Pete Carroll on Jim Harbaugh: Great coach, we love beating him


The rivalry between the Seahawks and 49ers extends to their coaches. In fact, it begins with their coaches.

Although most football coaches are tight-lipped types who say nothing more about their rival coaches than that they share mutual respect, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh have always had a barely concealed contempt for each other. They didn’t like each other when Carroll coached USC and Harbaugh coached Stanford, and they don’t like each other now, either.

The latest salvo comes from Carroll, who, according to the Seattle Times, said at an event for Seahawks fans that Harbaugh is “a great coach and we love beating him.”

We have to wait until Thanksgiving to see Carroll and Harbaugh go at it again when the Seahawks and 49ers meet in Week 13. That’s 26 weeks away. Can’t wait.

94 responses to “Pete Carroll on Jim Harbaugh: Great coach, we love beating him

  1. I love it. This rivarly keeps getting better. Its going to be a battle for the NFC WEST

  2. Carroll waited a LONG time to get the better of Harbaugh, but he finally did and then some. I doubt Harbaugh watched more than the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl last year.

    I’m not a fan of either team, but I always thought Carroll had a more difficult challenge building the Seahawks than Harbaugh had. The Niners were already loaded when Harbaugh got there but the Seahawks were pretty bad when Carroll took over. Now the Seahawks are the model everyone wants to follow (including my Browns) and the Niners look like they could implode with their front office issues. I’ll be surprised if Harbaugh and Baalke will survive together for another year or two. Harbaugh would have taken the Browns job if his family had agreed. His wife said no, didn’t want to live in Cleveland and the deal was nixed.

  3. Watching Jim Harbaugh lose to his brother in the SB and then winning the next year’s SB must’ve felt great for Carroll.

  4. Love Carroll’s comment. Now I am just waiting to see what Harbaugh’s reply will be.

  5. Carroll sucks. I could have coached that team to a SB. We probably would have shut the Broncos out.

  6. Pete Carroll should know better than to provide bulletin board material for the 49’ers. I guess now the team is going to have to back it up. As if this rivalry could not get any more intense.

  7. Next time they meet perhaps Harbaugh will throw that contract signing quill at him like Jack Nicholson does in that Batman movie.

  8. Would be much funnier if he didn’t have a losing record against Harbaugh and had actually ever beaten him even once on the road. ijs

  9. And Again the Seahawks and their fans are proving what gracious winners they are…

  10. A few years ago, I remember seeing “Harbaugh owns Carroll” being posted quite often on various message boards.

    Seems like he was only leasing.

  11. I do find it funny people give Carroll so much credit and act like Schneider had nothing to do with it… You know since Carroll didn’t even want Wilson. Kinda like Singletary getting credit for SF’s D when he was dead set against Willis and wasn’t too hot on Bowman either.

  12. I thought Harbaugh was the classless one? Not that this is classless, but Harbs would never say that. Being that Carroll hasn’t won in SF once while Seahawks HC, he really should shut up.

  13. Don’t mind the rivalry (I don’t have a dog in this fight), but when coaches start this kind of nonsense, it’s silly.

    Buddy Ryan used to pull this garbage all the time. It didn’t help him out-coach Bill Parcells or Joe Gibbs, both of whom were winning multiple Super Bowls while Buddy was busy running his mouth.

    Watch your mouth Pete. You’re a good coach with great talent. Don’t let it go to your head.

  14. Oh you poor niner fans grasping at straws trying to hold on to your relevance. How many championships has Harbaugh won? That would be zero. Pete has both college and pro championships. But I’m not going to live in the past like u niner fans. Pete and the Seahawks are the current, defending champions. They did what you couldn’t. They won you didn’t. Your declining and didn’t even get it done at your peak. That sinking feeling you have is your window closing.

  15. 49er fans try point to Carroll’s loses when he was rebuilding with T-Jack as his starter. Jim Harbaugh scored a Scot McCloughlin team that was loaded with early 1st round talent. Pete Carroll/John Schneider turned around Ruskell’s old, soft and overpaid roster. I think the only two players left over are Brandon Mebane and Max Unger.

    Pete has won 4 of the last 5 or 6 a few of those and a few of those were embarrassing national tv beat downs. Watching Jim Harbaugh have throw a fit on nearly every play went from annoying to hilarious. You don’t see Seattle’s GM trying to trade Carroll away to the AFC like 49ers front office almost did Jimmy.

  16. Stay classy Pete. It is clear from this interview as well as the interview with Russell Wilson after OTA’s that these guys have a new swagger and arrogance. When you are on top of the world that is one of the benefits. The problem is that is also encourages your opponents to step up and try to knock you off that pedestal. It is going to be a fun year!

  17. And yet no one talks about the Rams or Cardinals…this division might be in for a big shock.

  18. You guys do realize that this question was asked at a town hall meeting that was from fan’s for the fan’s right. what else is he going to say ” oh that guy is my best friend we like long walks on the beach”

    Heck no this is Football and they are Adults why do they have to be so political correct all the time.

    Go Seahawks!

  19. Carroll is such a great coach that was was literally run off from his two previously head coaching jobs. Seattle has enough talent that any coach could have won this last year
    Carroll was NOT a factor

  20. .
    These two are quite possibly the two best teams in the league.

    Q. Which of the two is better?

    A. The healthier one


  21. Pete: I love beating him in our tin can stadium, otherwise I wouldn’t want to play him anywhere else on Earth because he has and always will OWN ME both in college and the NFL!

  22. Trying to argue college accomplishments is a joke. Pete was in a situation where his team went into seasons as the #1 team in the country. Because of the horrible BCS all he had to do was no blow it. It was significantly harder to go in to the season as the 120th ranked team, who would never get a shot at the title, even if they went undefeated. USC was a big school with all the hype – and low academic standards for its athletes.

    Stanford had arguably the highest academic standards for its athletes. Harbaugh was working with a far smaller pool of players, and probably significantly less talented players. To turn those teams into a national powerhouse trumps anything that Carroll did in college.

    This was, of course, after going 29-6 and putting San Diego Univ. on the map. His college resume is outstanding.

    And look at the team Harbaugh left in success, with a great coaching staff and good players left over that continue to succeed.
    How did USC do after Pete Carroll left? Oh yeah, that’s right, he bailed and left the team to face multiple sanctions, crippling the organization for years.
    So much for the collegiate football record there. He burnt the house down and ran.

  23. This isn’t even trash talk, he didn’t say “we beat them every time we play them.” It’s pretty much they are a great team, he’s a great coach and that makes it that much better to get the win over them.

  24. “Meaning . . . “we love playing him, but only in Seattle””

    In case you were keeping track. 9ers have been beating the Hawks at home by a whisker the last couple of times while getting pounded in Seattle (minus the Conf Championship game). I’ll take the Hawks in a neutral field.

  25. Harbaugh is a great coach coming from a Hawks fan. He changed the 49ers around.

    I still think he is a baby though and I can’t stand the whole teams arrogant attitude. That game against Carolina in the playoffs was bad to watch.

    Carroll seems like a good guy, I don’t understand the hate. Yeah his team is arrogant but he does not constantly whine each play.

    I can see why he likes beating Harbaugh.

  26. Pete Carroll has won multiple championships, both in the NCAA and the NFL. Harbaugh has never won anything at any level of the sport, as a player or coach. He never even won the Pac-10/12 title thanks to the Ducks. Always been a runner up, never a champ.

    But the Whiners and their fans are champions when it comes to making excuses and talking about would could have been. Or what happened back in the 1980s when most of us were in preschool.

  27. “In case you were keeping track. 9ers have been beating the Hawks at home by a whisker the last couple of times while getting pounded in Seattle (minus the Conf Championship game). I’ll take the Hawks in a neutral field.”

    If you’d take a neutral field for the NFC Championship Game then the Seahawks would have lost, and the 49ers would have gone on to the Super Bowl.

    The Seahawks haven’t shown they can beat the 49ers outside of Seadderall….see you this season.

  28. Agreed The Rams and Cards are going to be even better and The NFC West is going to be brutal this season.

    Any of the four could win it next year, if anyone thinks that’s not the case they haven’t been paying attention.

    Might come down to which team stays most healthy.

  29. Carroll won the SB, Harbaugh didn’t.

    Bottom line.

    In 2012, they were 1-1 but the Hawks won the combined 48-26 (not close)

    In 2012 Hawks won 2-1 and beat the Niners 29-3 and in the NFC Championship game 23-17 for a combined 52-20 (ouch); the dominant SF victory was by 2 points 19-17.

    Here’s what is so funny about SF fans. They somehow claim that they would win on a neutral field based on the domination in SF and the close games in Seattle I assume?

    In SF where they’ve won two at home the last two years by an average of 15.5-10. (They haven’t won in Seattle).

    Seattle has won 3 at home the last two years by an average of 38.3 – 16.6.

    Which team dominates the other?

  30. People are missing the point. He is just stating that every win against the 9ers are that much better because it’s against a great coach in Harbaugh.

  31. The Niners have won more recently in Seattle than Seattle has won in San Francisco, FACT

  32. 5-1 Seattle you’re still lil bro now I’m glad you gotta good team but you’d think the fans would be humbled after losing the Sonics but a lot of you sound like you’re the NYY of football… I remember when I had my first beer….

  33. Seattle 1 super bowl in 39 years??? Only took Dallas 1/3 of that time to get a trophy. With Kaepernick getting paid can’t wait to see Wilson get overpaid to drive the Seattle bus back to the basement.

  34. I’m a HUGE Seahawks “fan”!*

    *99% of fans in here have said since circa 2013


  35. I think what he actually said was, “Great coach, we love beating off.” Non sequitur, sure, but that’s how they roll in the Northwest.

  36. That must have been really insulting for Pete Carroll to call Jim Harbaugh a great coach. What do think he is going to come back with?

  37. I think they disliked each other more in college then they really do now. I believe there is a healthy respect for what each one has accomplished and the media plays it up more then it really is. Its great for the NFL but its got a long way to go to catch up to the more historic rivalries

  38. I’m sure Harbaugh’s wife is the one that said no to the Browns. Absurd.

    Were you in the room when this took place? Does Jim freaking Harbaugh look like the type of guy sho will do what his wife tells him to?

    The bottom line is that Harbaugh and his agent used the Browns unsolicited interest in his service to try to force the 49ers into a new contract and they called his bluff.

    He doesn’t want to go anywhere when he already has a top five team.

    He just wants to get paid like every single person walking the face of the Earth.

  39. Jim Harbaugh is a good coach who inherited the right team at the right time and made the most of it. Trent Baalke has done a heck of a job stock piling draft picks but has made alot of busted picks such aj Jenkins lamichael James. I think the Niners have a good team and a shot at the SB.

    The Seahawks have Wilson, best young QB in the league. Most teams dont repeat but Seattle has the best chance of any team I’ve seen in years.

    This year will be a very interesting year in the NFL

  40. Best rivalry in the NFL, in a league where there isn’t really true rivalries anymore because it is all about money these 2 teams actually hate each other with a passion, can’t wait until thanksgiving to watch this gm it is going to be awesome

  41. Harbaugh beat Carroll in college even though Stanford is not a football factory, unlike USC. That and their respective pro football winning percentages show that Harbaugh is by far the better coach.

  42. Their respective Super Bowl records say otherwise. The difference in record is quite simple, Harbaugh inherited his roster, Carroll inherited a pile of garbage to start with.

  43. I love Santa Clara logic….

    Seattle is “little bro” because San Francisco won some Superbowls 30 years ago, under a different owner, with a different coach, different players, etc? Seattle wasn’t even in the NFC when that happened.

    Just hilarious. That’s all these Whiner fans can do. Brag about something that happened before they were born, and then drop some nonsense about “bandwagon” fans. The most hilarious thing about the bandwagon comment is that when I was in SF 5 years ago to watch the game, all I saw was empty stands and some Giants jerseys.



  44. So now we know where R. Sherman gets his enabling from..

    Sure this statement will come back to haunt. I predict Seahawks won’t make the playoffs this year..

    You heard it here first..

  45. They’re both ‘blow holes’, certainly glad I’m not in their time zone……..

  46. “Carroll seems like a good guy, I don’t understand the hate. Yeah his team is arrogant but he does not constantly whine each play.”

    Yes Carroll’s a great guy if you think that violating NCAA rules and leaving USC’s football program in ashes, while he walks away for a big NFL contract. Then leading the NFL in PED violations (yes you too Richard “I didn’t technically pee positive because the cup was cracked” Sherman. Yes, at least Carroll isn’t complaining to the refs after his WR is blatantly held on 4th down in the end zone to lose the Super Bowl, now that’s poor sportsmanship.

  47. And it will be even sweeter to kick the stuffing out of Seattle twice (at minimum) this season to return the favor. In professional sports it’s beyond foolish to give your opponents extra motivation. I would respect Seattle if they had simply beat the 49ers and handled it with class. Instead they did the exact opposite- they acted like classless fools. Make no mistake this became war when Sherman opened his ignorant mouth and disrespected the 49ers players and the game itself. Don’t think for one second that will be allowed to happen again. Enjoy your one season because that’s all you’ll get.

    While the 49ers have stocked up talent this offseason the Seahawks offseason plan: lose a bunch of free agents, dish out some cap killing deals, have another ‘meh’ draft, and hip surgeries for Kam and Irvin. Not good considering they barely beat the 49ers. Barely. Count on the 49ers exacting some serious revenge in the near future. Can’t wait!!

  48. Harbaugh is not an NFL caliber head coach. He’s proven that.

    Carroll is…and he has more than proven that.

    Harbaugh is a whiny punk, at best. Will be nice watching him lose this season, to Seattle, AZ & St. Louis.
    Be even better knowing he is NOT in the play-offs this year. maybe he and his wanna-be QB can spend some quality time together watching the Seahawks win the next Super Bowl.

  49. To all you who are treating this as an act of war, PC was saying it tongue in cheek! PC is a very personable and funny person, two traits I am not sure describe JH. Its so funny how Whiner fans feel the need to jump on every little thing that the HAWKS say or do! True, I like to keep track of whiner news as well, but its because its such a great rivalry! There are no two better teams in any other sport that have such a rivalry. Enjoy it while you can, because the NFL is always changing…………GO HAWKS!!

  50. Carroll said Harbaugh is a great coach and they love beating him.

    Not exactly the most vicious slam I’ve ever heard.

    I’m really looking forward to the rivalry this year. Do you have any idea how much the Seahawks are looking forward to beating the 49er’s in their new stadium on Thanksgiving? That would be epic.

    Harbaugh would gnaw open a vein on the sidelines just to end the humiliation.

  51. Pete Carroll still has a lossing record against Jim Harbaugh, in college and in the pros. Carroll is 1-2 vs. Harbaugh’s Stanford while at USC. Carroll is 3-4 vs. Harbaugh in the pros. (2-4 in regular season & 1-0 in playoff). In fact, Carroll has never won a game in San Francisco in 4 years, going 0-4.

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