Rams intend to leave Greg Robinson at left guard


Even though Rams left tackle Jake Long won’t be ready to start OTAs next week, and even though Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson was the second pick in the draft, the Rams are in no hurry to push the kid out there.

According to Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report, the Rams intend to leave Robinson at left guard this year, regardless of whatever happens at other positions.

Rams General Manager Les Snead expressed a similar sentiment during a recent visit to PFT Live, as well.

The expectation that Long will be back in time for the regular season is the biggest part of the plan, though the Rams are taking the long view with a player who is clearly the left tackle of the future.

Playing him at right guard or right tackle would require teaching him a new position from college (basically forcing him to do everything in a mirror), and the Rams have the potential to have a very good line.

They were able to keep Rodger Saffold after the Raiders failed physical scuttled a deal there, and they still have the solid Joe Barksdale to play right tackle.

Signing veteran Davin Joseph gave them some depth, especially if Saffold has to play left tackle while Long returns to form.

Hall of Fame left tackle Jonathan Ogden started his career at left guard as well, and while Robinson may never reach that level, the Rams are doing everything they can to maximize his potential.

18 responses to “Rams intend to leave Greg Robinson at left guard

  1. So while Pete and Jim snipe at each other, Jeff Fisher and the Rams are quietly putting together a force to be reckoned with. This will be a fun season in the NFC West!

  2. Really smart move by the Rams. Robinson’s absolute strength right now is run blocking, using his size and athleticism to maul people. His weakness is footwork in pass blocking. Letting him play at LG for a year gives them time to develop his game while utilizing the strength he has right out of the gate.

  3. Ah, so much optimism! Unfortunately the Rams aren’t going to do anything without a QB. Perhaps they should’ve traded that #2 or taken a QB instead.

    Heck, a one-legged RG3 wouldve been better. You could’ve at least won 8 games his rookie year…better than their record the past decade or so!

  4. You can do these types of things when you’re flush with high draft picks. Normally drafting an LG #2 overall would be an unpardonable sin (Robert Gallery comes to mind)… but given the circumstances it will probably work out nicely for the Rams.

    Now, if he plays his entire NFL career at LG, then the pick becomes more questionable unless he plays that position at a HOF level for many years.

  5. Tell you what…I’m not a huge Bradford fan, but I’d rather have him than Russell Wilson. Talk about overrated.

  6. Here comes the spin: “Robinson can’t play left tackle , but he’ll make one heck of a guard . . .” With the second overall pick ? Yeah , okay.

  7. Dont know much about the rams other than they have the best assistant special teams coach in the history of the nfl but Robinson will play guard until Long gets hurt in week 5.

  8. Seahawks, Niners, and Cardinals defensive lineman will kill this dude up the middle with speed. Not good for the LAMBS

  9. I’m not even worried about the Seahawks this year. It will be between the Rams and Niners for the division title. Cards will take a step back. Lost their two best defensive players and just don’t think Palmer is good enough. Seahawks take a bigger step back as they spend their time working on tv shows, endorsement deals, new contracts and gazing at their ring.

  10. The Seahawks have not gotten much more pub than they did last season fblguy .. They just get more national attention but nothing had changed around here in Seattle with the team ..

    The Seahawks have the perfect motivating coach in Pete Carroll,over the last decade only him belechick and sabam have been able to establish dynasties in any level and win . The Seahawks are not a dynasty but their coach has created that before and personally knows how to keep players hungry . The goal is perfection around Seattle not just winning .its been said many times by Seahawks players “they hate to lose more than you love to win” … They havnt lost by more than a td in 38 straight games ! Who knows the 2014 record but you can assure they will win 6-8 at home and atleast 1-2 on the road , as that they are relentless and won’t be getting blown out . Good teams yet alone great teams never get blown out . True sign of depth and grit !

  11. Just make sure he gets plenty of Practice Reps at LT because Jake Long will injured by Week 3. Not being a Hater, actually a big Long fan, but the reality is he only had 1 complete injury free season in his whole career.

  12. Amazing how many non Ram Fans are responding….maybe they are a little scared……just wait ….. when the Rams D bury opposing NFC west QB’s … including the 100m QB.

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