RG3 realizes having an offseason to work will help him


This just in: Being healthy and able to practice in the offseason is apparently a beneficial thing.

That’s what Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has figured out, saying he understands now what he missed a year ago.

“You always understand the value of the offseason,” Griffin said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “That’s when you build your foundation to get ready for the season. When you have a hand dealt to you where you don’t have an offseason, you don’t use it as an excuse. That was the message that was trying to be sent last year.
“I didn’t have the opportunity to have that offseason. I was getting healthy, getting ready for the season. You don’t whine about it. You don’t cry about it. I think maybe it was taken the wrong way and people thought I thought I didn’t need it. You always need it. But when you don’t have the opportunity to have it, you have to play that hand. And I did the best that I could with that hand.”

Of course, that wasn’t the only obstacle for Griffin, as his dysfunctional relationship with coach Mike Shanahan became as much of a hurdle as his knee reconstruction. These days, it’s nothing but bouquets for new coach Jay Gruden, as the two appear to get along swimmingly.

“I don’t know,” Griffin said. “Everybody wants me to compare this year to last year. We haven’t played any games yet. And even when we do play the games, I’m still not gonna compare them. It is what it is. That question will not be answered.”

It just was.

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  1. Honest answers from RGIII. Let’s hope he is really learning and maturing and not just “saying the right things PR wise.”

    As much as folks want to say that RGIII is a bust for having one bad year coming back from an injury, objectively it really is too early to say he’s a disappointment.

    Year one he was ROY…no problem there…great first year. Year two he was coming back from injury and took a step back. Year three is huge from him and will say a lot about what type of player he will be in the future.

  2. hate for RG3 in year 2… coming off that injury was wrong…

    think he and Luck argument resumes this year as to which is the 5th true elite… well above other young QBs

    Hail to the Redskins!

  3. Griffin learned how to speak to the media from Shanahan. They both use the second person “you” to mean first person “me” or “I”. “You always understand the value of the offseason.” “That’s when you build…” “When you have a hand dealt to you …”

    Its like “you want your son to be a successful offensive coordinator” or “you don’t want to be a lame duck coach and so sometimes, even when your season is going to be 3-13, you want a mid-season extension … even if it means you have to manufacture some controversy as a distraction.”

  4. That said, it does show some maturity before the quotes end where he starts saying “I”.

  5. The only thing better than having RG3 as the Redskins QB will be when he is President of the United States. The greatest athlete in sports history is an even better human being and leader than he is an athlete. He’s all strength and character. #RedskinsKeepWinningSuperBowls

  6. He’s going to have a great year. He did not play very well last year but the fault for that belongs to his injury, his maturity level as well as, of course, Coach Shanahack (who, as we all know, didn’t get any offers from any other teams after his four year circus show run). With a new coach without baggage, a new knee and a full offseason, RG3 will look a lot more like he did in 2012 than he did in 2013. And now he has more than one professional football wide receiver who can both run fast and catch a football – a bonus.

  7. This coming from the guy that held press conferences to say that he’s “not not 100%” last year. The fact is teams figured out he’s the worst rated qb when throwing deep so they took away a lot of short quick reads and he struggled. Did the injury come into play yes but he seems like a Vick type where even after injuries he’s still gonna play the same way because that’s his instinct and will lead to more injuries.

  8. What will be made known…
    RG3 is a good QB..
    A functional coach will propel this Offense..
    AND the head coach will not “back seat drive” the Defense!!!!!
    Oh yeah! Special teams will not be worst ever with an ole friend… who was so bad even HE was penalized last year!!! A FACT!!

  9. I expect a great year for Griffin and the Skins offense, even with Gruden having play selection influence. (I think he’s turbul)

    As long as he gets the ball to the playmakers and the defense can stop anybody, they should win the NFCE. The Eagles will have a dropoff without DeSean and Foles will have year more commensurate with his skills. Last year was an anomaly.

    But young man, please get groomed to look the part of an NFL QB – heck, an NFL player. His hair is right up there with the “neck beard”.

  10. The Redskins always dominate the off season. This hype over Desean Jackson is ridicules because he’s not that good. I challenge anybody to look at his numbers in the prior three years BEFORE Kelly arrived. The Eagles offense is built around Shady McCoy not Jackson. When teams put their safety’s in the box to stop the run they pass, and when teams have their safety’s back they run. It’s as simple as that but done at lightning speed with a lot of skill position options.

  11. I’ve been quite relieved to be reading numerous articles about RG3 spending the offseason working on his throwing mechanics. His accuracy last year was downright atrocious, and he also had accuracy problems the first year, (which he got a bit of a pass on, because so many people were just happy to not suck).

    Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if the offensive line is going to be any better this year. We drafted some guys, but it usually takes time for an offensive line to gel into a good unit. If they can show any improvement from being last year’s worst pass-protecting unit, the Skins are poised to have a nice comeback year in a division that really doesn’t have an elite team.

  12. Lets see, RGME, Bob, RGKNEE, well we listen to them all, but it is great because every negative reply about Robert Griffin just goes to show how worried you guys are about this guy and his chances at success. He has really gotten under some peoples skin, and I love it. Keep em coming, it shows that he is doing something right.

  13. Im glad that haters think he’s a bust. It only shows how idiotic and simple you people are. Your arguments are “he’s a bust because he cant throw” or “he is just like Michael Vick”.

    Lets get some facts straight:

    1. Let me remind you RG had a knee injury. When you have a injury dealing with your legs and you are QB, it destroys your throwing ability because you need to be able to plant on your foot when throwing the ball. Its funny that haters tend to leave out the part where he had a big injury and the year before he was heathly with great accuracy, etc. Having an injury that limits your ability does not make you a bust. I thought that was common sense?

    2. Will people stop comparing him to Vick. Since RG’s first year you’ve seen that he is pocket first, run second type of QB. Vick is the opposite

    What all boils down to is that people never liked RG, from the beginnig. They hated him in 2012, but couldnt express it because there he was lighting up their Gaints, Eagles, and Cowboys. You can kick a man when he’s down all you want to, but RG3 aint done no more. Haters will be quiet this season. #Just facts

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