Radio City out as draft host, Chicago or L.A. are possible

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The 2015 NFL draft will not be at Radio City Music Hall. It might be in Chicago or Los Angeles.

The NFL sent letters today to potential draft hosts in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City today to request more information about their specific plans, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. But the host for next year will not be Radio City, which is booked. If the draft stays in New York, it will be at Madison Square Garden.

Although the final date of the draft has not been set, the league has asked its potential hosts about availability for either April 22-25 or April 29-May 2. April 22 and April 29 are Wednesdays, indicating that the NFL is considering starting the draft earlier in the week and turning it into a four-day event. In another indication that the league is trying to make the draft a bigger event, one of the requirements the league has laid down for the potential hosts is that they need to have space for a fan festival in a space adjacent to the actual draft.

The NFL is expected to determine the exact date and location of the draft by the end of the summer.

UPDATE 6:48 p.m. ET:  NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirms via Twitter that the league is focusing on Chicago, L.A., and New York for the 2015 draft, but that “other cities remain in the mix.”

102 responses to “Radio City out as draft host, Chicago or L.A. are possible

  1. Thank you, Lord. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wanna throw up every time I see an obnoxious, fifty year old Jet fan wearing a Namath, or worse yet, Sanchez jersey. Take it to L.A. At least they don’t have a team.

  2. Judging by the antics of the fans in attendance, either city should propose to host the event in a sports bar rather than a convention center.

  3. Oh, and screaming into the camera, making no sense at all, and proclaiming that The Jets are number one. Number one at what, exactly? I think they’re more like “number two.”

  4. This is so stupid. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Trying to make something more out of something that doesn’t need it

  5. It looks like they’re actually listening to the fans as far as moving things back into April where they should be.

    Not at all fond of having the 1st round be Wednesday night, though, if that’s what they have in mind. It’s bad enough getting through the Friday at work the way it is now.

  6. But I am gonna miss the fat Jet fans that scream like Steven A. Smith into the camera, holding up their number one finger after The Jets pick and then immediately look to their buddies and say, “who did we just pick?”

  7. Let’s just do this over 7 days, a round at a time.

    Roger GODell

  8. Since New Orleans was beaten out by Frigidsota for the 2018 polar vortex Super Bowl, why not have it there as a consolation prize. They definitely have the facilities and the hotel rooms and a huge convention center as well as the Mercedes Benz Super Dome.

  9. I’m all for picking any state or city that loves to make Obama’s life miserable. They need to be rewarded. Arizona, Texas?

  10. Thanks for moving the draft back, but four days 7-round draft is just absurd.

  11. The extra day is most likely for set up. I want it in Philly so we don’t have to travel to boo the Eagles pick.

  12. Any city would be idiotic to spend money on this event. It will not bring a return on any investment. You will lose money. Guaranteed.

  13. If it’s in Chicago….

    God Help Us All…

    We’ll have to endure 4 days of Rich Eisen’s Chicago accent….ugh!

  14. Expanding the draft to 4 days is a mistake. Again…will the owners stop being so damn greedy for money? They act like the NFL isn’t all ready making crazy money. They are willing to ruin the game with their greed.

  15. I have to agree with one of the other posters about possibly moving the draft to Canton, Ohio where the Hall of Fame is.

    With that being said I know there is no possible way that will happen since part of the reason for having it in New York (besides the NFL offices being there) is the whole “big time celebrity” feel that it gives the 1st and 2nd rounders for getting invited there so if it’s not New York; Chicago or LA are probably the next best thing.

    Out of those two I say LA since they don’t have a team so less likely to deal with homer crowds boo’ing the whole night.

  16. Yeah that’s the way to spit in the face of the places that have been bilked for billions and billions in stadium subsidies in the name of economic activity; move the draft to the biggest place that refuses to do so.

  17. Once again, LA is being used to jack up the price of holding it elsewhere. As the attendance out here for the draft would be next to zero. Especially after the first round.

  18. Why not just do it over 225+ days… one pick a day. Lots of time for trade speculation and more analysis… because we don’t get enough of that already.

  19. Hold the draft in the Superbowl champions city.

    Stop the NFL raffles that award superbowls and draft worth BILLIONS to their favorites.

  20. And when are these clowns like Mayock & Keiper ever going to be taken to task for their ravings?? “This guy is a sure thing, the upside on this guy is amazing, there is no ceiling for this guy” etc etc. Just ONCE I’d like to hear them say “wow, I really bombed on that analysis… and the other 50% of them as well. I know the draft is a bit of a crapshoot, I’m just tired of these analysts sounding like they have it all figured out.

  21. I would like the draft moved back to just 2 days Saturday and Sunday at the end of April. I don’t care where its at, as long as my team drafts well

  22. L.A. would be good. Than Goodell can quit pushing them for a franchise. I like Chicago too. That way the Cheeseheads can take it over.

  23. Dont be shocked when Canada and London are listed as possible hosts. Maybe not next year but, sooooon$$$$$$$$.

  24. Here’s where Goodell can satisfy his London fixation. None of us care where the dopey draft is.

  25. Let’s face it. This is all about GODdell trying to find a place where he won’t get booed as much. That’s why my money is on London.

  26. They should have the draft either at Jerry World or in Alabama seeing they are the NFL’s 33rd team.

  27. Rotate it around League to different stadiums. You’re guaranteed a fan base, and said fans get an opportunity to attend a draft.

  28. I know this will not be received with the kind of thought it truly deserves, but…

    How about Buffalo, NY? Here’s why…

    1. It’s NY’s only true NFL team.

    2. The weather then would be fine.

    3. They have the First Niagara Center to hold the draft, and the HarborCenter across the street to hold a fan festival.

    4. The waterfront, transit lines, restaurants, hotels, shopping…is all within walking distance of where everything would be. Same with the museums and stuff. Not to mention that’s where free concerts are…and two world-class zoo’s close by.

    5. Niagara Falls is right there, adding another reason for people to come.

    I mean, seriously…the city will never get a Super Bowl, and rightfully so…but how can you say a Buffalo draft wouldn’t work?

    I think it’d be an absolutely perfect idea.

  29. Gotta love the idea of Vegas for sure… But a ton of players values would drop like crazy with the arrests that would occur in the days leading up to it… If it’s a no team city vegas for sure, if it’s a city with a team I’d say Chicago provides a good Midwest location.

  30. Good. It will be nice not to hear New Jersey football fans booing every single other team, minus maybe the Jaguars. How do you boo pathetic?

  31. As someone with no stake in where the NFL actually holds the draft (unless they decide to come to Southeastern Virginia), I think it’s probably decent business sense for both the NFL and other metropolitan areas to move it around annually.

  32. Beacon Theater or maybe the Apollo in NYC. Chicago Theater downtown. Is Masonic still in Detroit? So many cool and historic venues that could work. I like the idea of moving it around.

  33. I would think the Wednesday availability would be for set-up and making sure the technical crap works.

  34. I’m more concerned with the when versus the where.

    Didn’t like the when this year.

  35. djshnooks said:
    “How about Buffalo, NY? Here’s why…”

    I would wager real green dollars that the draft in Cleveland, Buffalo, or any other truly rabid football town would outdraw LA

  36. Rahm- Have the NFL donate money to fix the Uptown theatre! Chicago could host for years and that theatre is bigger and way more impressive than Radio City! NFL has the money the city of Chicago doesn’t as well.

  37. Anyplace that doesn’t subject me to an entire round of boos. Hate the commish all you want,but it takes away from the moment hearing that.

  38. Los Angeles baby, right on Hollywood Blvd or the house of blues, the draftees can go to in n out burgers or Tommy’s afterwards and hit the beach in the morning….

  39. It’s a done deal. During this past draft Goodell told NFl employess
    That Chicago would be a good destination for next year. Book it!

  40. I would not be shocked if it ended up at the Verizon Center in DC (which I would appreciate due to proximity) which is honestly a true melting pot and you have fans of every NFL team, similar to the NY scene.


    Let’s look at it from a business stand point and not a fan stand point, since that is likely how the NFL is looking at it: who airs the live draft on TV? ESPN. Where are ESPN’s main locations? Bristol and LA. And since Bristol is by far not an option, I would think LA remains target #1. I can also assume the NFL is smart enough not to do it in cities that have too many potential risks for future stars, so I’d say N’awlins and Vegas are not even being considered. Chicago would be okay… I guess…

  41. The Chicago Theater is mentioned as the site for the event. There is no way that this theater can accommodate the event. There is barely enough floor space for the 32 team tables and nowhere for the “green room”.

    Great place for a concert though.

  42. I’m yet to see or find a truly better argument than the one I made for Buffalo.

    It has everything within walking distance, in a rabid football town…you can’t beat it.

    Oh yeah, a “wonder of the world” is only 15 minutes away…no other NFL city tops that.

    AND…I forgot to mention Darien Lakes (formerly 6 Flags) is 30 minutes away.

    Cleveland would be excellent too…Canton, Cedar Pointe and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame is also right there, somewhat close by.

  43. Los Angles–Because we’ve got more fans here for most teams than most teams have in their own cities. Seriously. Before the Stillers’ last SB, I walked into a market behind a Stiller fan wearing a Stiller jersey and said, “Hey, does anyone live in Pittsburgh anymore, or did y’all move out here?” He laughed and said, “I think you might be on to something there!”

    Proof? Go to any Dodgers game when the Mets are in town. More Mets fans than Dodgers fans, every time.

  44. If it’s really about drawing the biggest fan base, then Las Vegas is the only place that makes sense. Cheap flights. Lots of entertainment during the hours when the draft isn’t held. No other place in the U.S. offers so much for the entire weekend. What, more people are going to fly into Chicago or L.A. for the weekend? After round 1, those places will be empty.

  45. I say it either stays in Canton each year, or every NFL city gets to host it, different city each year. Hell, even Buffalo has a gorgeous 25,000 seat covered amphitheater within 20 mins of town.

  46. Canton makes the most sense for 2015:

    1) 1st Year of Rotating Draft is in the cradle of football where the NFL was invented, the Hall of Fame city

    2) The ascendant Browns have 2 first-rounders in 2015

    3) Can cross-promote HOF Game & Inductions a few months later as a true national destination event for fans of inductees

    4) Plenty of hotel and convention space within driving distance as well as Pro Football HOF, Rock & Roll HOF, Playhouse Square Theater District (2nd largest in USA next to Broadway), Indians & Cavaliers home games (hopefully), potential fan-fests or concerts could be held in multiple indoor and outdoor venues in Cleveland-Akron-Canton corridor

    5) Canton already knows how to host similar event since they host the HOF Game and Inductions every year, whick include a parade, fan-fest and other events all weekend

    6) Location. Let’s face it: events like the Super Bowl are for corporate sponsors and front-running phonies to attend. Events like the Draft are for die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool football fans and you have millions of them withing driving distance: Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cincy and even Philly, Minnesota, Green Bay & NYC. You also have commuter flights on the cheaper end of the spectrum to and from NYC, DC, Philly, Boston, etc that are basically an hour. I’m telling you now, don’t be surprised if it outdrew the NYC draft. Could you imagine the tailgate party?

  47. No way are they coming to do the draft in L.A. The NFL is still punishing us for not building them a billion dollar palace at our expense. What’s more, they won’t let Stan Kroenke build a stadium here with his own money. It’s kind of like in “Field of Dreams”: “If the public doesn’t fund it, they won’t come.”

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