they made a clear statement by giving him a lot of money despite having him under contract for a cheap year.

    Whatever the offer amount could have possibly been, it’s easy to imagine how Harbaugh could come to an interpretation that the number is insulting in comparison, and worthy of being bumped up to that “best and final offer” that is not often the same as the “opening offer”.

  8. It always seems so easy to find a really good replacement coach until you actually have to find one.

    Is Mike Singletary available?

  9. If it’s Baalke who thinks he can run things without Harbaugh, he could end up being expendable. If Jed York thinks he can find another coach who goes to the Conference Championship every year then he is just nuts. Some think Harbs is arrogant. What I see is a competitor who always has an edge, and never has time for writer’s bull….. Sign him and count yourself lucky.

  10. Harbaugh makes the same as Jason Garrett. He makes millions less than Jeff Fisher.

    Wouldn’t you want a hefty raise?

  11. Jimmy can’t win the big one, Jimmy’s too busy melting down when it matters most.

    Jimmy’s 0 for 3.

    Prove me wrong or take a hike when your contract is up Jimmy.

  12. Pay him.. this team was in the toilet before he arrived.. The niners are who they are these days because of him..

  13. There is no front office turmoil. It’s pulp fiction completely fabricated by the media to tarnish our franchise.

    In any event Baalke will give Harbaugh a generous contract extension for a coach who has resurrected the Niners into perennial contenders.

  14. You do realize that Harbaugh is not subject to the salary cap and my Niners WILL pay him, right?

  15. Its not like his numbers count against the salary cap. Just pay him and be happy. We didn’t find anyone in the dark ages of 49er history, then he takes us to the championship game 3 years in a row? Hes a good coach.

  16. @seatown baller pretty sure harbaugh has won more games vs pete the cheat even going back to his USC days right before USC imploded and good ole pete left them high and dry. Yea pete had the last laugh so far with help from the refs in the NFC champ game but there are alot more battles that will be fought before its all said and done.

  17. So following Johns logic, shouldn’t he be paid less than Andy Reid who has been to more NFC Championship games and lost just as many Super Bowls?

  18. ctiggs says:
    Jun 5, 2014 10:40 PM
    #bestteam #bestcoach #bestTE #top3QB #NoOnehasitbetter


    #noRingsSinceBeforeTheInternet #GoDefendingSuperBowlChampHawks!!

  19. I know this might shock some fair weather 9er fans, but aside from the decade plus that bill walsh coached, the 49ers were, shal we say not so good. There were some mikes, one wore a coat and tie, there was a brief Dennis Erickson sighting too. So, something to think about.

  20. Paraag Marathe is a shrewd, but brilliant, negotiator and Jim Harbaugh is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. They’re both wise not to cave right now. Harbaugh is still under contract for two more seasons and could boost his stock if he can bring home a Lombardi, while Paraag and Trent Baalke are smart not to break the bank for a coach that hasn’t yet proven he can win the big one. I personally think Harbaugh is an elite coach but Baalke and Marath have also assembled an elite roster, so it’s fair for them to wait and see what they’re buying: Are they getting Jimmy Johnson or Marv Levy? Are they getting Bill Belichick or Andy Reid?

  21. Jim is a very good coach who has won in college and the pros. There are coaches in the NFL who are paid higher than Jim that have not won a SB. One has a winning percentage lower than 60%. It’s the Niners management call to offer Harbaugh a larger contract or not. My opinion is they would be foolish not to do so.

  22. I don’t understand the hold up here. His salary will not count against the cap so I think they should pay him as much as they need to in order to keep him. They can afford it and he will NOT be easily replaced. Does the front office not want to win or what? If this organization lets Harbaugh go I’m not sure I’ll ever forgive them.

  23. And…… The hawk “fan” obsession with the niners marches on. There is a hawk fan within the first 3-5 comments on EVERY single 49ers article over the past 18 or so months.

  24. over rated coach, people forget this team was mostly drafted by Nolan.

    then in comes mister cry baby taking a team who already was stacked on both lines and was considered a playoff team, and now he is the great one?

    give me a break, let him actually build a team like pete did with the hawks then you can pay the man.

  25. The “who’s got it better than us” nonsense from niner fans is hilarious. Sounds like a question so here’s the answer. The Seahawks, ravens, patriots, packers, giants, steelers, saints, broncos, rams, colts and I may be missing a few others. What do all these teams have in common you ask? They’ve all won a Super Bowl in between the time the niners last had one until now. So there’s your answer, about half the league has it better than you. What a weird thing to say. Niners fans aren’t very smart.

  26. Do I like Harbaugh? Not really. Does he deserve to get paid? Absolutely. If the 49ers won’t pay, someone else will. If that franchise is smart, they won’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

  27. #bestteam – That would be the Seahawks
    #bestcoach – That would be Pete Carroll
    #bestTE – That would be someone who doesn’t disappear in games against the Seahawks. Oh wait, they all do…
    #top3QB – Stats say 24th
    #NoOnehasitbetter – That would be the Seahawks again. Yup.

  28. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh are both good coaches, despite what haters say, but only one of them has the only thing that really matters, a Super Bowl. Gotta wonder if SF would’ve won a SB with Carroll or if Seattle would have won with Harbaugh…

  29. Jim Harbaugh is an excellent NFL coach. Even if you don’t like his tantrum-throwing whining, walmart wardrobe wearing personality, you can’t say that he is a bad head coach with a straight face. Since the HC’s contract doesn’t count against the salary cap, SF should pay him whatever you need to pay him. The 49ers have a ridiculously talented and deep roster, a GM and scouting staff that understands how to keep the shelves stocked, so let’s give that roster some stability by extending Harbaugh and keep the winning formula intact.

  30. Oh look all the positivity around the Kaepernick deal, QUICK write a negative 49er story. Blah Blah Blah. Harbs ain’t going nowhere. Him and Kaepernick have a lot of winning together ahead of them in Santa Clara, so everyone just keep on hating.

    Speaking is Santa Clara do non 49er fans really think it bothers anyone when you say Santa Clara 49ers? Did it ever bother a Giants or Jets fan when you said New Jersey Giants or New Jersey Jets? I just don’t get the dig.

  31. I’m constantly amazed at how little (relatively speaking, of course) that NFL HC’s get paid compared to just a single player!

    These are the guys that can make or break a roster worth hundreds of millions – yet, you want to cheapskate the guy?

    Crazy, crazy, stuff.

  32. I’m constantly amazed at how little (relatively speaking, of course) that NFL HC’s get paid compared to just a single player!

    These are the guys that can make or break a roster worth hundreds of millions – yet, you want to cheapskate the guy?

    Crazy, crazy, stuff

  33. who has it better than us?

    the short list is: seahawks, ravens, giants

    but as Teddy KGB once said…pay him, pay the man his money….

    he has made the niners respectable again, made the hard choices at QB, and consistently puts a quality team on the field.

  34. Give him one of those contracts like Kapernick’s where the guaranteed money goes down if he doesn’t make the Superbowl – but Jim is probably too smart to take that kind of deal…

  35. SO – I inherit a 6-10 team that hasn’t had a winning season in 9 years and has a former #1 overall QB that has done NOTHING in his 5 NFL years and is generally considered to be a bust. I IMMEDIATELY field a 13-3 team that hosts a close NFC championship game which we lose partly because our PR fumbles away 2 kicks in the 2nd half. I then bounce back with an 11-4-1 campaign in which I change quarterbacks mid-season, starting the young guy I drafted the previous year in the second round. We go to the Super Bowl and lose a very close game because we can’t get into the end zone in the final 2 minutes.

    I then go 12-4 and lose ANOTHER close NFC championship game, 23-17 – a game which we led in the 4th quarter in one of the toughest places to play in all of football (Seattle).

    But yeah, play hardball with me. Don’t pay me like a Super Bowl-winning coach because we didn’t score a TD in the final 2 minutes against Baltimore. Smart move, San Fran. Teams will be lining up to give this guy Super Bowl championship coach money if you let him walk. REAL smart move.

    Yes, I know there is an issue between Harbaugh and the GM. And maybe the GM is going to allow this to be the issue that gives him cover when Harbaugh walks. But when you look at what he has done in San Francisco and where they came from, this is really stupid. The odds are that they will regret letting him get away. Somebody will be giving him 5-7 years, as much control as he wants, and a lot of money to be their coach. And the team will probably do better than they did before he got there.

  36. Harbaugh is an absolute Stud, but Niners have all the leverage here. Loaded roster that no other job will offer him and the Niners have David Shaw in their back pocket.

  37. Any one of the head coaches the Cleveland Browns have fired in recent years could do a better job than Harbaugh.

    Just fire him now and get it over wih.

  38. If you want to get paid like you won a Super Bowl… win a Super Bowl. Until then you’re no better than someone like John Fox- you’re a good coach who has made it TO a Super Bowl (twice in Fox’s case), but still hasn’t actually won it.

    Prove you can get your team over the top, and you deserve the accolades that come with it. Otherwise, sorry pal.

  39. louiedogg16 says:
    Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh are both good coaches, despite what haters say, but only one of them has the only thing that really matters, a Super Bowl. Gotta wonder if SF would’ve won a SB with Carroll or if Seattle would have won with Harbaugh…
    Harbaugh is an excellent coach and motivator, but Carroll built his team from scratch using his unique philosophy and has changed they way teams look at building with his success. Not 2-3 guys have done that in their careers. Don’t know if Harbaugh has the touch with personnel Carrol has.

    Oh, and Pete can also coach.

  40. For those who think Harbaugh leaving is never going to happen, I remember a certain SD Charger head coach who was fired at the end of a 14-2 season.

    Why, same reason as Jimmy’s biggest problem, can’t win the big one.

    His perfect destination is Minnesota, they never won the big one either.

  41. jim Harbaugh may not be “Miss Congeniality”
    but he runs a quality shop.
    He has kept the 9ers ready to play every game;
    he makes good use of the available skills by keeping his best players on the field.
    He’s a competitor — the guy who bragged about how much he likes beating him, should get ready to have his clock cleaned this season.

    The contract seems simple, up the guarantee then write in super-bowl money for winning the Super Bowl.

  42. Best coach in football bar none. Carroll has 2 +.500 seasons as HC including NE and 4 seasons as Seattle HC. 2! Jim knows nothing but title contending teams. Jim wins.

  43. Morons aka Seattle Fans,
    The 49ers are the ONLY Dynasty the NFL has ever seen. 10+ wins seasons in 18 of 21 seasons, 5 Super Bowl Titles, 6 Super Bowl Appearances, 6 NFC Championships, 15 NFC Championship Appearances, The greatest owner Eddie DeBartolo, coach Bill Walsh, quarterback Joe Montana, wide reciever Jerry Rice, and defensive back Ronnie Lott to EVER play the position. They have guys named Steve Young and George Seifert who are considered nice additions to their history that would be number one in 95% of the other franchises. YES NOBODY HAS IT OR HAS HAD IT BETTER THAN THE NINERS, BOTTOMLINE!

  44. Who cares what Harbaugh want’s, Hes fallen short 3 years running and do you think for a second if he doesn’t deliver this year they will keep him, Id say NO. If he can’t get it done then Jon Gruden whom I’m sure would be GIDDY to come to the Bay area and get it done with this Talented Roster, and I gaurantee you Roman wouldn’t be MUCKING UP the Red Zone opurtunity’s. Gruden would most cwertainly get this Offense probably to NO.1 in scoring. Harbaugh doesn’t get that it’s a PASSING League. Good ridance.

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